Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for February, 2019.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be committed, balanced and secured. Female partner may be more carried away emotionally. You would like to express your feelings but will be unable to surface them.
  • CAREER- This month you will be juggling between two options. Need to be decisive very carefully. You may decide to work in partnership or new business or job option is offered to you and you can think about taking it
  • HEALTH- You may be watching your health carefully regarding  nutrition. You will have aches, head aches, backaches especially pain in lower back. You might change your treatment and keep working on it.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation may disappoint you this month.You may experience setbacks and losses in business. But need not worry everything is not lost.
  • ADVICE- Positive cycle is ahead accept it.         


21st April – 22nd May

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to have a new start towards harmony and will be back to normal which was disturbed in the past. Need to work on it. Happiness is waiting but you have to go and find it.
  • CAREER- Your business will be progressing. You will have repeated clients and will have increase in your work with financial profit. You will also think of going abroad for your business purpose.
  • HEALTH- You need to pay proper attention towards your health concerning your blood circulation system, consult your Doctor. Those already sick will be recovering and will be benefited by alternate medicine like homeopathic, herbal or ayurvedic.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition will be better and comfortable. This month you will get money from unexpected sources. Coming of money will be in flow.
  • ADVICE-Take action on how you can be compassionately active.


21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- You will experience lack of emotions towards each other. It seems you are at crossroads, confused whether to take a step towards reconciliation or to be out of relationship. You may let go the situation and move towards a patch up.
  • CAREER- Your business situation does not seem to be very satisfactory. May have to experience difficulties, challenges and blocks on the way. You will have to really work hard to get out of this situation.
  • HEALTH- This month your energy level will be at its highest peak. You need to balance the energy and have control otherwise it will affect you physically. Don’t get exhausted, take rest and avoid stress to keep mentally fit.
  • FINANCE- You will be very happy with your financial situation. Money can come from different sources. And you are heading towards new opportunities and offers to increase income.
  • ADVICE-Pay your attention towards your present.


22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE- Your love life is not going to be very satisfactory because what you want from your partner will not be available that will cause disappointment and unhappiness.
  • CAREER- You will be very much disappointed with your business. It will not move the way you want it to be moved. You will face lots of hurdles, blockages and difficulties to bring it back to normal.
  • HEALTH- Generally your health will be just alright. Pay attention in all spheres like physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Go for walks, eat healthy, drink lots of water and meditate.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition will depend on the efforts or labour you put in, your sources of income and how to increase yojur income. You will have to keep an eye on your accounts properly, re access the books, check carefully to avoid any cheating.
  • ADVICE- Be quick to take any decision.


22nd July – 21st August 

  • LOVE- This month your love attraction towards each other will be lacking due to some old regrets. To be in harmony you need to talk it out and find some comfortable solution to stabilize your relationship.
  • CAREER- You will experience blocks in the progress of your business and will face difficulties in coping up with it. Something new is coming on your way but you need to be decisive about how to move forward towards it.
  • HEALTH- In general, your health is going to be at high point this month. You will be more energetic physically and will feel bright mentally. Do not tire yourself otherwise you will have to go through minor pains in the lower portion of legs and thighs.
  • FINANCE- You will be worried about your financial status, you are not meeting the goals according to your expectations. But you need not worry, it will increase slowly. Just be patient.
  • ADVICE- Be open to accept good things.


22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- The misunderstandings or regrets you had in your past are going to be healed this month with new love after sorting out the grudges.
  • CAREER- You are going to do well in your business. After some time you will start feeling tired, exhausted and burdened. You need to keep balance to avoid over doing, need to come out of it for your own health benefit.
  • HEALTH- You are over ambitious about your health and fitness goals. Do not over indulge or push your body more than it can go. Anger and negative feelings will take toll on your body so,avoid it. It’s a warning that you need to be protected from small ailments like cold, cough and beginning of some new ailment.
  • FINANCE- You will not be very comfortable concerning your financial problems. You will have to work hard to get your payment or money back from your clients.
  • ADVICE- Wait for the good news, it’s on its way.


