Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for Sakhi.Online lovers for the month of August 2019. Be ready to accept rewards for your deeds. 2019.

ARIES 21stMarch – 20thApril

ARIES 21stMarch – 20thApril

  • LOVE- You are not very satisfied with your relationship which is quite challenging and opposing each other, always bend on fighting but not compromising and not giving space to each other. You need to re-establish the commitment to each other and get at better place.
  • CAREER- In your career move you need to be a better judge as to what needs to be done and how work issues can be solved. You may experience some hidden issues which need to be revealed then only you can move towards your business or career dedicatedly. Job oriented people need to pay extra attention on how and when to ask for raise or change your career.
  • HEALTH- You need to be very positive about your inner health which will reflect your outer health. As such you will not have major health issues in the month of August but you may experience problem with pelvic and hip area.
  • FINANCE- Financially you will be very safe and sound. You can invest your money to give you beneficial profits. You are expected to have new financial potentials which will give you profit.
  • ADVICE- Get connected to inner-self.

TAURAS 21stApril – 22nd May

  • LOVE- This month your relationship is going to be more on communicative level. You may discuss your relationship to bring it towards its practical side with more positive bond. Singles also will be impressing their partners by conversing to them openly about the relationship.
  • CAREER- Your business will be going good. You will be always on look for the new approach, new ideas to bring progress in it. But you need to be careful in accepting some new deal or offer. Do not ever plunge into it without thinking.
  • HEALTH- You will have to pay lot of attention towards your emotional health to see how the things are and how are people behaving in your life. Trust is very important to be taken care of so that no one can hurt you emotionally.
  • FINANCE- This month you have to be extremely careful about your money matters. You cannot trust every one. Someone may not prove to be honest with you. You need to open your eyes and have full control on your finance. Don’t take any risk in dodgy investment.
  • ADVICE- Be ready for a special event

GEMINI 21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be very satisfactory. There will be attraction towards each other with loving bond, like a magnet which will give you peace of mind and security. Those who are annoyed with each other will be back together again. Singles will find new love partner in their life soon.
  • CAREER- You will be very happy with your business or career. You will get your wish and will attain what you desired for. If you have been appearing for interviews, just know that your wish is granted and you will get what you had hoped for.
  • HEALTH- You are going to be rich in vitality but there’s a warning not to push yourself towards overdoing than what your body is able to do.Take time to take rest and relax. Avoid being aggressive, which will have bad effect on you physically, mentally and emotionally too.
  • FINANCE- You will be doing good to your financial status. You may com across a very strong, matured and experienced financial adviser who will guide you in your accounts and money matters which is going to make you feel very high in spirits concerning your financial matters.
  • ADVICE- Be decisive.

CANCER 22ndJune- 21stJuly

  • LOVE- You will be quite disappointed from your love relationship as you are trying to sneak away from it which is not working out at the moment. You need to sit and try to talk things out so that you can bring harmony in your relationship and live peacefully. Singles can wait for little more time to find a suitable partner.
  • CAREER- Definitely you have much concern for your business and you will be putting all your the efforts to grow it successfully. But you need to be careful about some conflicts amongst your co-workers or employees. Deal with them in a mature way amicably to bring harmony at your work place.
  • HEALTH- Generally your health is going to be normal but you will have to keep balance in your over all health, physically by doing daily routine exercise, walk, yoga etc, mentally by trying not to be over stressed, emotionally by controlling your feelings and spiritually by meditating.
  • FINANCIAL- Along with your current financial situation you are thinking and trying for new sources of income to bring improvement in your financial status. Do not take any risk as time is not very good for investment.
  • ADVICE- Be passionate.

