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Nine of Diamonds

  • training, discipline, fame, confidence, rank, prize, success, promotion, increasing, enough
  • financially comfortable
  • finance due to hard work and independence
  • harmonious atmosphere
  • financial gain from unexpected sources
  • popular in social circle
  • this is a good card as it presents a person with many possibilities such as work promotions, income, business trip, change for betterment, surprise with money

Eight of Diamonds

  • work, efforts, skills, diligence, apprentice, in demand, careful, arts, manual skills
  • learning you trades
  • you will be employed and put to test
  • you should not hold your work and continue until you get to search
  • hard work
  • strong, muscular, attention to detail
  • coming to an end
  • delay and slow
  • holidays all religious holidays
  • surgery or hospitalization
  • retirement
  • late marriage

Seven of Diamonds

  • assessment, evolution, revaluation, reflection, reliability, realisation, manifestation, growth, patience
  • development would not be very quick
  • you have to re-evaluate your moves
  • there is temporary pause before completion of the work
  • hard working man
  • hard working woman
  • money from efforts
  • discard office power and momentum to any material process
  • it helps a person to shift gears and go forward
  • it also indicates that now is the time to make move
  • otherwise you can miss the opportunity
  • opportunity not to be missed
  • Open Door

Six of Diamonds

  • charity, fairness, corporation, trade, shares, accounting,
  • business strategy
  • you’ll see what is rightfully yours
  • charity work
  • helping others
  • you will be rewarded accordingly
  • pay off debts
  • change of Destiny so you act wisely
  • it can be concluded as well
  • it can be completion of economic issues
  • marriage of convenience
  • buying home
  • signing contract
  • investing

Five of Diamonds

  • destitute, crisis, poverty, weakness, social limitation
  • loneliness
  • bad health
  • emotional mental and physical loss
  • dispute with colleagues
  • bad for finances
  • need financial help
  • it can also mean sudden inheritance which can be positive or negative
  • it can be being pregnant

Four of Diamonds

  • protection, conservation, equality, safety, preservation
  • material and financial security
  • prosperous, prosperity in wealth
  • promotion in job
  • managing finances
  • can be a shrewd person
  • it can also denote steadiness and delays
  • it can also indicate upcoming inheritance
  • or attainment of long awaited goals
  • patience

Three of Diamonds

  • production, expression, work, contribution, self sufficiency, never too late, learning the basics, impractical
  • can be a project which needs lot of support
  • you need skill for training to be done for all the future planning and projects
  • you may receive some kind of financial assistance
  • some gain which you never expected
  • it can also convey something about profession and goal oriented education are training directed towards tactical objectives
  • it can also indicate documents

Two of Diamonds

  • evaluation, decision, budgeting, diagnosis, different circumstances, different places, change, transition, juggling with work and personal life, part-time work
  • you may be able to handle multiple matters
  • you may spend more then your means and has no proper planning
  • Reckless and rash
  • projects will not be completed
  • need to maintain good budget
  • need finance
  • it can also mean money, financial Rewards, stability, partnerships, strong connection with spouse, business partner
  • unexpected news on money
  • unexpected love affair

Ace of Diamonds

  • Health, wealth, practicality, receiving, games, income, satisfactions, anchor point, beneficial, roots, station, starting point, seed
  • unexpected money
  • monetary gains
  • your hard work will be rewarded
  • you will enjoy lots of wealth
  • you will enjoy happiness and all good things in life
  • money, lock, communication
  • start of spring season
  • new home,new job, new beginning

King of Heart

  • wisdom, Diplomacy, composure, restraint, propose
  • old man with a gentle sensitive presence
  • businessman
  • kind and considerate person
  • great leader
  • negotiator and seeker of power
  • men in uniform
  • this card represents established and stable emotions
  • it can be cards of widow or widower but not always the case
  • it usually represents a person who is friendly open and warm
  • this man gives a good advice
  • a person with wealth of experience

