ARIES 21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- Love feelings will be balanced this month with strong and harmonious bond towards each other.
  • CAREER- Your career or job is going to be successful. You will handle your business affairs skillfully and complete the projects. Business will reach to the point which you always desired for with full satisfaction and contentment.
  • HEALTH- In general, health conditions will be alright except you might have to face strange sensations, sleeping disorders, lumps and bumps or chances of cysts.
  • FINANCE- Financial condition may be burdensome for you. You will be apprehensive about your money matters due to set backs or loss of income which you counted on.
  • GUIDANCE- Learn to compromise.

TAURUS 21st April – 22nd May

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be halted for a while. You both will be emotionally drained out and feel lonely. Need to be patient. Introspect yourself.
  • CAREER- For your business it is suggested not to give up but put your right foot forward to achieve success at the time of loss or set back. Be patient. You will adjust the situation and decide of plan of action.
  • HEALTH- In this month your energy level is going to be very dynamic inwardly and outwardly, which means physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. In case you will feel down, you will over come this easily with your strong energy.
  •  FINANCE- Your financial condition is going to be strong and successful this month which will keep you fully contented with what you wanted.
  • ADVICE- Be patient and decisive.

GEMINI 21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- Don’t be stuck to your past misunderstandings. Think, reassess and take positive action towards your love life and control the situation.
  • CAREER- This month things will not go smoothly with your dealings with others in business due to obstacles, hardships and conflicts with the result you will feel frustrated and feel like quitting the stuck situation.
  • HEALTH- This month you may face life threatening experience on home front and chances of harming yourself. Guard yourself from accident. Pay extra attention towards your health.
  • FINANCE- This month you may start a new project for extra income along with your current source of income which will flourish in future.
  • ADVICE- Grab the new element. Its on your way.

CANCER 22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE – You are going to be depressed and in a negative state of mind. But don’t worry it’s a temporary phase and you will be regaining your emotions back towards each other.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be at the peak of it’s height with success which you will celebrate and chances are there to grow more with positive out come.
  • HEALTH- You may be suffering from tensions and headaches or lower back aches. Just expand your vision and look for another option for treatment or an exercising regime.
  • FINANCE- You are going to have sufficient money to make the mare go. New options and opportunities are waiting ahead to expand your money sources to have a comfortable life.
  • ADVICE- Don’t be a spend-thrift.

LEO 22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE- Problems or work around you will cause you shut your emotions down temporarily. You need to focus on your relation and put efforts towards the betterment of it. Introspect yourself.
  • CAREER- It’s time to reap the efforts you had put in your business. You may change your business and need to hire new people to look after a new project along with the current business running successfully. You may encounter someone who will be helpful to you in business.
  • HEALTH- There will be cost considerations, loss of appetite and loss of weight. Warning: sun and heat may cause you dehydration or make you ill. Drink lots of water and eat well to keep balance.
  • FINANCE- This month your financial condition is going to be very satisfied and successful. New opportunities may bring you financial help.
  • ADVICE- Be focused and firm.

VIRGO 22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- You will be feeling lack of love and drained out emotions. Only hoping for the harmony in relationship. But don’t worry your affection will come back soon.
  • CAREER- You are going to be working very hard but there will be no rewards as compared to the amount of labour you have put in your business. With the result you will feel frustrated and stuck.
  • HEALTH- You will be troubled by re-occurrance of current physical problems though you are taking medications and vitamins too. More treatment and rest is suggested.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition this month seems to be not very satisfactory. With this you will feel stuck and trapped. The money supply will be decreasing. Have patience it will be made up.
  • ADVICE- Be enthusiastic and confident.

LIBRA 22nd September – 22nd October 

  • LOVE- You will be quite happy and satisfied with love life but on mental level. You may feel lack of emotions and romantic feelings.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be successful. Someone may enter into your business or offer partnership in business. Or you are thinking of doing or opening sister concern of your business this month.
  • HEALTH- It seems you are neglecting your health this month adopting carefree attitude towards it. Need to pay extra attention about you and your health because this month you can be accident prone.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation looks very precarious, but you are going to get good news about financial gains this month which will throw light on the security of future money matters.
  • ADVICE- Be practical and committed.

SCORPIO 23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE- Your love relation will be committed, safe and secured with harmony and affection towards each other. If single, chances of someone new coming into your life are there.
  • CAREER- In your business you may have some problem with your co-workers or employers and may feel frustrated and want to leave the situation. Along with this, you have lots of hopes, plans and wishes to improve your business this month.
  • HEALTH- This month you will feel discomfort with general health of yours. You will feel tense, anxious or easily irritated and subject to muscle aches, neck or back aches.
  • FINANCE- You are going to be very very happy for your financial condition. You are going to be satisfied and contented as what you wanted will be “wish come true “.
  • ADVICE- Always be committed.

SAGITTARIUS 21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- This month your romantic relationship will not be in priority. You might be moving in different directions for a while. But you both will remain connected to keep the spark alive. Singles may rekindle their love.
  • CAREER- At present you will be at such a position where outer obstacles will be over powered by your inner will. To get desired results put your plans into action for your business to rise.
  • HEALTH- This month you will have to fight for keeping your energy level up. And if you don’t watch your health during low energy level periods, you may contract flu or virus.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions will be favouring you. This month you will have enough money to get by. And new options and opportunities are on your way to make more money.
  • ADVICE- Be ready to receive rewards or returns of your labour put in your work.

CAPRICORN 22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE- Your relationship is likely to go well but at slow pace. It will grow step by step. Need to put lots of efforts to bring it to harmonious level. Be careful about third party or female interference.
  • CAREER- In this month you are likely to face some challenges and difficulties in business. You may have misunderstandings, lies or deceits with the result you will think of quitting the situation. Someone working with you may leave.
  • HEALTH- Generally your health is going to show good upswings but need to be careful about unexpected accidents.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation seems to be at loss and set backs.But need not worry, it will bounce back again with new opportunities.
  • ADVICE- Always be practical.

AQUARIUS 20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE- You will be disappointed and disillusioned this month about your love relationship. You thought it would work but it did not.
  • CAREER- You will face set backs and losses in your business. Be prepared for this. Just reassess your business and find out new approaches to bring it back in normal position.
  • HEALTH- This month you will have to keep balance in your health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Eat well balanced diet to get all the vitamins, minerals etc. Meditate. Keep out of stress to be emotionally healthy.
  • FINANCE- You will be disappointed in your money matters. People who owe you money will make delay in returning, resulting in difficulties in keeping balance in account.
  • ADVICE- Don’t over exert.

PISCES 19th February  – 20th March

  • LOVE- This month you will re-kindle old love grievances with new beginnings, harmony and strong bond of love.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be very successful with positive outcomes. New opportunities will be on your way. You may sign a new contract this month.
  • HEALTH- Give your body full care and attention. Do not over do any work,or tire yourself. Avoid anger and negative emotions.
  • FINANCE- You are going to receive money which is stuck with people unexpectedly. Be careful. Do not take unnecessary risk in investing your money. Be alert and reassess financial situation.
  • ADVICE- Be ready for celebration.


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