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Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our life and know about the forth coming happenings. Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for Sakhi.Online lovers for the Month of December 2018.

 ARIES 21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE-Your love relationship for the month of December is going to be very emotional, lovable, safe secured and with mutual harmony which will give you joy and happiness.
  • CAREER-You will not be very happy with the status of your business and want to bring some change and improvements in the working of it. Need to keep balance for the success.
  • HEALTH-To keep your health in good condition and strong, you need to think positively regarding every health issue. Need to be determined about your eating habits i.e. Eat healthy.
  • FINANCE-This month your financial condition will grow, and new opportunities are on your way. Someone matured and experienced person may come to extend financial help.
  • ADVICE-Always take quick decision.


TAURUS 21st April – 22nd May

  • LOVE- In your love relationship you may have detached feeling for your partner and expecting some one new person entering your life.
  • CAREER-You are thinking of expanding and improving your business with advanced technology. And thinking of doing it jointly with someone.
  • HEALTH-In general your health is going to be normal. You pay proper attention to make it perfect by taking physical care and good healthy diet. Mentally by not being stressful and emotionally not involving with negative feelings and spiritually by meditating.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is going to be safe secured and balanced. Need not worry this month. Chances are there for increased money.
  • ADVICE-Be positive.


 GEMINI 21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- Your love relationship is going to happy joyful and as you always wished for. If any one single will encounter with new love interest.
  • CAREER-You will be doing well in business and be investing more into it as it will flourish and expand but need to be vigilant in keeping balance in the management of it.
  • HEALTH-Your health will be good in this month. You will feel very energetic bright and active. If someone is already sick soon there will be recovery from the illness.
  • FINANCE-This month you will be much better than others in your financial condition. You will eat the fruit of your hard work and efforts.
  • ADVICE-Take control of the situation.


CANCER 22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE- You will feel this month your love feelings are drained out. It’s with your efforts you can overcome the bad phase which you need to come out of it. Everything will be fine.
  • CAREER- This month your business will be over growing with success and desired results. New options and opportunities are on its way. Just grab them.
  • HEALTH- Your health condition does not seem to be good. Need to take good care of your veins, arteries and blood circulations. Go for regular check-up and take second opinion.
  • FINANCE- At present your financial situation seems to be very low with the result you are unable to cope up the way you wanted. But need not be disappointed because it will improve very soon.
  • ADVICE-Keep balance in everything.


LEO 22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE- You will be trying to have emotional control, but circumstances will not allow to do so. Both the partners will feel the same.
  • CAREER- Being your business up and down this month will be a bad phase for you. You may face loss or less energy in your business. But with your efforts and hard work it will come up again with new directions.
  • HEALTH-Your health will be down with over work and exhaustion resulting stress and frustration. Take rest and pay full attention towards it.
  • FINANCE-Your financial condition is not favorable. People will not pay you the money which they owe you and cause halted situation in money flow.
  • ADVICE-Avoid stress.


VIRGO 22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE-Virgo people your love life will be very successful with emotional bond towards each other with great harmony and contentment.
  • CAREER- You will be hurt with your business dealings. You must be careful about some deceits. Someone may betray you deceive and leave you with broken heart.
  • HEALTH- Your health condition will be very good generally. You will feel full of energy . Keep it up. Existing heart patients need their regular check-up.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition is not very favourable. You may have to face losses. There will be difficulties and challenges in getting your money back from people who owe you money.
  • ADVICE- Welcome the financial opportunity.


LIBRA 22nd September – 22nd October

  • LOVE-Your love life is going to be full of love, emotions, safe, secured and bond of harmony fully taken care of.
  • CAREER-This month you will give priority to ideas for self-promotion and thinking on to improve it and formulate it. Your orders on phone calls will increase.
  • HEALTH-Generally your health is going to be good. You need to avoid strenuous work try to avoid mental tension. You will be nursing yourself by eating vegetarian, regular exercising and meditating. Finally take much needed rest.
  • FINANCE-You will be worried experiencing and anxiety over the receipt of your money thinking its lost. But shortly it will be recovered. Unexpected financial gain is indicated
  • ADVICE-Be receptive.


