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  • ARIES 21st March – 20th April
    • LOVE-Nice surprise is on its way this fortnightly in your relationship with blossoming bond between you two.
    • CAREER-For the coming fifteen days your career situation is going to be very uncertain with troubles and unpleasant situation. So be prepared.
    • HEALTH-This fortnightly pain in back and spine may occur for which need to visit medical centre or hospital.
    • FINANCE-Next fifteen days do not take any financial risk stay with what you have. At the same time you can invest in real state.
    • ADVICE- Need to be decisive.
  • TAURUS 21st April – 20th May
    • LOVE-Next fifteen days your love life is going to be disturbed with some complications which warns you of disloyalty.
    • CAREER-This period of fortnight will be quite stable and solid success with undertaking ventures regarding to your business. Need not worry.
    • HEALTH-You may ask to get your routine medical tests done. For the betterment of your health you may write affirmations and say it.
    • FINANCE-these fifteen days does not seem to be very positive need to be aware of dishonest and shady deals. You need to be careful about scanning of your finance.
    • ADVICE-Be sharp. 
  • GEMINI 21st May – 21st June
    • LOVE-This fortnight you are going to be very argumentative with aggressive tensions in your love relationship.
    • CAREER-Future of your business or job is going to be very bright and successful in this coming fifteen days for you with positive progressive outcome.
    • HEALTH-You may have to take help of doctor if you neglect your nose and throat. Be cautious. Avoid unhealthy eatables.
    • FINANCE- This fortnight is going to be little slow and less profitable financially. It’s time for do over.
    • ADVICE-Be independent. 
  • CANCER 22nd June – 21st July
    • LOVE- In your love relationship emotional connection may deplete causing sad situation in this coming fortnight.
    • CAREER-This fortnight you will experience harmonious work environment. You may sign contract which may be legally bound.
    • HEALTH-If you have any existing ailment you need to careful this fortnight because it has tendency to spread.
    • FINANCE-You need to revise your accounts and check for any discrepancies. Balance your check book.
    • ADVICE- Spread Joy. 
  • LEO 22nd July – 21st August
    • LOVE-This fortnight your love relationship is going to be very passionate warm and with harmony.
    • CAREER-Money will come from trade and commerce. You may plan for having overseas business. Job oriented people may be transferred to abroad.
    • HEALTH-You need to be very careful and take precautionary measures to avoid pollen allergy. You may go for therapeutic process and spiritual healing
    • FINANCE-Money will come from trade and commerce. You may plan for having overseas business. Job oriented people may be transferred to abroad.
    •  ADVICE- Always is persistent.


  • VIRGO 22nd August – 21st September
    • LOVE-You will be going through a very bad emotional time in coming fifteen day. Try to release bad emotions.
    • CAREER-Your business will improve successfully and be recognized all over to your full satisfaction. Job oriented persons may have opportunity to work in government companies.
    • HEALTH-Your existing ailments are on the way of recovery.
    • FINANCE-This fortnight your money will be safe and secured. You can go for new investments.
    • ADVICE-Let your inner child out.


  • LIBRA 22nd September – 22nd October
    • LOVE-Your love relationship needs to bring change to go to next level for improvement to have more harmony and loving bond.
    • CAREER-This fortnight your business will have slow and steady progression of already set goals. Job people may to work in night shift.
    • HEALTH-You may have to face unknown cause for your existing ailment. Consult doctor or Healer.
    • FINANCE-Financial situation is going to be comfortable in case of little hardship help will come from trusted friend.
    • ADVICE-Pick a choice.


  • SCORPIO 23rd October – 20th November
    • LOVE-You will experience hard time and coldness in your love relationship.
    • CAREER-your business is going to progress with elevated future with success and positive outcome.
    • HEALTH-Chances of some complications in your circulatory system are there so need to be extra careful and consult your specialist.
    • FINANCE-Your financial condition will be thriving with prosperity. May be thinking of multiple investments.
    • ADVICE-Be friendly.


