Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for Sakhi.Online lovers for the month of March, 2019. Be ready to accept rewards for your deeds.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- You can expect stress free but unfulfilling love relationship. Need to resolve the issues with your partner to bring the balance back. Otherwise things will be difficult.
  • CAREER- Work wise, you need to take quick decisions and actions regarding your business. New opportunities are on your way. Seems some change is ahead. You may travel or make small trips for your job or business.
  • HEALTH- This month you will need to pay extra attention towards your health to keep balance in your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition seems to be unsatisfactory and you will not be happy. You should accept what is offered to you to keep financially well versed with money flow.
  • ADVICE- Always be balanced, patient and calm.


21st April – 22nd

  • LOVE- This month your love relation will not be in good shape.You must clear the things, talk it out with your partner what you have in mind. Do not hesitate. Singles may encounter someone new in his life.
  • CAREER- You will develop your business this month. And also thinking for new option or starting new branch or business or thinking of some partner to work with by expanding your business.
  • HEALTH- In general your health is good. But you may experience something hidden come to light for which you need to consult your physician. Keep taking proper vitamins and minerals to keep well balanced health.
  • FINANCE- You will face anxiety in receiving your own money. Delays may happen. But it will be recovered soon definitely. Unexpected financial gain is also indicated.
  • ADVICE- Welcome something new coming into your life.


21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- You will feel drained out emotionally this monthly. You would like to be in the frame of spirituality with the result you will feel lonely and unattached. Both of you need space from each other.
  • CAREER- You will be quite satisfied professionally. But still would like to expand your career or business. You are thinking and working on new technology or advanced approach to increase it. New proposals are on your way.
  • HEALTH- Emotionally your health is going to be very happy and satisfied. You need to be extra cautious regarding other sides of your health mentally, physically as well as spiritually.
  • FINANCE- Your financial status is going to be in your hands. All depends on you. Key is in your hand, you can mould or open the doors for the flow of your money. Be wise and approachable.
  • ADVICE- Be decisive quickly and take action.


22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE- In your love life you both will be connected to each other on mental level but not emotionally. You will want your partner to be more romantic and loving. But it won’t happen due to being busy in work and attention is towards financial matters.
  • CAREER- This month your business will touch the heights successfully. You may get chance to work world wide and may be thinking of establishing business contacts overseas.
  • HEALTH- You may experience some skin rashes over your skin  or it can be skin allergy. You would like to have new consultation about your health from physician or new treatment. You can switch on to other new option like Homeopath or Ayurveda.
  • FINANCIAL- You will be very comfortable with your financial condition. This month is good for your money matters. You will experience raise in your financial status or increase in salary.
  • ADVICE- Self improvement is the key for you.


22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE- This month does not seem to be very healthy for your relationship. You will have to put efforts and work towards your relationship to bring emotional balance.
  • CAREER- You will not be satisfied concerning your business. It will be below your expectations. You may take help from your friends around. Need to invest more efforts, hard work and labour. Need new advanced approach to bring your career to the higher level.
  • HEALTH- You need to create time and space to focus on your health so that you could keep yourself fit. You will experience stiffness in the bones and find difficulties in movement. Consult the concerned doctor.
  • FINANCE-You will be fully contented with your financial condition this month. You will get your wish about money matters. You will be extremely satisfied with money without any problem. You will achieve what you wanted.
  • ADVICE- You are blessed to get your wish fulfilled.


22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- Your love life will be normal when just two of you are there, but there is a great possibility that someone from outside or may be an elder person from your family interferes in your love relationship.
  • CAREER- You may have to bear sudden, unexpected setbacks and losses in your business. But need not worry you will recover soon what you will loose. Need to pay extra attention and will have to be focused on your business.
  • HEALTH- You will have health problems like tiredness, depression and the body is out of alignment for which you will have to work to bring back balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions will be up and down, it will not be stable this month. You will have to give full attention towards it. Keep proper watch on your accounts and re-access every thing.
  • ADVICE-Focus on your future with faith.