SCORPIO 23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE- This month you want to share your love feelings with your partner but will be unable to because of circumstantial reasons. But situation will be normal soon.
  • CAREER- This month you will be upset and discouraged of not being decisive about the idea or project of regarding your business, but it will straighten out and dealt with new approach.
  • HEALTH- You will experience problems with chest area. Will have to face pains and aches with asthma, bronchitis, coughing relating to lungs and respiratory system. Treatment prescribed by doctor, rest and relaxing will be a great help.
  • FINANCE-There will be tensions to money matters this month. Even if you are making money but atmosphere will be unfavorable and unpleasant.
  • ADVICE-Listen and trust to a wise person


SAGITTARIUS 21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- Though the worst is over in your love life you won’t be able to bury or start new. Your thoughts will be juggling between “Do I want it or don’t I?” Because you are hurt somewhere. The moment you decide positively things will change for better.
  • CAREER- New elements will come in for your work environment, but you will still be unsettled because you have not yet established yourself mentally or landed in the position in which you want to be.
  • HEALTH- You may experience choking, backaches or problems with your stomach or throat. You may not say anything, but you know or willing to listen something said good.
  • FINANCE- Your financial now is good to meet your requirement but in future you will make money in the long run and your prospects look better.
  • ADVICE-Work out things immediately.


CAPRICORN 22nd December – 19th January

  • LOVE- You are going to be satisfied what you wanted in your love relation with your partner. If you are single you may expect a call or message from an admirer.
  • CAREER- This month your mind will not be focused on your business. You will wish to take some time off and relax. Between this relaxing time you will be thinking of some new direction or approach towards your business.
  • HEALTH- This month you will face immobility. May spend more time in bed. Try to release negative thoughts, forget grudges, regrets which are blocking your positive thoughts. Try to forgive everyone. Those who are ailing you will be on the road of recovery.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition will be very good. Incoming money from your business will make you very happy to facilitate to spend on your day today needs.
  • ADVICE-Don’t abandon your hopes for success.


AQUARIUS 20th January – 18th February 

  • LOVE- You will not be happy with your love relationship due to some blockages in your emotional attitude towards each other. Hopes will be fulfilled by doing efforts. Don’t lose hope.
  • CAREER-This month your business will grow with your hard work and efforts. New options, offers and opportunities are on your way.
  • HEALTH- This month you will have strong energy to fight every ailment. No physical disability or handicap will keep you down.
  • FINANCE-You will be worried about your finances because of unexpected loss in business. But need not worry focus your attention to regain what you have lost.
  • ADVICE- Channel your strength towards your effective schedule.


PISCES 19th February – 20th March

  • LOVE- You will glad to know about your love relationship with full of emotional bond, satisfaction, grounded with great harmony with your partner. And those are single will fulfil their wish as they want. Wish will come true.
  • CAREER- Your business will be successful to fetch enough money to make the mare go. New proposals and offers will change your thinking to work towards the advancement and improve your working towards it
  • HEALTH- Generally health will be good. Need to take care of pollen allergies. Ailments will be recovered and healed. If on medicines try alternate medicines like herbal, homeopathic and Ayurveda.
  • FINANCE-Money situation is going to be favourable and it will increase this month. Opportunities and new income sources are coming up ahead.
  • ADVICE- Pay immediate attention to the ignored matters.



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 ARIES 21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- Love feelings will be balanced this month with strong and harmonious bond towards each other.
  • CAREER- Your career or job is going to be successful. You will handle your business affairs skillfully and complete the projects. Business will reach to the point which you always desired for with full satisfaction and contentment.
  • HEALTH- In general, health conditions will be alright except you might have to face strange sensations, sleeping disorders, lumps and bumps or chances of cysts.
  • FINANCE- Financial condition may be burdensome for you. You will be apprehensive about your money matters due to set backs or loss of income which you counted on.
  • GUIDANCE- Learn to compromise.