LEO 22ndJuly – 21stAugust

  • LOVE- Your cards indicate you may not be fully committed to your love relationship due to being busy in other responsibilities. But in heart you want something new and exciting in the relationship which will turn into harmony and bond of love. Singles may come across new love interest.
  • CAREER- You are going to be very disappointed in the matters of your career or business. Recently you faced set backs and losses in your business which brought you at halt. Have patience, let the right time come to restart. Job oriented people will be feeling frustrated at their work due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • HEALTH- Leos, you people need to avoid the high intensity activities to save yourself from injuries, sprains or falls whilst exercising . Due to having lot of energy in the body you are prone to getting boils, inflammation or rashes on the body. So, be careful not to work intensively.
  • FINANCE- You will be quite satisfied with your financial concerns. Its a good time for you to invest which will give you profit in the long run.You can try for new and other sources of income to bring improvement in your money matters.
  • ADVICE- Avoid conflicted situation.

VIRGO 22ndAugust -21st September

  • LOVE- You will be very satisfied and contented with your love life.You both will be loving, caring and adjusting with each other by looking after one another’s needs- physically, mentally and emotionally and live peacefully. Singles will find their love partner.
  • CAREER- Your business will be good but all that glitters is not gold. You will be offered proposals and get new opportunities but need to be extremely careful from the foxy deals.You may come across the people in your business who are not honest. You must keep a full watch on your employees, partners or on people you are dealing with.
  • HEALTH- You need to slow down your activities to avoid getting exhausted to keep overall body onto right track. Eat healthy for your physical body, avoid stress and tension for your mental health and have control on your feelings to have balanced emotional health.
  • FINANCE- Financial concerns will make you frustrated as you will be facing money crisis. Focus your full attention on how to improve this situation. Do not invest any money without thinking as its not a good time for investment.
  • ADVICE- Let go your emotions.

LIBRA 22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

  • LOVE- You are at the moment plodding along, busy in routine work .There are no major issues and problems in your relationship.You are dealing with responsibilities and duties.You need to be bit vary of your Daily routine to get your emotional bond back.
  • CAREER- In general, your business will be doing well, not that you will be minting money but it will fulfil your daily requirements.You will be reaping what you had sown in the past with your efforts and labour. You might get frustrated while thinking that you did not get sufficient as expected.
  • HEALTH- Your health seems to be in well being and content frame of mind. Need to be careful and cautious about your heart conditions and arteries of heart. Pay extra attention towards your circulatory system by consulting specialists to avoid any drastic consequences.
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition seems to be bit conflicted and struggling. Avoid arguments and discussions. Do not take any risk of dodgy investments. Sort out any money matters amicably with workers or clients by keeping patience.
  • ADVICE- Always be confident.

SCORPIO 23rdOctober – 20thNovember

  • LOVE- This month your relationship with your partner will be full of emotions which will bring you closer to each other and more connected with bond of love and harmony plus care for each other. Singles, be ready new love partner is going to come your way.
  • CAREER- Your business is good so you can make enough money to meet your requirements.You are thinking and looking for new options, new offers and proposals. But need to be careful from wrong deals. Job oriented people may look for new jobs with a raised pay scale.
  • HEALTH- In general, your health and well being will be good and balanced. You can still take other natural treatments like Reiki, Meditation, herbal medication, routine exercise, walk, drinking lot of water, massage,  acupuncture etc.
  • FINANCE- You will not be very satisfied with your financial condition.Time is not favorable. Do not take any risk to invest your money. People who owe you money will be reluctant to pay and flow of money will be disturbed.
  • ADVICE- Always be respectful.

SAGGITARIUS 21stNovember – 21stDecember

  • LOVE- Your relationship with your partner is not the way it should be.Your relationship is struggling and both of you need to try to work on it to have harmony in life and bond of love which is required at the moment. Sit together and talk the things out. Singles are expecting some love news.
  • CAREER- Career or business and job oriented people seem to be very much contented with their businesses/work. To keep the business on the track you are required to find new and advanced techniques to imply on it to make more progressive. It’s a good time for you. Do not reject any proposal, offer or any new opportunity.
  • HEALTH- Your health condition seems to be quite poor. Due to other stresses and taking more work from your body you are experiencing small health issues which you are trying to fix yourself by going to gym or meditation or by walk. You should try to preserve energy. Be careful about dehydration. Drink lot of water and eat balanced diet.
  • FINANCE- You are quite worried and stressed out about your finances with disappointment due to restricted  money flow. This is not good time to gamble in investments as money has taken down turn. To improve this situation think logically and rationally and try to be back on track .
  • ADVICE- Need to take time out for relaxation.