  • SAGITTARIUS 21st November – 21st December
    • LOVE-Love relationship is going to be happy peaceful and sincere. Those who are not in love relationship may fall in love.
    • CAREER-Your business or career situation will be solid safe and secured with stability.
    • HEALTH-Health is going to be all good. Sick persons are on the way of recovery. To have better health eat green leafy vegetables.
    • FINANCE-Financial condition is as bright as sun. Money gains with success and favourable outcome to an investment or financial transaction.
    • ADVICE-Beautify your surroundings.


  • CAPRICORN 22nd December  – 19th January
    • LOVE-Love life is going to be very harmonious and happy in these fifteen days.
    • CAREER- Business conditions seem to be raising high with success. Job oriented people may work in big corporation.
    • HEALTH-You will face immobility and blockage in your mind and body. Try to release by forgiving old grudges negative feelings.
    • FINANCE-This fortnight your financial condition is going to be very strong to have big financial gains.
    • ADVICE-Be loving.


  • AQUARIUS 20th January  – 18th February 
    • LOVE-This fortnight is not going to be satisfactory in love relationship. Doubts and uncertainty taint the situation.
    • CAREER- you will be busy writing invoices, approvals and lots of paper documentations regarding your business.
    • HEALTH-Your health will improve within these fifteen days with which you will reach to high level of consciousness.
    • FINANCE-Benefits and gains are indicated with elevated financial situation with progression.
    • ADVICE-Be strong.


  • PISCES 19th February – 20th March
    • LOVE-Some new person is going to enter your life that you will be attracted to or flirt with which might will blossom.
    • CAREER-
    • HEALTH-You may feel motion sickness vertigo and diarrhea. Need to be careful about urinary track problems.
    • FINANCE-Investments will be profitable with gains in financial situation.
    • ADVICE-Stop worrying.



As every one knows The Almighty GOD is the creator of this universe and we human beings are led by His will. Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Success and Obstacles are both parts of life’s journey. But we get helpless when we cannot see any thing positive ahead in life or are stuck in some situation. Then, we can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

So here we are, the mother-daughter duo, Ranie Bhalla and Reetika Bhalla, the Fortune Tellers, bringing insight for Sakhi.Online lovers for the last week of April.




21st March – 20th April


LOVE- You may open deeper feelings to your partner as you are soulmates.


CAREER- You may feel unnessasary stress. There can be a little loss. Tedious work ahead.


HEALTH- Be careful about your memory and be alert and try to keep your memory sharp by maintaning it.


FINANCE- This week your financial condition is not going to be sound. Lots of uncertainty is seen. But soon the situation will be clear.


ADVICE- Keep still.





21st April – 20th May 


LOVE- Emotional feelings may be drained out this week between you two.


CAREER- You will feel comfortable with your business deals as you had wished for.


HEALTH- You might be facing hurting pains which will wear you out.



FINANCE- This week you are going to prosper financially. So enjoy it thoroughly.


ADVICE- Patience is the key.





21st May – 21st June


LOVE- Love life does not seem to be stable, let the turbulence pass.


CAREER- Your business and job will remain stable and secured.


HEALTH-This week your health condition may be affected by pollen allergy.



FINANCE- You may face some current financial difficulty and help will come from a frined.


ADVICE- Donate something.




22nd June – 21st July



LOVE- Love relationship seems to be foggy this week . Tempers may flare up.


CAREER- Need to be careful about gossip and distractions in your business. Focus and concenterate.


HEALTH- Your hip or pelvic area may give you some trouble.


FINANCE- This week you need to watch out your accounts, bank statements and payments. Reassess everything.


ADVICE- Be smart.




22nd July – 21st August



LOVE-Your love relationship is going to be litte bit irritable

while conversing with your partner.


CAREER- Your business and job is going to be solid stable and also will be thinking of expanding the business.


HEALTH- Give your body rest. Do not exert. May have the feeling of depression.