TAURUS 21st April – 22nd May

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be halted for a while. You both will be emotionally drained out and feel lonely. Need to be patient. Introspect yourself.
  • CAREER- For your business it is suggested not to give up but put your right foot forward to achieve success at the time of loss or set back. Be patient. You will adjust the situation and decide of plan of action.
  • HEALTH- In this month your energy level is going to be very dynamic inwardly and outwardly, which means physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually. In case you will feel down, you will over come this easily with your strong energy.
  •  FINANCE- Your financial condition is going to be strong and successful this month which will keep you fully contented with what you wanted.
  • ADVICE- Be patient and decisive.

GEMINI 21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- Don’t be stuck to your past misunderstandings. Think, reassess and take positive action towards your love life and control the situation.
  • CAREER- This month things will not go smoothly with your dealings with others in business due to obstacles, hardships and conflicts with the result you will feel frustrated and feel like quitting the stuck situation.
  • HEALTH- This month you may face life threatening experience on home front and chances of harming yourself. Guard yourself from accident. Pay extra attention towards your health.
  • FINANCE- This month you may start a new project for extra income along with your current source of income which will flourish in future.
  • ADVICE- Grab the new element. Its on your way.

CANCER 22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE – You are going to be depressed and in a negative state of mind. But don’t worry it’s a temporary phase and you will be regaining your emotions back towards each other.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be at the peak of it’s height with success which you will celebrate and chances are there to grow more with positive out come.
  • HEALTH- You may be suffering from tensions and headaches or lower back aches. Just expand your vision and look for another option for treatment or an exercising regime.
  • FINANCE- You are going to have sufficient money to make the mare go. New options and opportunities are waiting ahead to expand your money sources to have a comfortable life.
  • ADVICE- Don’t be a spend-thrift.

LEO 22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE- Problems or work around you will cause you shut your emotions down temporarily. You need to focus on your relation and put efforts towards the betterment of it. Introspect yourself.
  • CAREER- It’s time to reap the efforts you had put in your business. You may change your business and need to hire new people to look after a new project along with the current business running successfully. You may encounter someone who will be helpful to you in business.
  • HEALTH- There will be cost considerations, loss of appetite and loss of weight. Warning: sun and heat may cause you dehydration or make you ill. Drink lots of water and eat well to keep balance.
  • FINANCE- This month your financial condition is going to be very satisfied and successful. New opportunities may bring you financial help.
  • ADVICE- Be focused and firm.

VIRGO 22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- You will be feeling lack of love and drained out emotions. Only hoping for the harmony in relationship. But don’t worry your affection will come back soon.
  • CAREER- You are going to be working very hard but there will be no rewards as compared to the amount of labour you have put in your business. With the result you will feel frustrated and stuck.
  • HEALTH- You will be troubled by re-occurrance of current physical problems though you are taking medications and vitamins too. More treatment and rest is suggested.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition this month seems to be not very satisfactory. With this you will feel stuck and trapped. The money supply will be decreasing. Have patience it will be made up.
  • ADVICE- Be enthusiastic and confident.

LIBRA 22nd September – 22nd October 

  • LOVE- You will be quite happy and satisfied with love life but on mental level. You may feel lack of emotions and romantic feelings.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be successful. Someone may enter into your business or offer partnership in business. Or you are thinking of doing or opening sister concern of your business this month.
  • HEALTH- It seems you are neglecting your health this month adopting carefree attitude towards it. Need to pay extra attention about you and your health because this month you can be accident prone.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation looks very precarious, but you are going to get good news about financial gains this month which will throw light on the security of future money matters.
  • ADVICE- Be practical and committed.