CAPRICORN 22ndDecember  – 19thJanuary

  • LOVE- Recently you may have come to realize after the self-reflection about what you ignored and learnt a lesson that what really you want from your relationship. It’s time to let go of past and  to have honest conversation with your partner on how to take your relationship to the next level.
  • CAREER- You are going to be very successful in your business as you hoped and wished. Only thing is that you need to keep balance in it. It’s a good time, you may try to take your business for expansion in different directions which will give you positive outcomes.
  • HEALTH- Your health seems to be on up swing. At this time you may go for holistic medicine like yoga and meditation to keep your health condition on track. At the same, time do not ignore your doctor’s advice. Need to be careful about your eating habits to keep your digestive system fit.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions are going to be very good which is the result of your efforts and labour you invested in your financial work. New offers and opportunities on your way,.grab it. It’s a good time to invest your money.
  • ADVICE- Always be ready to take action.

AQUARIUS 20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

  • LOVE- You attract good, healthy and loving relationship because you have deep self respect and love for yourself. If your relationship is hurting you can reach out to your partner and talk the things out to bring it back on ton the track.If you are male some you may come across a sensual attractive female in your life who have potential to sustainable relationship.
  • CAREER- You have a great ambition to be successful in your business which you have achieved alongwith very fulfilling and sustainable life style.You always look for new opportunities and progression in your business by new approach and advanced techniques. Job oriented people sometime feel as if they are trapped somewhere but they can always ask for raise in pay.
  • HEALTH- Regarding your health concerns, its time to try a new health care approach especially like preventive care, exercise, eating balanced and healthy diet. Get enough sleep, avoid stress and exhaustion. Existing illness will be on the journey of recovery.
  • FINANCE- Regarding your financial situation you may take big decision for improving it to get better results. You may get clarity in your financial issues or you may get some news or information which which will help you identify new opportunity.
  • ADVICE- Be ready to accept the transformations.

PISCES 19thFebruary  – 20th March.

  • LOVE- Your relationship depends on Karma, if you have invested your emotions time and energy for your partner it will come back to you. You need to look at the situation honestly with open mind. If you are struggling in your relationship, sit and talk to your partner to bring justice in the relationship.
  • CAREER- You yourself has power to manifest what you want. Follow your gut instinct and intuition. You will need to keep your money confidential from every one except from someone you trust. It all depends how and which approach you follow towards your career.
  • HEALTH- Your health is going to be good, only will have to take care of your general approach like eating good balanced diet, daily exercise for physical health and meditation to be connected to the spiritual aspect. Just small issues like weather influences can occur.
  • FINANCE- Financially you will be satisfied as you will get opportunities to deal in finance. You may invest your money for positive out comes which will be prove to be good for the long run. You may go abroad to earn some money.
  • ADVICE- Take a giant leap forward.


 Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for the month of July 2019, ‘Be ready to accept rewards for your deeds.’

ARIES 21st
March – 20th April

  • LOVE- Your love life with the partner at the moment is halted due to unavoidable circumstances. Being busy in other important issues, responsibilities or duties are also part of love other wise you both are connected on mental level. Singles have to wait for the right time to meet his/her partner or love interest.
  • CAREER-Concerning your business or work you are just surveying the situation at the moment and deciding which way to go or decide on some new strategy for your business. You may be thinking on working with some partner or expanding your business in different direction or to overseas. Job oriented people may opt for part time job.
  • HEALTH-At this time you should turn your attention to your inner-self and see what is important to enrich your soul. Just to understand what is the root cause to physical health issues as emotional, mental and spiritual health are always connected to each other. Need to take care of your eyes eye sight, ears for hearing issues and bones for the flexibility.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation seems to be very balanced and controlled. You are thinking of moving ahead towards advancement of new sources or investing your money as its good time for it.Keep reassessing your insurances and investments and try not to take any risk without consulting a matured and experienced adviser.
  • ADVICE-Stop looking back, move ahead.


