21st March – 20th April


LOVE – You will be feeling lack of love and fulfilment in         your relation. Expect indifference specially from your partner.


CAREER – Your business is going to be in progress with new opportunities and improvements moving forward towards success.


HEALTH – Health does not seem to be very favourable to you. Need to pay extra attention. Take second opinions in your health issues. Do not take action haphazardly.


FINANCE – At present it’s not a good time for you. Your payments may get stuck or you may not be able to attain what you want. But need not worry. Time will change soon to get better results the way you desired.

 ADVICE – Be prepared for change.



21st April – 20th May


LOVE – Your love relationship is going to be in the new depth of      emotional bond but with the efforts of both of you.


CAREER – New approach towards your business will take you to    higher level. Need to reassess the whole situation.


HEALTH – You are the master of your own health by taking care. You can get the required results by paying your full attention. Eat healthy food. Keep calm. Avoid stress.


FINANCE – Money is going to come to you through multiple sources. Your financial situation will be secured and strong.


ADVICE – Commune with God.



21st May – 21st June


LOVE – Seems like you will have some problems in your love relationship and want to run away from the situation but you won’t be able to.


CAREER – You will be thinking that business situation is not satisfactory but be prepared for the opportunities that are on their way for your business, work on these.


HEALTH – Your health condition will be very satisfactory. If feeling low, soon you will be on the path of recovery. You will feel full of vitality. In case anyone waiting for the medical test results, they will be totally good.


FINANCE – Someone may not give your payment for which you will have to call on him or take any action.


ADVICE – Be ready for the recognition.




22nd June – 21st July


LOVE – Your love relationship will bring excitement in these fifteen days which will make your bond stronger and more passionate.


CAREER – Your business is going to flourish which will give you happiness and satisfaction.


HEALTH – Health condition is not going to be very good for you in the coming fortnight. Need to avoid stress and anxiety. Avoid exhaustion. Take rest.


FINANCE – Your financial condition will not be very good .You will be facing delays in getting your money. As everything is going to take its own time.


ADVICE- Be your own boss.




22nd July – 21st August


 LOVE – Some situations in love will give you disappointment. Things will get better, need to be patient.


CAREER – You may take a big decision and change the working conditions of your business. May bring new advanced approach.


HEALTH – You need to pay a close attention towards your health keeping balance in everything, eating, exercise, intake of water,  above all avoid mental stress and keep emotional balance.


FINANCE – Your financial condition is going to balanced. Reassess other sources of income.


ADVICE – Be prepared for change.




22nd August – 21st September


LOVE – In these fifteen days your emotional feelings may get drained out but will be back in rhythm soon after this unwanted spell .


CAREER – Your business will flourish in this period and also get new opportunities to increase. But your efforts will bring more fruit.


HEALTH – You may have to deal with pre-existing health problems which might re-surf again. And will be very upsetting. Need immediate treatment.


FINANCE – You will get unexpected money coming to ease out your expenses.


ADVICE – Welcome the help coming.




22nd September – 22nd October


LOVE – You are going to be disillusioned and disappointed emotionally as you are not getting what u expected and desired.


CAREER – Your business is going to be stable and secured. You might have to go out for the promotion of the work to make it more successful.


HEALTH – In this period your health condition suddenly may start recovering after the bad situation.


FINANCE – You are going to get delayed payment due to unfavourable time period. People who owe you money will take their time to give your money back.


ADVICE – Be calm and peaceful.




23rd October – 20th November


LOVE – Temporarily your love conditions are going to be suspended. You will feel lack of emotions.


CAREER – New elements will come to the fore in your work environment and seems you will feel unsettled as your business is not the way you wanted it to be.


HEALTH – Your health is going to be more disturbed emotionally rather than physically. You will feel tied up. And will have problems with your eyes like inflammation and infection. Be careful.


FINANCE – This fortnight you are going to discuss your financial situation with someone who is matured and experienced to increase the money source.


ADVICE – Be ready to hear news from work place.




21st November – 21st December


LOVE – You are going to be indecisive about your love feelings. Lots of thinking will be going on this fort night.


CAREER – Your business is going to be successful and will make money out of it with your efforts. You can be thinking of changing your business and going into the metaphysical side.


HEALTH – You will be recuperating from your illness and may go for the second opinion.


FINANCE – Your financial condition will be very good and to the full satisfaction. Pleasant surprise is on your way.


ADVICE – Listen to your inner guidance.





22nd December – 19th January


LOVE – Your love relation is going to be dreamy with lots of positive hopes and aspirations.


CAREER – You won’t be able to give full attention to your work or business. Something stops you from inside. But need to pay heed to it.


HEALTH – You are going to get tension related problems, stiffness, aches and pains.


FINANCE – Your financial condition will be restricted. You will get your money back in some period of time with delay.


ADVICE – Move forward.




20th January – 18th February 

LOVE – This fortnight you are going to clear the misunderstanding which was going in the past and patch up with great harmony.


CAREER – Business will be safe and secured. New opportunities are on your way to make your business more advance and profitable.


HEALTH – You will feel very low and depressed in this fortnight. Avoid un-necessary over work. Do not get tired. Take rest to keep your body going.


FINANCE – You may make money with the help of some partner or from some other source. You may discuss business plans to increase your income.


ADVICE – Be ready for the new perspective.




19th February – 20th March


LOVE – Love feelings seem to be drained out. For this love relation you may feel as emotions are frozen. Not good time for romance.


CAREER – Business progress is going to be average. But new proposals and offers may boost your energy for work.


HEALTH – The health is going to be upswing. You may feel like going to someone for healing .


FINANCE – Some good news is on its way concerning money. If your money is stuck with someone you will get your money back soon.


ADVICE – Take action.

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