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Your Fortnightly Horoscopes Are Here: 1st June 2018 – 14th June 2018

Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for Sakhi.Online lovers for this fortnight from the 1st June 2018 to  14th June 2018.


ARIES 21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- This fortnight is going to bring time for emotional fulfilment.Those who are single, someone new may enter in their lives. New emotional beginnings are promising.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be secure with good status. Some business expert may come across to guide you to increase the capacity of work which will be very beneficial for you.
  • HEALTH- You may be unnecessarily worrying. But positive attitude play wonders even you have health challenges. Just be alert, do some brain exercises. Need to be careful for the issues hidden in subconscious mind.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition is going to be in the high ebb. Flow of money will be extremely good, secured and successful to meet your needs and expand your business. Its time to invest your money.
  • ADVICE- Take your responsibilities seriously.

TAURUS 21st April – 20th May 

  • LOVE- Your love relationship will be happy and balanced with full of emotional bond.
  • CAREER- Business wise you may have to go through little disappointments. This period will be slow for it but it will progress after the turbulence. You may have to relocate to some other place.
  • HEALTH- Your health is going to be well balanced specially keeping your spirits high with positive attitude. Getting connected to a spiritual healer will be of great help.
  • FINANCE- Financial situation will be sound and you may get some offer for financial help from some one. You may get money from some new business venture.
  • ADVICE- Consider every possibility in making any decision.

 GEMINI 21st May – 21st June

  • LOVE- Emotions may be up and down this fortnight. You may be deceiving yourself or others. You will be feeling fluctuations in love life. Need to bring balance in your love life.
  • CAREER- Some good news is on its way regarding business, may have to bring some changes and take actions immediately. You might travel for business work. Be careful about hasty decisions.
  • HEALTH- Health is not going to be good. Need to take care, reassess the condition of your health and take appropriate action. You are trying to be in peace after a lot of turmoil.
  • FINANCE- You are going to see financial growth in this fortnight but slowly. Opportunities are on your way to increase financial success.
  • ADVICE- Time to reflect on your inner self.

CANCER 22nd June – 21st July 

  • LOVE- Relationship difficulties may arise. Need to take wisdom from intuition and inner wisdom from your past experience. You will come out of this blockage spiritually or with meditation.
  • CAREER- In your business or job, you need to take responsibility of your decisions keeping in mind a balanced approach. You may be thinking of making some partner in your business. You will reap what you will sow.
  • HEALTH- Health wise you need to let go of worry and guilt otherwise you will suffer both mentally and physically. Those who are older may have to face old age problems. You may have eyesight and hearing problem.
  • FINANCE- Financial situation will not be that good as you are expecting in this fortnight. You may be getting news in your near future but will be disappointed.
  • ADVICE- Be decisive.

LEO 22nd July – 21st August 

  • LOVE- You may be feeling disconnected from your partner temporarily. Let your partner know what is going inside you. But this is not the time to push any thing or anyone at present.You will be normal soon.
  • CAREER- You need to take action and be busy putting efforts in in your business which will be fruitful. Some honest and wise person may help you in your business skills.
  • HEALTH- This fortnight your health is going to be positive and harmonious. Just need to take care about the genetic illness in the family by eating healthy to maintain good health.
  • FINANCE- Your finances will be showing delays because decisions will be taken by someone else. But this situation will be better soon.
  • ADVICE- Watch out for advantageous opportunities.

 VIRGO 22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be very happy, satisfying and harmonious. You and your partner is going to have same love wave length.
  • CAREER- In this fortnight, you may think of starting a new business. You may start new business spontaneously without giving any heed to it.This is the right time for you to go for it!
  • HEALTH- Those people who are suffering from any ailment, be happy, you will start recovering soon and regain your lost energy and immunity. You can adopt new ways or methods of healing.
  • FINANCE- This fortnight your finances are going to flow very well and satisfactory. Just for precautionary measure, you need to cut down your expenses to save more.
  • ADVICE- Try to keep balance.

LIBRA 22nd September – 22nd October

  • LOVE- This fortnight you may go different ways in your romantic life because spirituality overpowered you. Need patience and inner reflection to get back.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be successful, progressing and may think of having partnership with someone which will be profitable.
  • HEALTH- The more you take care of your health the more perfect your health will be. You need to take action in order to improve your health even if you are paralyzed from neck to down. Without action nothing will improve.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions are not going to be easy. You will have to put efforts to get your money. You may not meet all your financial obligations immediately. But need not worry its a matter of weeks. Situation will improve soon.
  • ADVICE- Keep every thing in mind when you take decision in life.