21st April – 22nd

  • CAREER-Your business will be good if you take right decision out of your present options. Lot of care and attention is needed towards your career or work. The amount of labour you invest will give you desired results. You may look for a partner to work with but need to be careful. Job oriented may look for a side job.
  •  LOVE-You seem to be quite busy in your day today responsibilities but do not give any heed towards your love life. This is the right time to get connected with each other as well as go out and meet people around to have a fresh start. This time is very promising time for love. Think positively. For singles, new situation is on its way.
  • HEALTH-You are required to keep balance in your health condition, need to take care of physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual health as they are all inter connected and has effects on each other. Take care of your skeleton means bone part of your body by regular check-ups. Go for bone density test.   
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation seem to be very disturbing as your own money coming to you is delayed as time is not good. You need to keep good care and reassess the money matters. Don’t leave it on to workers. This is a bad phase and you can go for good, matured advice.
  • ADVICE-Be prepared to receive a good news.


21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE-You are not very happy with your love life as you both have trust issues. If you are suspicious about anything you sit together and talk the things out instead of keep secrecy. Passive behaviour and aggressiveness make the things worse.Try to keep balance in your relationship as nothing much is lost.Be wise and bring improvement.
  • CAREER-You and your business seem to be going strong as you are putting lot of efforts and labour in it and eating the fruits of your labour.You are thinking towards the progression with new advanced approach and fighting the issues and blockages coming on the way. Job oriented will be offered promotion.
  • HEALTH-Your health is going to very favourable. You will soon reach new positive levels of vitality. This is good time to start a new health regime like eating healthy, daily exercise, drinking lot of water and meditatin for spiritual health. Take lot of energy from sun but be careful don’t get dehydrated. Existing ailment will have recovery.
  • FINANCE-You are going to be very happy and contented with your financial condition as you wished for. Good time for insurance and investments which will be very beneficial for long run. New sources and proposals are on their way to enhance the money.
  • ADVICE-Look for peace and contentment.   


22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE-You will not be happy with your love relationship due to many conflicts and grudges against each other. Still every thing is not lost. You can sit and converse with each other to bring balance and harmony in your relationship to get the relationship on track. Its not a good time for singles, you need to wait for the right time to come.
  • CAREER-You are quite happy with your business going smooth. New opportunities and proposals are on the way from overseas, also with advanced methods. Grab them to take your business to the next level. Job oriented people will be offered better jobs.
  • HEALTH-Your health and vitality should be strong and robust. It’s time to leave bad habits which are not favourable to health and adopt the healthy way to keep your health spirit in up swing by keeping proper balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.Go for regular walks in garden, be in nature and breath fresh air.
  • FINANCIAL- You will be quite indecisive for the money matters as you are juggling with the financial situation. Pay attention to bottom line and know where you stand financially. You need to bring balance, either spend less or earn more money to meet your needs. Watch your expenditures. Not a good time to spend money. You can invest but carefully.
  • ADVICE-Work toward new options.


22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE-You are going to be disappointed with your love life due to some differences in both of you may be some past conflicts or misunderstanding.Still you can rekindle the relationship every thing is not lost. You both do care for each other. Sit and clear the differences to move on in your life with bond of love. Singles have to wait for the good time to come to encounter with new love.
  • CAREER-Your business is growing and heading towards the advancements. New opportunities are waiting for you. You might be planning to go over seas for import and export with a positive outome. Job oriented people are looking for new position with raised salary.
  • HEALTH-You will not be very happy about your health concerns.You will be emotionally disturbed this month. Be careful from pitfalls, avoid getting hurt or fall-downs. Small injuries or tooth problems and some injections or surgery is also expected. rDon’t feel sad only keep balance in you body.
  • FINANCE-Key of finance will be absolutely in your hand. You will be the master of it. Money flow will be according to skill to handle the money or labour or effort you will put .You may invest more money in the deals which will give you profits.
  • ADVICE-Time to relax.


