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Seven of Clubs

  • bravery, determination, imagination
  • you may face stiff competition and you may need aggressive determination to do the same
  • you need lot of skill and nerve to get past the hardships
  • this card and give you a new direction
  • discard hint at additional responsibilities in current venture
  • opposite sex can cause trouble

Six of Clubs

  • Victory, achievement, success, Triumph
  • you may hear some good news
  • you’ll be recognised for your hard work
  • your self esteem will get boost
  • this is a Victory card
  • the god also opens up new opportunities
  • new job
  • new enterprise
  • new travel
  • business success especially from the partnerships

Five of Clubs

  • disruption, conflict, addiction, strife
  • time to test your courage
  • may be a legal matter
  • frustrations with minor problems
  • problems can be overcome with patience and conviction
  • documents or letter related to property
  • family connections and family status
  • friction
  • happy marriage and friendships can also fall out at times

Four of Clubs

  • celebration, jubilation, community, teamwork, completion
  • this is a positive current
  • you will enjoy rewards of your hard work
  • you like on the finer things in life
  • very creative and innovative
  • will settled home prosperous and happy life
  • a home in countryside
  • peacefulness and serenity

Three of Clubs

  • action, implementation, exploration
  • strength and confidence in your motives
  • confident and good leader
  • lots of negotiations will happen but result will be fruitful
  • growth and abundance
  • seed for the future to grow
  • move towards success with determination

Two of Clubs

  • conflicts, options, decisions, debates
  • good things are yet to come
  • partnership will be successful
  • travel is possible
  • indicate new ventures
  • you need time patience and strong belief in yourself
  • an intellectual person
  • don’t let others sidetrack you

Ace of Clubs

  • Desire, inspiration, vision, creation, invention
  • new venture and new project
  • promotion
  • inheritance
  • birth of a baby
  • a new idea
  • a new life
  • move to interstate or overseas
  • grow in more ways than you can imagine

King of Spades

  • genius, expert, Decision Maker
  • a person with authority
  • a warrior
  • lawyer
  • diplomat
  • harsh attitude towards life
  • feeling of emptiness and scarred
  • serious and often secretive

Queen of Spades

  • Grace, skill, charm , aptitude
  • you are a Warrior and ready for challenge
  • witty and outspoken
  • independent with your own ideas
  • it can be difficult card, can be a widow, a Hard Woman
  • lonely and emotionally handicapped
  • can be a state of mourning and abandonment

Jack of Spades

  • student, apprentice, scholarship, information, intelligent, cautious
  • discard business a young man or a woman with intellectual abilities
  • Grace and Diplomacy
  • sharp minded person may not take things lying down
  • action and adventure
  • acting quickly and with confidence
  • sometimes can be foolishly confident
  • but learns from the mistakes

Ten of Spades

  • ruin, disaster, Obsession
  • you may be at the lowest point of your life
  • sorrow and Misfortune
  • plans may fail
  • losses may occur
  • things will be better soon
  • you have skills to get out of the problem

Nine of Spades

  • remorse, wrong, conclusion
  • things may not be as bad as they seem to be
  • it reminds you that even the sweetest things can make a huge difference is at times
  • stress, anxiety, despaired, guilt, nightmare, concern
  • you have doubt and Suspicion
  • you need to think positively

Eight of Spades

  • restriction, limitation, helplessness, confinement
  • it shows restricted course of action
  • temporary weakness an illness
  • trapped in a situation
  • social problem
  • legal problem
  • impaired judgement
  • opposition from others
  • cancelled plans
  • obstacles

Seven of Spades

  • dishonesty, presumption, assuming things, sneakiness
  • Tact is needed to solve problems
  • you have to be careful around the people you trust
  • unwanted mistrust may make you paranoid
  • the problems are your own fault
  • this card warns you alone to be careful
  • time of Sorrow
  • warnings
  • losses

Six of Spades

  • adaptation, adjustment, science, travel
  • there may be a delay in travel plans
  • unwanted obstacles
  • you should not give up hope
  • shows travel by sea or on living by sea or something related to sea
  • don’t be turbulent times
  • tomorrow will be a better day
  • there is a Ray of Light
  • the situation will eventually change

Five of Spades

  • selfishness, hostility, nationality
  • mental tension
  • losses
  • breaking off relationship
  • your victory is not the worth the effort you have put
  • there are blockages
  • illness and listlessness
  • depression
  • it can also indicate breaking free
  • bad tempered people are creating problems at home from outside

Four of Spades

  • meditation, contemplation, perspective, mindset
  • it is time to build your mental strength
  • meditate and spend time to calm atmosphere
  • you’re stuck and you feel that this is a low point of your life
  • risk insure forum and conflicts with government administration, bureaucracy and law.
  • this card can also show that in this will go away
  • business worries can go away

Three of Spades

  • difference, variance, dissatisfaction, rejection, heartache
  • a love triangle
  • it can also indicate a child creating disruption
  • it can also show new romantic connection
  • it can all seem to get hasty words
  • it urges thought before action

Two of Spades

  • denial, debate, impasse, truce
  • separation and distancing
  • breaking up
  • it can also indicate corruption, embezzlement and bribery
  • in business it it is a warning if you have a business partner
  • in relationships it can be infidelity
  • it can also relate to irreversible separation
  • it can also denote temporary problems so there is room for improvement

Ace of Spades

  • Logic, objectivity, intellect, choice
  • this may be the beginning of a new unexpected venture
  • you may become a brilliant leader
  • you may have strength and ideas of making new beginnings
  • you can also face obstructions in hurdles
  • you need to focus on your determination
  • some say that it is an indication of a bad end
  • death permanent separation
  • it can be a payment card
  • it is a bad card if it appears at the end
  • it can also indicate endings, death, challenges, ruthlessness
  • if this couch is it is time to ditch the past and make fresh start
  • try to solve existing problems
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