SCORPIO 23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE- Your love relation will be committed, safe and secured with harmony and affection towards each other. If single, chances of someone new coming into your life are there.
  • CAREER- In your business you may have some problem with your co-workers or employers and may feel frustrated and want to leave the situation. Along with this, you have lots of hopes, plans and wishes to improve your business this month.
  • HEALTH- This month you will feel discomfort with general health of yours. You will feel tense, anxious or easily irritated and subject to muscle aches, neck or back aches.
  • FINANCE- You are going to be very very happy for your financial condition. You are going to be satisfied and contented as what you wanted will be “wish come true “.
  • ADVICE- Always be committed.

SAGITTARIUS 21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- This month your romantic relationship will not be in priority. You might be moving in different directions for a while. But you both will remain connected to keep the spark alive. Singles may rekindle their love.
  • CAREER- At present you will be at such a position where outer obstacles will be over powered by your inner will. To get desired results put your plans into action for your business to rise.
  • HEALTH- This month you will have to fight for keeping your energy level up. And if you don’t watch your health during low energy level periods, you may contract flu or virus.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions will be favouring you. This month you will have enough money to get by. And new options and opportunities are on your way to make more money.
  • ADVICE- Be ready to receive rewards or returns of your labour put in your work.

CAPRICORN 22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE- Your relationship is likely to go well but at slow pace. It will grow step by step. Need to put lots of efforts to bring it to harmonious level. Be careful about third party or female interference.
  • CAREER- In this month you are likely to face some challenges and difficulties in business. You may have misunderstandings, lies or deceits with the result you will think of quitting the situation. Someone working with you may leave.
  • HEALTH- Generally your health is going to show good upswings but need to be careful about unexpected accidents.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation seems to be at loss and set backs.But need not worry, it will bounce back again with new opportunities.
  • ADVICE- Always be practical.

AQUARIUS 20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE- You will be disappointed and disillusioned this month about your love relationship. You thought it would work but it did not.
  • CAREER- You will face set backs and losses in your business. Be prepared for this. Just reassess your business and find out new approaches to bring it back in normal position.
  • HEALTH- This month you will have to keep balance in your health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Eat well balanced diet to get all the vitamins, minerals etc. Meditate. Keep out of stress to be emotionally healthy.
  • FINANCE- You will be disappointed in your money matters. People who owe you money will make delay in returning, resulting in difficulties in keeping balance in account.
  • ADVICE- Don’t over exert.

PISCES 19th February  – 20th March

  • LOVE- This month you will re-kindle old love grievances with new beginnings, harmony and strong bond of love.
  • CAREER- Your business is going to be very successful with positive outcomes. New opportunities will be on your way. You may sign a new contract this month.
  • HEALTH- Give your body full care and attention. Do not over do any work,or tire yourself. Avoid anger and negative emotions.
  • FINANCE- You are going to receive money which is stuck with people unexpectedly. Be careful. Do not take unnecessary risk in investing your money. Be alert and reassess financial situation.
  • ADVICE- Be ready for celebration.


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Your Monthly Horoscope OCTOBER 2018

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for Sakhi.Online lovers for this Month from the 1st – 31st of Oct.



21st March – 20th April

LOVE- Emotional feelings towards each other will be suspended for this month. You will feel as if you are stuck and unable to do what you want.

CAREER-This month you may be thinking to start a new project or business as you feel that the current business has out grown. Or may think of having someone as a partner in your business.

HEALTH-This month your health is not going to be good. May feel different sensations in your body and have sleep problems.

FINANCE- Financial obstacles will be surmounted, any check subsidy, commission, or settlement is in offing.

GUIDANCE- Accept the beneficial offer.



21st April – 22nd May  

LOVE- In the month of October, there will be lack of emotions due to the burden of your work and you may feel emotionally and physically exhausted.

CAREER-This month you need to really work hard on your business to get desired results.