22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- You are looking for love.You do not seem very satisfied with your love relationship with your partner. Being lots of disagreements with each other cause conflicts. Be mindful to listen to each others view points with open heart and respect.There may be something that your partner fundamentally disagree with you, and as such, they really need to have let it out with you and release themselves of this conflict and tension to move on.
  • CAREER-You are very much concerned about your business as this is not the right time for you. Bad patch has come. You need to work hard to expand your business to recover your losses and set backs.Try advanced technology and new methods to improve it. You may take help from some matured and experienced person. Job oriented will stay where they are. 
  • HEALTH-Along with your physical, mental and emotional health, you need to pay attention towards your spiritual health. Try to connect with inner-self. Introspect your self. This month you may experience small childhood types ailments  like cough, cold etc. Pay proper care towards your respiratory system.
  • FINANCE-You are surveying your kingdom and thinking of how to make money. Need to be decisive about the right choice as you have many options with you. May be thinking of increasing income sources from overseas. You can invest your money in long term investment which will be beneficial for you.
  • ADVICE-Emotionally let go off the things.


22nd September – 22nd October

  • LOVE-Your love life is not up to the mark as you need to put lot of effort or hard work to bring on right track. If you are experiencing any challenges in your relationship possibility is there to re kindle or re blossom. You need patience to get it back to normal. You both can sit and discuss or sort the things out.                      
  • CAREER-You will not be very happy regarding your business or job. You will be emotionally hurt due to losses or may have to face conflicts or heated arguments with co-workers or co-partners. But need not worry as every thing is not lost still have something to look forward to. Pay attention to bring back your business to normal position.
  • HEALTH-You are not very happy with health concerning issues, at the same time you do need healing from a healer which will help you keep fit. May experience back pain or pain in the spine. Need to consult  specialist. For existing ailments if not cured, may go for second opinion. You need to be emotionally healed.
  • FINANCE-You will be totally happy with the money flow as you wanted to be. It is a favourable time for you to invest and outcome will be good.You can also move ahead towards new sources of income so that you can have better money flow.
  • ADVICE-Need to rest or relax.


23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE-You will be very much disappointed with your love life. You will feel your love life is emotionally depleted and relationship is going on one sided resulting in you being sad thinking that nothing can be done. But with your true efforts to rekindle the love life again and talking the things out will bring the love life on the track.
  • CAREER-Your career is doing well and you have many options in your hands to grow and do progress in your business, you only need to be decisive. You are also thinking or planning for branching out your business overseas and at the moment surveying everything. Being a good time, your business will grow. Job oriented people will also get new and better offers.  
  • HEALTH-In general, your health is going to be good. Existing ailments will start recovering soon. You will get good news about the diagnostic medical tests. Be careful about your spine and pelvic bone. Be regular with physical exercise rather keep balance between your emotional and mental health.
  • FINANCE-You will have a good control on you finances and very comfortable with your financial condition. Money flow will be regular to meet your expenses. And searching new sources to enhance money. Good time to invest money which will give better results.
  • ADVICE-Try not be secretive.


21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE-You will be very satisfied with your love life with the love bond heading towards harmony. You got the love you wanted, wish is fulfilled. You will be emotionally fulfilled, contented and satisfied. If single, go out and mingle with the people and look for the partner or companionship or new love interest. This is a good time so make the best use of it.
  • CAREER-Concerning your career, you are not feeling easy and comfortable but frustrated. You feel as if you are tied up and do not know what to do. You are surrounded with the burdens and vicious or difficult people around and you feel its difficult to handle them.Open your eyes and mind try to think and visualize clearly and give proper attention towards your career.
  • HEALTH-You will be feeling down with your emotional health. Avoid stress and any burden or any emotion affecting your health. You will feel too much exhausted with work. To keep fit or to  keep your spirits up start taking rest. But at the same time do not avoid other factors also. Keep full balance concerning your health. 
  • FINANCE-You will be quite satisfied with your business or career. But something new is coming, it can be a new job or new proposals and offers or opportunities and you are dealing with them. Thinking of going abroad regarding your business work? For job oriented people, you have new and better job offers with the raised salary. 
  • ADVICE-Broaden your horizon.