FINANCE- Financial condition will have fluctuations in this week.


ADVICE- Go on some short trip.




22nd August – 21st September



LOVE- Love life is not going to be satisfactory with no emotional bond.


CAREER- This week you will be thinking of enhancing your business by expanding it with import and export.


HEALTH- You should take care of your immune system to keep your health in perfect condition.


FINANCE- This week your financial condition will be balanced and stable.


ADVICE- Take time to take any action.






22nd September – 22nd October



LOVE- You may have the feel as if you are cut from your partner emotionally, mentally and physically.


CAREER- Your business is going to rise in this week with positive and solid benefits.

HEALTH- It seems your sleep is going to be disturbed with insomania or sleep apnea.


FINANCE- Your financial situation is going to be as desired by you comfotable with monetary benefits.


ADVICE- Be grounded.





23rd October – 20th November



LOVE- Love life is going to be very happy and warm. Relationship will be optimistic, bright and hot.


CAREER- Doors are opening for your business or job for new options and opportunities with positive outcomes.


HEALTH- To keep up your health, work on your mind, body and soul. Meditate to have inner peace.


FINANCE- Financial situation is on its way to improve. Unexpected gains are on its way.


ADVICE- Socialise.





21st November – 21st December



LOVE- This week your relation is going to be in harmony and filled with gush of emotions.


CAREER- There may be small losses in your business which will cause stress and anxiety. Job oriented people also may suffer with mental frustration.


HEALTH- Eat carefully so that your throat may not get affected. Avoid smoky area or smoke.


FINANCE- You will financially benefit from multiple sources.


ADVICE- Always be alert.





22nd December  – 19th January


LOVE- Something is not going to be right in your relationship this week.


CAREER- Good progress is going to be seen in your business this week. You will improve your contacts and socialise more.


HEALTH- Need to be extremely careful concerning your heart and its ailments. Take precautinary measures.


FINANCE- Your financial condition is going to move towards elevated future with success.


ADVICE- Enjoy your own company.






20th January  – 18th February 


LOVE- Love life is going to be very strenuous without emotions and harmony.


CAREER- For better prospects in business you may study or explore more. Learn advanced skills.


HEALTH- Your knees and legs may give you trouble. Start exercising to avoid stiffness.


FINANCE- In your money matters problems may reoccur resulting in unsatisfacory conditions.


ADVICE- Keep your promises.






19th February – 20th March



LOVE- There is going to be little emotional gap and disharmony between the partners.


CAREER- You are going learn more for advance tecnology or skills for your business to grow.


HEALTH- Generally your health is going to be balanced, stableand energetic.


FINANCE- This week there will be financial fluctuations, ups and downs in money matters.


ADVICE- Close the deal.




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21st March – 20th April

LOVE- You may be feeling emotionally different and unwavering from your partner with no harmony.

CAREER- You will have a solid and strong base. May head towards advancement in your business with growth but at a slow space.

HEALTH- This week your health is connected with brain, try to sharpen it with brain exercises to avoid memory loss. And go for regular check-ups.

FINANCE- You may enjoy retirement plans benefits. And can go for a longterm financial planning and investments.

ADVICE- Listen to your intuition.



21st April – 20th May 

LOVE- Your love relation is going to be very harmonious and trustworthy.

CAREER- This week you will be enjoying your work or your job. Will be satisfied with your professional life.

HEALTH- Need to be careful and work on your immune system. Connect with nature walk, jog and meditate.

FINANCE- You may have to face some conflicts and dispute in money matters. The financial situation seems to be unsatisfactory.

ADVICE- Be in solace.



21st May – 21st June

LOVE- You are going to enjoy the essence of romance this week with deeper understanding with your partner.

CAREER- Some new proposals and offers are waiting for you this week with a positive outcome.

HEALTH- This week your health is going to be balanced and rhythematic with all the solutions for your reoccurring ailments.