HEALTH- Your health will be very good. You will feel very energetic. Drink lot of water.

FINANCE- You need to keep balance between the two options by either spending less or putting efforts to bring more money.

ADVICE- Take swift action.



21st May – 22nd June


LOVE- Love life is going to be safe and secured with emotional harmony.Those who are single will encounter a love interest, a new partner may enter in your life.

CAREER- Your business is not going to be up to the mark this month. You will have to work hard to bring your business in  balance.

HEALTH- You may face health problems in this month. To solve these you will have to talk to your family members to see the root cause and to know the reason from where it originated.

FINANCE- Your financial condition will be very safe and sound this month. Some lady may help you financially too.

ADVICE- Be ready to accept help.     



22nd June – 21st July


 LOVE – Your love life is going to be extremely harmonious and loving with emotional bond.

CAREER- With your current business, you may opt for new career venture and someone will join you as your business partner.

HEALTH- This month your health is going to be good. Try to eat balanced diet and consume food that is good for mental and spiritual health. Do meditation.

FINANCE- This month your financial situation will be in progress. You will earn more money which will keep you emotionally and mentally stable .some male matured and experienced person may help you.

ADVICE-.Take rest.



22nd July – 21st August


 LOVE- You will feel lack of emotions in your love life and feel depressed. Give little space to your partner.

CAREER- Your current business will be very successful in this month and also going to start a new venture.

HEALTH- This month your health is going to improve with fresh energy, in case anyone is feeling low. Indulge in exercise daily.

FINANCE- Your financial condition does not look favorable. You may face some losses.

ADVICE- Always love unconditionally.



22nd August – 21st September

 LOVE- Your love is going to be stronger than before with harmony and emotional bond.

CAREER- You will be disappointed with your business this month. Remember, you still have hope for your business to flourish.

HEALTH- This month you are going to take new approach towards your health care by doing exercise for physical fitness and meditation for spiritual health. If you keep physically fit you will be mentally fit.

FINANCE- Your finances will get stuck with people who owe you.This month you won’t be able to do anything to improve your situation.

ADVICE- Be ready to celebrate something.


22nd September – 22nd October

LOVE- You will have a very loving life in your relationship with emotional bond and harmony which will grow more this month.

CAREER- In the past you had to face lots of losses and frustrations due to set back. But you are moving ahead to regain or build new business.

HEALTH- Health wise this month is not favoring you. You need to pay special attention to keep your body fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So do take the needful measures.

FINANCE- Your financial condition is going to be very successful and bright. You will get all that money which was stuck. This month’s finances will improve drastically.

ADVICE- Be positive, anything is possible.



23rd October – 20th November 

LOVE- Your love life is going to be fluctuating this month-ups and downs with emotional mood swings.

CAREER- You will be very successful in your business and get whatever you wished for. You will be blessed with desired results.

HEALTH- This month does not seem to favour your health and you need to take good care of your body keeping balance in your mind. Eat balanced diet, exercise, drink lot of water, do regular walk and for your spiritual growth you need to meditate.

FINANCE- This month you will be feeling burdened and exhausted as money is stuck with people who owe you. But still you will get little part of it.

ADVICE- Introspect yourself.



21st November – 21st December 

 LOVE- For now you will be bit disappointed with your love life as partner is not available emotionally. Joint effort will bring it back to normal.

CAREER- Need to reassess the situation at your business and make the right choice and correct decision regarding any move.

HEALTH- In general, health will be normal but you will feel tired due to lot of work. Need to take rest.

FINANCE- You may face some unexpected downfall in income but need not worry. Financial condition will improve slowly after this crash.

ADVICE- Be a strong person.



22nd December  – 19th January

  LOVE- Your love is going to depend on the circumstances prevailing during this time. Make wise decision and be patient.

CAREER- Your business is going to be on stronger lines. It all depends how much effort you put in the progression of your business.