22nd December  – 19th January

  • LOVE-You are going to be very contented with your love life and family along with bond of love. Looks like as if you are made for each other along with your family. You both will be very concerned and caring for each other. This happiness will create a very strong bond of togetherness in the family.
  • CAREER-Your business will be progressing very well but need to reassess the situation properly to avoid and challenges ahead. You will also be looking for a person who will join your business as a partner or someone should come and help in the business. You may expand your business in future.
  • HEALTH-Generally, your health condition seems to be normal. But in case you are not happy with your existing condition you may go for second option or change your treatment to homeopathy or naturopathy. Try to keep balance in your body physically, emotionally,  mentally and spiritually.
  • FINANCE-This period is not very satisfactory regarding your financial situation. Few pending decisions are left to work upon. New opportunities are on your way but need little patience, wait and watch. Invest carefully. Do not take any risk.
  • ADVICE-Be careful regarding a big change or decision coming your way.


20th January  – 18th February 

  • LOVE- Your love life is not going to be satisfactory. It will be suspened for some time and emotional attachment will also be detached for the time being due to some circumstancial reasons. But need not worry, this situation will be for a short period of time.
  •  CAREER-This month you need to be very careful about your business. Do not ever take a plunge into any deal of business. Survey

the whole situation and then take action. You may start new business venture in the near future. Before starting, take good and matured advice from some matured and experienced person.

  • HEALTH-Your health is going to be normal, those who have existing ailments will have fast recovery. You may have to take care of your heart condition with proper consultation. Regular exercise, walk and eating healthy will be a great benefit for your health.
  • FINANCE-You will be controlling your finance with full authority and  rather strictly. You may have to show your power to get back your money which people owe you. You will definitely get your money back. Be careful with your employees or coworkers or clients about the heated arguments.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to accept some new work offer.


19th February  – 20th March.

  • LOVE-You will be juggling with two situations like money matters or love relationship. You need to be decisive about the prior necessity. Do not let your love life suffer. Give full care and take care of your partner and family to keep the relationship on the track.
  • CAREER-You are going to feel your business or career is a burden because of being too busy working, dealing with business problems and handling new projects . Take out time for your rest and relaxation otherwise it will affect your physical health and you may get sick.
  • HEALTH-You should be very alert about your health condition. Take off your blind fold and give proper heed towards your health with regular medical check-ups and consulting doctors. If already having any problem, you need to pay proper attention so that it many not flare up or spread or increase. 
  • FINANCE-You will be very disappointed with the financial condition due to set backs and losses as you are facing a bad patch of time. Keep an eagles eye on your accounts and money matters. Do not leave it to your employees, they may deceive you. It is not the right time to  invest any where. Do not take risk.
  • ADVICE-Never take abrupt decisions.

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King of Clubs

King of Clubs

  • creativity, Direction, achievement, ingenuity
  • you are a charismatic leader
  • you have a wonderful personality and you are mature
  • you are independent and inspiring
  • highly motivated and reliable
  • you are a married man and you her children
  • you are a good listener
  • you take charge of a situation can handle most of the life presents to him
  • you are a master and you show your talents
  • you are the person who have come a long way but still feel that there is lot ahead in front of you
  • you are open to new challenges and you love learning
  • learning about everything in life and philosophies

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

  • attention, attraction, unification, collaboration
  • you are a well liked person
  • you are beautiful person and have charming personality
  • mostly woman who is mature and fond of your home
  • generous and independent
  • success in a project
  • future does rest assured for you
  • you will find all things you need
  • you may also need a special person with whom you fall in love and marry
  • this person could be a mother your teacher all your lover

Jack of Clubs

Jack of Clubs

  • Brave, passion, persuasion
  • highly aggressive an impulsive person
  • hot tempered and no patience
  • but you’re a good friend
  • you good and energetic
  • man or woman with a mission but usually man
  • it can also send out some type of emergency but it is not very serious

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Clubs

  • exhaustion, resistance, burden, oppression
  • time for struggle
  • you have to be in more burden than you can handle
  • tension and stress
  • projects men of work as you planned
  • can also lead to Good Fortune and economic security Legacy or wedding or a lottery or a successful investment
  • this can also show contentment and new beginnings
  • money coming in a form of a bonus
  • A New Day Has Gone and with that comes potential of new directions in new challenges which can be embraced