22nd September – 22nd October

  • LOVE- Your love relationship is going to be harmonious, sweeter and loving with balanced emotions.You will be totally satisfied with this phase of your life this month.
  • CAREER- You will be happy and contented with your business. You will reap the fruit of labour which you sowed in the past. You will come out to be victorious.
  • HEALTH- In general your health is going to be normal with lot of energy and vitality but may get some pollen allergy which will be soon recovered.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition will be favourable and very much satisfied. Money flow will be regular without any obstacle and you will be always on the run to enhance it.
  • ADVICE- Win the world with your capabilities. 


23rd October – 20th November 

  • LOVE- Your love relationship needs reconciliation to have a fresh start so try to resolve the grudges and misunderstandings you had in the past .
  • CAREER- In your business you are planning to add something new to increase it. You will introduce new advised approach into your business. Job oriented people are looking for new opportunities.
  • HEALTH- Physically, health seems to be good but need to pay extra care for your emotional health. Do not get stressed or take tensions otherwise it will affect your body also.Try to keep balance with your body and mind.
  • FINANCE- You will be disappointed with your financial status due to delays in the payments. You will have to wait for your own earned money. People who owe your money will give it back to you but with their own will.
  • ADVICE- Always make firm decisions. 


21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- You are too busy in work and have shut down your emotions.What is really going inside will build up the pressure. Release this to bring balance in your love life.
  • CAREER- At the moment your business or career is moving at very low pace. Improvements are under way which will lead to delays. May ask from people around or have discussion or consultation.
  • HEALTH- Unexpectedly, you can experience a critical situation about your physical health for which you need to pay extra attention other wise will have to face serious consequences. Be careful about allergy attacks. Consult doctor for his advice and treatment.
  • FINANCE- You will feel improved condition of money and better judgement about your finances regarding flow of money, payment on an investment, or profit sharing.
  • ADVICE- Always accept what universe gives you.


22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE- Your love life is moving at a slow pace, not very exciting. Need to work on it. Talk out the things and pay attention towards the improvement of love relationship.
  • CAREER- In your business or job things are not very pleasant. Seems that some one is keeping an eye on you. There  will be conflicted atmosphere which will affect your business. Sort the things out amicably.
  • HEALTH- Listen to your body with great care and compassion because your body is very sensitive. Emotionally, you will feel drained out. You may face pain in your lower body, legs and feet .
  • FINANCE-This month you will be working towards new sources of income, new opportunities and different/new proposals for increasing the flow of income.
  • ADVICE-  Be prepared for unexpected events.


20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE-Your love life is going to be very happy, safe and secured with love bond.There will be great harmony in your love relationship this month.
  • CAREER- This month your business is going to very successful. You will come across someone who is very mature and experienced, elderly person who will help you out with improved ways of business.
  • HEALTH- You will be very productive in taking care of your health and be in the process of improving and building a healthier body or mind. Undertake affirmations and forgiveness.
  • FINANCE-You will be comfortable financially and putting efforts to improve your income flow. You may have to go for short trips for this.You will receive better rewards for your labour.
  • ADVICE-  All the glitters is not gold.


 19th February  – 20th March.

  • LOVE- Love life is going to be dry because of drained emotions towards each other but you can see light in the end of the tunnel. Every thing is not lost, still emotions are left within you. Give time and space to each other and get back with a fresh start.
  • CAREER- Your business will be a great success, you may be doing ancestral business or may be elderly persons helping you out in your business to grow.
  • HEALTH- Health problems may come up this month with which you will be unable to work or do things properly. You may be repressing your emotions which will have bad affect directly on your physical health. Avoiding stress will help you.
  • FINANCE- You will be getting your wish concerning financial matters. You will get what you want. You will get your stuck or delayed payments or money this month.
  • ADVICE- Be ready to receive rewards for your efforts.

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