21st March – 20th April

LOVE- You may be feeling emotionally different and unwavering from your partner with no harmony.

CAREER- You will have a solid and strong base. May head towards advancement in your business with growth but at a slow space.

HEALTH- This week your health is connected with brain, try to sharpen it with brain exercises to avoid memory loss. And go for regular check-ups.

FINANCE- You may enjoy retirement plans benefits. And can go for a longterm financial planning and investments.

ADVICE- Listen to your intuition.



21st April – 20th May 

LOVE- Your love relation is going to be very harmonious and trustworthy.

CAREER- This week you will be enjoying your work or your job. Will be satisfied with your professional life.

HEALTH- Need to be careful and work on your immune system. Connect with nature walk, jog and meditate.

FINANCE- You may have to face some conflicts and dispute in money matters. The financial situation seems to be unsatisfactory.

ADVICE- Be in solace.



21st May – 21st June

LOVE- You are going to enjoy the essence of romance this week with deeper understanding with your partner.

CAREER- Some new proposals and offers are waiting for you this week with a positive outcome.

HEALTH- This week your health is going to be balanced and rhythematic with all the solutions for your reoccurring ailments.

FINANCE- Keep this week for you to scrutinize and study your accounts and financial matters. Special check on hidden clauses.

ADVICE- Unleash you inner child.



22nd June – 21st July

LOVE- You may meet new acquaintance or a person of your interest. You are going for date with your partner.

CAREER- Business is going to be very successful with bright future. Work oriented people will come into limelight and go on higher position or promotion. Or may get a government job.

HEALTH- You may be down with little bit of motion sickness or vertigo.

FINANCE- Unexpected gains and benefits are indicated this week for you. The financial situation is on its way to recovery.

ADVICE- Look up ahead.



22nd July – 21st August

LOVE- Some new encounter may come into your life but you are not ready to settle down yet.

CAREER- You are thinking of expanding your business which is growing slowly.

HEALTH- You have to be careful about asthma, bronchitis, coughing, things concerning to respiratory system.

FINANCE- You may sign a new financial venture successfully with on going positive out comes.

ADVICE- Change for better.



22nd August – 21st September

LOVE- Be careful, this week you are going to face fake emotional relationship with your partner. One person may take advantage of other in every respect.

CAREER- Positive opportunity coming your way for successful change or expansion.

HEALTH- You are going to be healthy this week with lots of energy in your body. Watch out for overheating your body. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

FINANCE- Need not be worried about financial situation, it will be going steadily this week.

ADVICE- Be stable.



22nd September – 22nd October

LOVE- This week you will be having an intimate conversation with your partner.

CAREER- This week will take your business towards success with elevated future.

HEALTH- You may have to consult a doctor this week, if you like, for negligible health issues. Generally health is going to be favorable.

FINANCE- Your money is going to be restricted. May have to face some painful experience in money matters.

ADVICE- Let go of the stress.



23rd October – 20th November

LOVE- Love life does not seem to be in harmony. Need to watch out for the movements of your partner.

CAREER- Your business this week will be slow, may be a little gap in between.

HEALTH- Need to watch your throat, tonsils may have irritation. You may work on your Throat Chakra to heal naturally.

FINANCE- Your monetary situation will safely be secured and well protected with advantage.

ADVICE- Be swift.



21st November – 21st December

LOVE- This week will be very very optimistic with happy encounters with your partner. May go for a sparkling date.

CAREER- Some change will take place in business or job for elevated future with a successful outcome.

HEALTH- You may simply feel unwell under the influence of weather. Be careful from smoky places.

FINANCE- The financial situation is heading towards prosperity with bright future which will be recognized publically more.

ADVICE- Write affirmation.



22nd December  – 19th January

LOVE- Love life does not seem to be very straight. Some outside interference is seen in your relationship.

CAREER- Your business is going to be solid and stable this week as it is.

HEALTH- Generally health is good. May go for a general routine check-up.

FINANCE- Your financial condition will be quite successful with gains which will make things comfortable. Need not worry about money matters.

ADVICE- Welcome opportunity ahead.



20th January  – 18th February 
LOVE- Love life is going to be very comfortable, contented and stable this week.

CAREER- You are going to face difficulties and hardships in your business or in job. Need to be patient.

HEALTH- You need to take precautionary measures to protect ailments concerning liver, gallbladder and urinary track respectfully.

FINANCE- Your financial situation will be lucrative with comfortable condition ahead successfully. Some rich person will prove to be very helpful in your money matters.

ADVICE- Be sharp and decisive.



19th February  – 20th March

LOVE- Love life is not going to be happy resulting in feeling of burden.  You will come across emotional turbulence.

CAREER- You may be starting something new or new business with small investment at the initial level.

HEALTH- You are going to feel physically as well mentally disturbed. Get your self involved in meditation.

FINANCE- You will be totally satisfied with your financial condition, safe, secured and the way you want it.

ADVICE- Be firm.

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