 SCORPIO 23rd October – 20th November 

  • LOVE- Unfortunately love life does not seem to be secure and happy. You may feel lonely and left in the cold. And may feel as if you are not treated properly.
  • CAREER- Business growth is going to be very successful. You may start a new venture this fort night with new and advanced approach. Job oriented people can expect promotion and appreciation of work. Unemployed will have opportunity for new job.
  • HEALTH- Health situation does not seem to be very good. If in doubt or ailment is misdiagnosed go to a specialist.Do not neglect your health issues.
  • FINANCE- Your finances are going to be balanced, safe and secure. And thinking of weighing or reassessing for further growth of money.
  • ADVICE-Help needy.

SAGITTARIUS 21st November – 21st December 

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be well balanced happy and harmoniously satisfying in these fifteen days.
  • CAREER- Business will improve after the turbulence period to new horizons. You may be thinking of doing some thing new for the growth of your business.
  • HEALTH- You may be mentally upset and feel depressed which will affect your health so avoid this stress. Let go, forgive and forget. Get yourself busy in exercising, having good and healthy diet. Involve in meditation.
  • FINANCE- Financial situation is in your hands. You have all the skills and powers to give direction or mould things the way you want.
  • ADVICE- Be happy and make others happy too.

CAPRICORN 22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE- Emotional feelings seem to be decreasing in these fifteen days. You will be feeling confused about the reason why this situation came. But don’t feel sad, it is not finishedtotally. There is still little to look forward to.
  • CAREER- You will have to put lots of efforts and struggle for your business. Everything is not coming in silver spoon. This time is going to be tough for you.
  • HEALTH- You may suffer with problem in your lower part of the body like hip area and pelvic bone. Consult specialist for right treatment.
  • FINANCE- Your finances are going to be stable and secure. Feel happy to see your efforts bringing fruits.
  • ADVICE- Always look for the new opportunities.

AQUARIUS 20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be very emotionally satisfied with loving bond. This will give full satisfaction and happiness.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to flourish in these days. You may look for new opportunities which will be successful. Some experienced person may guide you for more advancement.
  • HEALTH- You feel sick and tired of your health problems and feel burdened. Do not feel depressed rather take action, consult doctors, specialist and healers.
  • FINANCE- You will see growth in your finances. Some financial news, offer of work or opportunity is on your way which will make you happy.
  • ADVICE- Act immediately.

PISCES 19th February  – 20th March

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to improve with new horizon after the period of a rough patch.
  • CAREER- You may face business problems in this fortnight. There is a possibility to take a matured advice from someone experienced. Have patience, situation will improve.
  • HEALTH- Your health needs extra care and attention, it does not sound good. You can go for second opinion before going for any surgical procedure.
  • FINANCE- You may be disappointed with your financial condition. It may not give you as you expected. Think for other means of generating handsome income.
  • ADVICE- Don’t keep repeating past mistakes.


For personal readings Ranie Bhalla can be contacted at ranibhalla@yahoo.co.in



Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.



21st March – 20th April


LOVE- Love life will be fruitful. You will clear all the misunderstandings to maintain the relation in harmony. Those who are single they may encounter new partner.


CAREER- Business people may face downfall or losses for this fortnight. Be alert so that you may not loose the ability to recognize the opportunities.


HEALTH- In general health will be good. Try to be supportive with your body by taking care of diet, exercise, minerals and vitamins etc.


FINANCE- Your financial situation is going to be very balanced by taking care of its pros and cons or by keeping a vigilant eye and scrutinizing the accounts.


ADVICE- Take an action without delay.





21st April – 20th May 


LOVE- In Love relationship you will enjoy each other’s company without any hesitation, fear and obligation and indulge in what you like .

CAREER- This is the time for you to plan carefully about your business and job. This period is contemplating period of your life on which the future depends. Hard work and preservance will bring steady success.


HEALTH- Your are going to be very energetic and secured and comfortable to be yourself.


FINANCE- About finance, you need to be careful as you are the captain of your own ship. You should know where you are investing and putting your money. Need to check your accounts regularly to avoid problems.


ADVICE- Take a break and treat yourself to peace and pleasure.




21st May – 21st June


LOVE- In your relationship, intimacy holds no ground. Unrelated interests lead to keeping you both away from each other this fortnight.


CAREER- This fortnight you need to be totally committed to your business or job to get fruitful results for which you need to be passionate towards your work and put lots of hard work which would result in sure success.


HEALTH- This period seems to be transition period. You need to take rest. Those who are suffering with some ailments will have recovery and disease will be ended.


FINANCE- You may find interference from outside party into your financial matters. There seems to be blockages and difficulties in your money matters You will have to compromise with the situation.


ADVICE- Do Charity.





22nd June – 21st July


LOVE- This fortnight partners experience problems in putting their relation to grow smoother. You may feel the pressure of each others’ expectations.


CAREER- Your business and job environment is going to be very successful according to what you wished for with full contentment and abundance.


HEALTH- Your health can be better if you let go the negative feelings. Do some rituals to feed soul, if soul is pampered body will automatically get healthy.