Queen of Hearts

  • insightful, spirituality, compassion, empathy, Instinct
  • time to be more effective than active
  • a woman with emotional and deeply spiritual nature
  • baby born in June July
  • can sway others to her point of view
  • loving in tandem person
  • mature
  • psychic and intuitive
  • full of compassion and represents healthy marriage
  • it may be time to get married
  • having your first child
  • can be a sensitive caring and family oriented person
  • in work it can be a very good position
  • it can also represent mother or helpful wife or sister

Jack of Hearts

  • enthusiasm, first impression, romanticism, superficiality
  • learning about love and spirituality
  • New Faith
  • it’s a young man or a woman with the watery dreamy debonair
  • could be Libra Scorpio and Sagittarius who starts a new relationship with you
  • gentle caring and loving person
  • intuitive and intimate
  • gifted with foresightedness
  • young at heart
  • meaning of new relationship
  • birth of a child
  • could be a new career, College or University
  • new Direction
  • new friends

Ten of Hearts

  • Joy, fulfilment, overwhelming emotions, final, completion, exhaustion
  • this is a time for happiness
  • relationships will be fruitful
  • domestic bliss
  • success and rewards will be seen soon
  • harmonious and secure environment will be experienced
  • marriage and family card
  • friendship to Blossom with Romance
  • sharing of wonderful events and celebrations
  • happiness and contentment

Nine of Hearts

  • satisfaction, sensuality, luxury, pleasure, readiness, completion, fullness
  • whatever you want you will get
  • this is a fish card
  • emotional satisfaction
  • contentment and physical wellbeing
  • you will overcome problems
  • success is on the card
  • whatever your heart desires will come to you with relative ease
  • happiness and satisfaction in your place in life
  • material gains are coming
  • more secure and safe lifestyle
  • celebrations and social gatherings

Eight of Hearts

  • longing, dissatisfaction, quest, departure, withdrawal
  • someone is stepping out on you
  • or someone will step on you
  • you may wish to abandon your current path in life
  • you never disappointed in love
  • need to let go the past and move on
  • reflect State of Mind
  • time for solitude and make a decision
  • it can be seaside area are moving to seaside area
  • bringing someone your new in your life and living the past
  • choosing a different course of life

Seven of Hearts

  • imagination, dreams, illusions, goals, psychology,
  • choices to be made
  • lot of opportunities to choose from
  • you need the right one
  • your imagination will be highly active
  • there might be conflict with the reality
  • it can also show deception
  • you need to look beneath the surface
  • someone could be confusing you
  • taking advantage of your good nature
  • it can be disease, bad food, bad water and contamination
  • skin allergies, precious

Six of Hearts

  • charity, sharing, corporation, fairness
  • this is the time to make best of new opportunities
  • happiness may be brought from past to present
  • too much of over Indulgence may not be good
  • this may indicate past memories your past family life
  • it can be that someone from your past needs you
  • it going to bring some good news in life
  • it can also indicate the child within you coming out
  • this spring or summer
  • it can be lovely gifts or flowers


Five of Hearts

  • loss, despair, re- evaluation, regret, uncertainty, repentance.
  • signifies loss or regrets about something done in the past
  • need to forget the past and make new beginnings
  • relationships may be unsatisfactory
  • some kind of sorrow or remorse n your life
  • accept things as they are and move on
  • All Things Must eventually come to an end and we experience pain and hurt because we’re human beings
  • there’s still hope
  • must pick up the pieces and move on
  • separation of some kind

Four of Hearts

  • stability, equality, persistence, boredom, ingratitude
  • this is a kind of stagnation
  • it brings everything to halt
  • losing ability to love
  • no solution can be seen in near future
  • only solution can be new relationship
  • revitalize the previous relationship
  • but this can be an excellent card for the second marriage
  • it can be a late marriage also
  • when this card comes you need a common sense and rationality to get to right choices

Three of Hearts

  • celebration, expression, community, eating, friendship, drinking, marriage, meeting, all friend partying, old friends.
  • unconventional love coming your way
  • your Hidden Talent will be discovered
  • you may be lucky in love
  • blooming of new relationship
  • time for family celebrations and outings
  • intuition will be clear
  • if you draw this card you can expect some type of Good Fortune to come your way and you will share your goodies with those near and dear to you
  • it can be special occasion or could be an engagement
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