22nd September – 22nd October

  • LOVE- Your love life is quite satisfactory. You will feel your love relationship is heading towards more loving, safe and secured bond with great harmony.
  • CAREER- You will not be very happy and satisfied with your business due to setbacks and losses in your business. But don’t worry, you did not loose the whole business. There is still left to raise it up and bring back to normal.
  • HEALTH- This month you need pay proper attention towards your health in every sphere to keep balance. Keep fit physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Those already suffering with any ailment are on their way to recovery.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition is stuck and is in the hands of others.You have to break the chains to get your money from others. You will get delayed payments.
  • ADVICE- Always be peaceful.


23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE- This month your love life is going to be very happy and contented with full of emotions, deep love, bond and harmony. You long for each other. Singles may encounter some new love interest.
  • CAREER- You successfully attained the height of your goals by working honestly with experience and knowledge. Now is the time for self assessment and plan for new advanced ways to progress further.
  • HEALTH- You need to be careful about your health for minor ailments by keeping balance in nutrition, exercise and meditation. Avoid anger and stress. Warning is there about some inherited problems.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition will be good and progressing. Money flow will be normal and fulfill your day to day needs comfortably.
  • ADVICE- Tempting offer is on it’s way… Grab it.


21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- You will be stuck or busy due to other responsibilities and will pay less attention towards your love life. Your feelings will be restricted and boxed in and your partner should not force you for what is not attainable. You will need some space.
  • CAREER- Your business or work will be in great progress this month. New financial proposals, offers regarding business will be on your way. Just grab the opportunities to begin with new perspective.
  • HEALTH- This month you will be upset/depressed with mental strain. If you want to keep balance in your health condition, forgive and send love to your own body by being positive towards it. Need to work on it physically. You may loose weight. Avoid stress, keep your emotions positive and meditate for spiritual health.
  • FINANCE- This month you will not be happy/satisfied with your business due to losses and setbacks, have to face challenges to get the money flow. But at the same time, everything is not lost. Still have something to rely on.
  • ADVICE- Confront your difficulties.


22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE- You will not be satisfied with your love life. It was not working in a harmonious way which disappointed you. Need to work hard or look for positive direction towards patching up and to have a loving restart.
  • CAREER- Your business will give you very satisfactory results. But you need to put more efforts and hard work to get better output for excellent results which you desire for.
  • HEALTH- You will have to pay close attention towards your body. Energy level is liable to go low which may attract virus and minor ailments like cold, flu etc.
  • FINANCE- You will have frustrations concerning your financial situation for which you need to overcome this struggleful condition to come out successful.
  • ADVICE- Overcome your frustration.


20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE- Your love life is suspended for last some time. It will be in your betterment to discuss everything openly and reach to some conclusion to bring your relationship in harmony.
  • CAREER- This month your business will flourish as new business offers are on your way. You may get some proposal from overseas. Job oriented people may look for new opportunity or part time job offer.
  • HEALTH- Your health condition will not be good. You will have to fight with your body to keep it fit because your illnesses will be reoccurring. In order to keep balance you will have to take all types of vitamins, minerals and balanced nutrition. Problems seem to never go  away completely.
  • FINANCE- You are working regularly on your financial matters to increase the income and thinking of different sources and ways to have better flow of money. You are thinking of going overseas to enhance the finance.
  • ADVICE-Always be judgmental.


19th February  – 20th March

  • LOVE- Your love life is not very stable rather it more depends on hope. Convert your hope into practical by mutual discussions and talking out things together to make it a success.
  • CAREER- Your business does not seem to be giving good results so you have to really struggle. Your efforts will definitely bring fruits.
  • HEALTH- This month you will feel tired, run down or uninspired by your psychic abilities. Just boost up your energy level along with special attention to keep all over balance intact.
  • FINANCE- You will be totally unsatisfied with the money matters. Payments will be delayed, blocks and difficulties will come in getting back your own money which people owe you.
  • ADVICE- Don’t let yourself be defeated as you are close to your goal.

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