FINANCE- Financial situation is going through a rough patch causing troubles. Flow of money will be slow and delayed.


ADVICE- Be careful, all that glitters is not gold.





22nd July – 21st August


LOVE- This fortnight is the time to rekindle your love relationship with new enthusiasm and harmony from both sides. Singles will get some message from loved one.


CAREER- Your business is going to be successful in this period. Some moneyed person may be a great help in increasing your business. Job oriented persons may get appreciation from boss in the form of reward.


HEALTH- You need to avoid stress which will cause your health problems. Keep a positive attitude, think positively to keep up your health. Eat healthy, do exercise, meditate and sleep well.


FINANCE- Your financial situation is going to be very well and going to be improved more with positive changes in your coming time. You will feel safe and secured.


ADVICE- What you sow so shall you reap.





22nd August – 21st September


LOVE- This fortnight you may try to bring positive changes in relationship with your partner. These efforts will be fruitful to be in special bond. For this change, you may have to put yourself into arguments.


CAREER- Success is on the way of your business with positive outcome in every sphere you are involved. Your business will be stable and secure this fortnight.


HEALTH- Your health will be fine this fortnight with stable conditions. Those who are suffering or sick are on the journey of improvement and recovery.


FINANCE- Unfortunately, this fortnight you are going to get a disappointing news about money matters. Financial situations is going to be stormy and weak.


ADVICE- Live and give into your feelings.




22nd September – 22nd October


LOVE- Your day to day circumstances are going to affect your love relationship making you disturbed internally, cause unpleasant situation during this fortnight.


CAREER- This time is good for your business. You may be thinking of starting new business venture this fortnight giving new direction to it which will be successful. Job oriented people may go for new job or can change the job.


HEALTH- In general your health is going to be good. Those who are suffering from ailments are moving towards the path of recovery. If needed, don’t hesitate to take help of doctor or healer. Always think positively.


FINANCE- Financial situation is going to be better and improved  if you have partnership with some one who may be more beneficial in elevated financial condition.


ADVICE- Always be happy.




23rd October – 20th November


LOVE- Love relationship need to be renegotiated and try to bring change according to present situation towards positive side.


CAREER- Seems like this fortnight your business will not be up to the mark and nothing solid will be happening, which will make you sick of it. But change will come definitely, need not worry. Be patient.


HEALTH- You must let go of the past and sad experiences which will effect your health situation.Try to be positive. You may feel the immobility in your body, so be careful.


FINANCE- Some financial changes are looming in this fortnight.  Warning situation may arise, do not get upset but try to think about the solutions and how to come out of it.


ADVICE- Time to meditate.






21st November – 21st December




LOVE- Your love relationship is going to be happy, balanced and  generous. Allow your partner to give you your share of love which you deserve.

CAREER- Your disastrous situation is going to end and big change is coming ahead for better situation with in these 15 days.


HEALTH- This fortnight you need to be very careful about your health, if you lose the balance you are going to face tough time. Chronic pains may trouble you. Be regular with exercise and healthy diet.


FINANCE- This is the time to handle your money wisely and avoid taking any risks to save the financial situation. Invest at a trustworthy place after thinking about every pros and cons.


ADVICE- Time to be decisive.




22nd December  – 19th January


LOVE- Love situation does not seem to be healthy this fortnight. Try to be understanding in knowing each others’ emotional feeling to bring positive change for betterment.


CAREER- You may work in your business with the help of some one or thinking of working in partnership which is going to be beneficial.


HEALTH- Generally your health is going to be normal. Keep going for regular checkups to evaluate the perfect condition.


FINANCE- You may be disappointed with your financial situation within this fortnight. Change your outmoded ways so that you can get improved satisfactory results.


ADVICE-Take action.




20th January  – 18th February 

LOVE- Your love life is going to be happy and harmonious. Those who are single may encounter new love or partner. There will be reconciliation between those who have some misunderstandings.


CAREER- Your business will be a great success. This is the time you can take your business to high level. You may take help of an experienced person, so focus on it. You can work from home also.


HEALTH- You may be undergoing mental conflicts causing lot of stress which will effect your body. So in order to keep fit or healthy avoid any sort of tension.


FINANCE- Your financial situation is going to be stable, balanced and secure.


ADVICE- Listen to your inner voice.




19th February  – 20th March


LOVE- You need to be warned to maintain your relationship in full harmony. Avoid jealousy or greed of any sort.


CAREER- You may take crucial decision about your business. New project or any new business deal may come up in this fortnight for you.


HEALTH- Health conditions may not be very good due to unhealthy diet. Need to be extra careful regarding your eating habits.


FINANCE- This fortnight your financial conditions are subjected to celebrate successful, solid and elevated position.


ADVICE- Trust a wise person.


For personal readings Ranie Bhalla can be contacted at



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