Nine of Clubs

  • toughness, persistence, stamina, royalty
  • you have prepared yourself for victory
  • you have to come the final obstacle
  • you will enjoy good wealth
  • a great card
  • achievement
  • new level
  • personal achievement and self satisfaction
  • Step Closer to the wishes and desires

Eight of Clubs

  • speed, change, responsiveness, swiftness
  • you may be approaching your goals
  • this is the time to act
  • life seems to be full of hopes and progress
  • this is the time to prove yourself this card can also show danger
  • being extremely negative
  • this is a special warning card for a woman who wants to get married

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Clubs

  • bravery, determination, imagination
  • you may face stiff competition and you may need aggressive determination to do the same
  • you need lot of skill and nerve to get past the hardships
  • this card and give you a new direction
  • discard hint at additional responsibilities in current venture
  • opposite sex can cause trouble

Six of Clubs

Six of Clubs

  • Victory, achievement, success, Triumph
  • you may hear some good news
  • you’ll be recognised for your hard work
  • your self esteem will get boost
  • this is a Victory card
  • the god also opens up new opportunities
  • new job
  • new enterprise
  • new travel
  • business success especially from the partnerships

Five of Clubs

Five of Clubs

  • disruption, conflict, addiction, strife
  • time to test your courage
  • may be a legal matter
  • frustrations with minor problems
  • problems can be overcome with patience and conviction
  • documents or letter related to property
  • family connections and family status
  • friction
  • happy marriage and friendships can also fall out at times

Four of Clubs

  • celebration, jubilation, community, teamwork, completion
  • this is a positive current
  • you will enjoy rewards of your hard work
  • you like on the finer things in life
  • very creative and innovative
  • will settled home prosperous and happy life
  • a home in countryside
  • peacefulness and serenity

Three of Clubs

Three of Clubs

  • action, implementation, exploration
  • strength and confidence in your motives
  • confident and good leader
  • lots of negotiations will happen but result will be fruitful
  • growth and abundance
  • seed for the future to grow
  • move towards success with determination

Two of Clubs

Two of Clubs

  • conflicts, options, decisions, debates
  • good things are yet to come
  • partnership will be successful
  • travel is possible
  • indicate new ventures
  • you need time patience and strong belief in yourself
  • an intellectual person
  • don’t let others sidetrack you

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs

  • Desire, inspiration, vision, creation, invention
  • new venture and new project
  • promotion
  • inheritance
  • birth of a baby
  • a new idea
  • a new life
  • move to interstate or overseas
  • grow in more ways than you can imagine

King of Spades

King of Spades

  • genius, expert, Decision Maker
  • a person with authority
  • a warrior
  • lawyer
  • diplomat
  • harsh attitude towards life
  • feeling of emptiness and scarred
  • serious and often secretive

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

  • Grace, skill, charm , aptitude
  • you are a Warrior and ready for challenge
  • witty and outspoken
  • independent with your own ideas
  • it can be difficult card, can be a widow, a Hard Woman
  • lonely and emotionally handicapped
  • can be a state of mourning and abandonment

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades

  • student, apprentice, scholarship, information, intelligent, cautious
  • discard business a young man or a woman with intellectual abilities
  • Grace and Diplomacy
  • sharp minded person may not take things lying down
  • action and adventure
  • acting quickly and with confidence
  • sometimes can be foolishly confident
  • but learns from the mistakes

Ten of Spades

Ten of Spades

  • ruin, disaster, Obsession
  • you may be at the lowest point of your life
  • sorrow and Misfortune
  • plans may fail
  • losses may occur
  • things will be better soon
  • you have skills to get out of the problem

Nine of Spades

Nine of Spades

  • remorse, wrong, conclusion
  • things may not be as bad as they seem to be
  • it reminds you that even the sweetest things can make a huge difference is at times
  • stress, anxiety, despaired, guilt, nightmare, concern
  • you have doubt and Suspicion
  • you need to think positively
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