HEALTH- In general, health is going to be normal. You may get good news about health or the news of positive results of medical check ups.

FINANCE- This month your financial condition will be fluctuating with lots of ups and downs in money matters. So need to re-access the accounts carefully.

ADVICE- Do charity.



20th January  – 18th February 

 LOVE- This month, your love life is going to depend on your own attitude towards each other. Its in your hands to mould it in the direction you want.

CAREER- Your business is going to be successful with the further growth. New opportunities are on the way, grasp them. These are going to be beneficial for you.

HEALTH- In the month of October your health is not favourable which needs more attention, more care and regular check ups. Don’t over burden yourself, take rest, vitamins and drink lots of water.

FINANCE- Your financial situation will be satisfactory and balanced. Some financial help is on its way to you. Chances of improvement are also more.

ADVICE- Be careful in taking risk.



19th February  – 20th March

  LOVE- This month lack of emotions will make you feel frustrated and even may spend sleepless nights.

CAREER- In business, progress is going to be very slow. You will have to work hard and need proper planning for your business to get better results. Communicate with people.

HEALTH- This month you need to take extra care of your heart condition, arteries and circulation system to avoid any damage. Do regular physical exercise and other workouts etc. Pay attention towards eating habits. Visit or consult your doctor concerned.

FINANCE- This month your financial situation is going to improve. May get new financial deals or offers which will help in money growth.

ADVICE- Be a balanced person.


21st March – 20th April

LOVE- This month your love relation is going to be very successful. Those who are trying for new love will definitely succeed.

CAREER- Your business is going to flourish this month and some help will be offered in the field you are in.

HEALTH- You need to take lot of care towards your health physically with good diet, proper sleep, proper intake of water,  regular check up etc. Try to keep it in good condition so that it may not effect mentally. Chances are there for depression.

FINANCE- You may face difficulty in getting your money or your payments, with the result you will feel burdened and be mentally and physically weak.

ADVICE- Be ready for new beginnings.



21st April – 22nd May

LOVE- This month you are going to feel lack of emotions and love in your relationship, feel helpless and seems there is no strength in your relationship.

CAREER- This month you will be very satisfied with the work conditions of your business. It will be successful. You may come across someone who will be an experienced business man to guide you.

HEALTH- You may feel lack of energy in your body and may not feel hundred percent.Take good care of your throat and vocal cords.

FINANCE-This month you may get unexpected money from an unknown source. In general financial condition will be good.

ADVICE- Take charge of every thing.



23rd May – 21st June

LOVE- Your love life is not going to be very exciting because your heart is broken due to some unwanted conflict caused due to some annoying situation and you are not happy with your partner.

CAREER- This month you are going to be over burdened with your business which will cause exhaustion and weigh you down with problems.

HEALTH- Health seems to be good in this month. You will recover from illness in case not feeling energetic.

FINANCE- You will be happy about your financial condition which is going to grow and you will feel safe and secured.

ADVICE- Take a bold step.



22nd June – 21st July

LOVE -Need to open your eyes and mind and reassess the situation regarding your relationship to bring harmony in it.

CAREER- This month is going to be favorable in your business. Good news is on the way regarding your business. You might get new proposal.

HEALTH- You may feel lack of energy, could be due to emotional tensions and may cause small accidents. You may have to visit for your dental check up with no positive results.

FINANCE- You have skills to run and improve your business with advance way and technology. Results will depend on the efforts and labour you put in.

ADVICE- Try to attain everything which you hoped or wish.



22nd July – 21st August

LOVE-This month your love life is going to be in harmony with more stability in your relationship.

CAREER- Your business will flourish successfully this month with your own efforts which will be fruitful. Some experienced person may come to help you.

HEALTH- You will be extremely tense but determined to correct your deficiencies in your body and fight for it. And think for new remedies and treatments to make your health better.

FINANCE- You may have to fight for the money people owe you. You will get it back but with lots of efforts and conflict.

