As every one knows The Almighty GOD is the creator of this universe and we human beings are led by His will. Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Success and Obstacles are both parts of life’s journey. But we get helpless when we cannot see any thing positive ahead in life or are stuck in some situation. Then, we can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

So here we are, the mother-daughter duo, Ranie Bhalla and Reetika Bhalla, the Fortune Tellers, bringing insight for Sakhi.Online lovers for this week.


21st  March – 20th April

LOVE-You may come across with your soul connection. May express your emotional feelings to your loved one.

CAREER- The career this week is waiting for you with offers of new jobs with multiple solutions and possibilities with responsibilities. May look for the other business or part-time job along with the one doing already.

HEALTH- Your health this week is blessed with divine force and you will feel lots of healing to get going perfectly.

FINANCE- This week is going to be stable financially. May be offered partnership or joints accounts.

ADVICE– Be busy in texting friends. Make a list of work priority wise.



21st April  – 20th May 

LOVE-You may be feeling trapped, isolated and confined in your relationship.

CAREER- You will be thinking of socializing or will be busy in networking and advertising to promote your business and meeting people for your job.

HEALTH- Need to consult, heal and trust your doctor or healer. Generally, health is going to be favorable.

FINANCE- Your financial situation is going to improve with lucky opportunities. May start extra income source.

ADVICE- Be joyful, calm and contented.



21st  May  –  21st  June 

LOVE- Your love situation is going to be solid and secured. You may get into romance a little late.

CAREER- You may be thinking of doing some business with foreign collaboration. Or plan to go out of your place where you are staying in.

HEALTH- Your health condition is going to be stable. Stay home and rest.

FINANCE- Financial status going to be strong. Some powerful and rich person may help you out in your progress.

ADVICE– Let go of worries and start seeing big.



22nd June –  21st July

LOVE- Your relationship is going to be based on trust loyalty and confidence with supportive behavior.

CAREER- You may see a temporary gap or beak in your career. Or may turn down some offer.

HEALTH- Revise or get yourself medically examined to avoid hidden or unknown symptoms of a certain ailment. Be cautious.

FINANCE- You are going to face a monetary struggle with obstacles and difficulties in financial status.

 ADVICE– Lift up your spirit.



22nd July  – 21st August

LOVE- Your love relationship is going to be stagnant for this week with opposing views.

CAREER- Your career is going to be successful with new options with a positive outcome. Doors are opening for you with lots of solutions to progress.

HEALTH- This week is a period of recovery from your illness. Herbal treatment or medicines are showing wonders on your health.

FINANCE- Communicate with people who owe you money. Financial situation will play hide and seek this week.

ADVICE– Don’t get exhausted. Take proper rest.



22nd  August –  21st September

LOVE- For the lovers in their relationship this week love will be at priority.

CAREER- Be careful about betrayals and deceits in your surrounding from people who are backstabbers. Be alert from shady deal.

HEALTH- You may face blockage in mobility.Take lot of fresh vegetables, fruits with roughage to avoid constipation.

FINANCE- Lot of new ventures and new offers are waiting for you ahead to elevate financial status. Grab this opportunity.

ADVICE– Stand grounded with full attention to your surrounding.



22nd September  – 22nd October

LOVE- You will be attracted to or flirt with some new person. A new relationship will blossom.

CAREER- This week is going to give you lucrative business with all the benefits. Job oriented people may get raise in the present position.

HEALTH- Little problem may arise in the vision or hearing. It’s time for recovery for your ailment. Need to go on retreat or getaway for a couple of days.

FINANCE- The Financial situation will be restricted or troublesome in this week. Avoid investing somewhere.

ADVICE- Be a loveable person to self and others.



23rd October – 20th November

LOVE- This week is going to have a poetic romance for you. New romance is on your way. May indulge in dreaming of love.

CAREER- Your business and job is going to have strong base this week.

HEALTH- You are facing a lot of stress, anxiety, and nervous tensions. Take a precautionary measurement for viral or infectious diseases.

FINANCE- A very attractive offer is on your way, grab the opportunity which will result with a positive outcome.

ADVICE– Be firm. Take your stand.



21st November – 21st December

LOVE- This week love relationship is steady and serious. The negative side of the relation is that it can be too suffocating and isolated.

CAREER- Thoroughly enjoying your desired business or job successfully with satisfaction and appreciation.

HEALTH- Though all the medical tests are satisfying still feel frail. Give little exercise particularly to your hands.

FINANCE- Your financial situation will be improved and you will be satisfied with profit and positive outcome.

ADVICE– Trust your aspirations.



22nd December  – 19th January

LOVE- This week your relationship is going to flow smoothly.

CAREER- Be careful! This week is not good for your career or job. May have to face hurdles on your way in business or job.

HEALTH- Avoid getting exhausted.Keep yourself busy and happy to avoid depression. May feel depleted emotionally and physically.

FINANCE- Need to avoid risky and dishonest investments. Have a watch on being scammed.

ADVICE- Be in harmony to attain success.



20th January  – 18th February 

LOVE- May see some painful change or transformation in your relationship this week.

CAREER- You will be blessed with your career going successfully with harmony.

HEALTH- Need to watch your health on a long journey. Have to be careful about your circulatory system. Get it checked.

FINANCE- Money seems to be restricted this week. Reassess the whole financial situation.

ADVICE- Use key to creative world. Indulge in creativity.



19th February  – 20th March

LOVE- New love is on the horizon. Love life is going is to be filled with happiness.

CAREER- Career may face temporary break or may change your business or job because of a new venture.

HEALTH- May face prolonged time of your present ailment with slow recovery.

FINANCE- Some financial setbacks may create difficulties in your financial situation.

ADVICE– Perform a random act of kindness.


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