ADVICE- Be ready to accept blessings from Heaven.



22nd August – 21st September

LOVE- You will feel lack of emotions in your love relation which will make you feel as your relationship is superficial. Need to work on it with sincere efforts.

CAREER- Things are not going to go as they are planned and expected. There will be lots of unexpected changes, difficulties and challenges. You may be thinking of doing some new business.

HEALTH- This month your energy level will be low. Need to take vitamins, balanced diet and drink lots of water diet to improve your energy level. Avoid lot of work, take rest.

FINANCE- You might have dispute and get upset over money matters. Flow of finances in coming days will be very slow.

ADVICE- Be ready for ups and downs in life.



22nd September – 22nd October

 LOVE- You will not be connected with your partner with full emotions. Somewhere you will feel “should I or should I not “ but definitely you will reassess the situation with positive outcome.

CAREER- You will be very apprehensive about your business, being very authoritative with your employs and would want fast results. Need to be patient.

HEALTH- Health condition is not going to be very satisfactory, will have to go for medical help and may face painful ordeal.

FINANCE- This month financial obstacles will be surmounted. Take right actions, reassess your money matters to keep financial flow going on.

ADVICE- Be energetic.



23rd October – 20th November

 LOVE- This month you may be working towards your relationship for more solid bond with harmony which will be fruitful.

CAREER- Business wise you are going to be very successful. You may be thinking of going abroad for business. Some elderly and experienced person will be guiding you for the progress of your business.

HEALTH- You will be run down or tired as you have become slave to your work. You may feel sleep apnoea due to over thinking and tension. Need to pay special attention.

FINANCE- Financial troubles will be taken care of and stuck or promised money will be released and come back to you. All the debts will be cleared.

ADVICE- Keep moving ahead.



21st November – 21st December

  LOVE- This period is for transformation from love life to spirituality. There is break for this month emotionally and romantically. Time to introspect.

CAREER-This month you may not give full attention towards your business which will cause detachment from your work. Seems you have lost interest in it.

HEALTH- You may not feel very satisfactory about your health. Minor ailments like cough, flu etc may affect your body with low energy and exhaustion.

FINANCE- You may have to fight or argue or ask the persons who owe you money. You will not get it easily but with struggle.

ADVICE- Be decisive.



22nd December  – 19th January

LOVE- This month you will have fulfilling relation which you have ever desired for with strong bond of love and harmony, secured and stable.

CAREER-Your business will show improvements but with determined action, rational and advanced thinking. Appropriate attention will bring more fruits. May get new offer or opportunity.

HEALTH- Along with your physical care, you need to pay more attention towards your spiritual health. Meditate, try to listen your inner self.

FINANCE- Your financial situation will be very successful. You may celebrate it with your family and feel fully satisfied and contended emotionally and monetarily.

ADVICE- Take required action.



20th January  – 18th February 

LOVE- You are going to have very satisfactory and contented love relationship with your partner.

CAREER- Your business will be flourishing this month and new proposals, offers and opportunities are on your way, grab them.

HEALTH- Hard work and efforts are needed to upgrade your health. Keep balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Balanced diet, good intake if water, keeping yourself stress free and meditation are the requirements.

FINANCE- You will feel frustrated as your financial condition is not going to be very good. You will not get your money as it is stuck with other people.There will be delay in getting your payments.

ADVICE- Enjoy the happiness of life.



19th February  – 20th March

 LOVE- In your love life, emotional feelings are not very clear to your partner as love and emotional feelings are hidden. Work towards unfolding your true love and emotions.

CAREER- You have attained success in your business but this month you struggle for more and use latest methods to come up at the top position for brighter future.

HEALTH- You are not going to be happy with your health condition. Give prior attention to your heart and circulatory system. Consult your doctor.

FINANCE- This month your financial situation is going to be very bright with positive outcome.

ADVICE- Be ready for spiritual awareness.


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