FINANCE- Keep this week for you to scrutinize and study your accounts and financial matters. Special check on hidden clauses.

ADVICE- Unleash you inner child.



22nd June – 21st July

LOVE- You may meet new acquaintance or a person of your interest. You are going for date with your partner.

CAREER- Business is going to be very successful with bright future. Work oriented people will come into limelight and go on higher position or promotion. Or may get a government job.

HEALTH- You may be down with little bit of motion sickness or vertigo.

FINANCE- Unexpected gains and benefits are indicated this week for you. The financial situation is on its way to recovery.

ADVICE- Look up ahead.



22nd July – 21st August

LOVE- Some new encounter may come into your life but you are not ready to settle down yet.

CAREER- You are thinking of expanding your business which is growing slowly.

HEALTH- You have to be careful about asthma, bronchitis, coughing, things concerning to respiratory system.

FINANCE- You may sign a new financial venture successfully with on going positive out comes.

ADVICE- Change for better.



22nd August – 21st September

LOVE- Be careful, this week you are going to face fake emotional relationship with your partner. One person may take advantage of other in every respect.

CAREER- Positive opportunity coming your way for successful change or expansion.

HEALTH- You are going to be healthy this week with lots of energy in your body. Watch out for overheating your body. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

FINANCE- Need not be worried about financial situation, it will be going steadily this week.

ADVICE- Be stable.



22nd September – 22nd October

LOVE- This week you will be having an intimate conversation with your partner.

CAREER- This week will take your business towards success with elevated future.

HEALTH- You may have to consult a doctor this week, if you like, for negligible health issues. Generally health is going to be favorable.

FINANCE- Your money is going to be restricted. May have to face some painful experience in money matters.

ADVICE- Let go of the stress.



23rd October – 20th November

LOVE- Love life does not seem to be in harmony. Need to watch out for the movements of your partner.

CAREER- Your business this week will be slow, may be a little gap in between.

HEALTH- Need to watch your throat, tonsils may have irritation. You may work on your Throat Chakra to heal naturally.

FINANCE- Your monetary situation will safely be secured and well protected with advantage.

ADVICE- Be swift.



21st November – 21st December

LOVE- This week will be very very optimistic with happy encounters with your partner. May go for a sparkling date.

CAREER- Some change will take place in business or job for elevated future with a successful outcome.

HEALTH- You may simply feel unwell under the influence of weather. Be careful from smoky places.

FINANCE- The financial situation is heading towards prosperity with bright future which will be recognized publically more.

ADVICE- Write affirmation.



22nd December  – 19th January

LOVE- Love life does not seem to be very straight. Some outside interference is seen in your relationship.

CAREER- Your business is going to be solid and stable this week as it is.

HEALTH- Generally health is good. May go for a general routine check-up.

FINANCE- Your financial condition will be quite successful with gains which will make things comfortable. Need not worry about money matters.

ADVICE- Welcome opportunity ahead.



20th January  – 18th February 
LOVE- Love life is going to be very comfortable, contented and stable this week.

CAREER- You are going to face difficulties and hardships in your business or in job. Need to be patient.

HEALTH- You need to take precautionary measures to protect ailments concerning liver, gallbladder and urinary track respectfully.

FINANCE- Your financial situation will be lucrative with comfortable condition ahead successfully. Some rich person will prove to be very helpful in your money matters.

ADVICE- Be sharp and decisive.



19th February  – 20th March

LOVE- Love life is not going to be happy resulting in feeling of burden.  You will come across emotional turbulence.

CAREER- You may be starting something new or new business with small investment at the initial level.

HEALTH- You are going to feel physically as well mentally disturbed. Get your self involved in meditation.

FINANCE- You will be totally satisfied with your financial condition, safe, secured and the way you want it.

ADVICE- Be firm.

    • LOVE-You may feel emotionally lacked feelings between you two. Time for little stagnation in love relationship.
    • CAREER-Your business will have a strong base leading to growth and branching out slowly and steadily.
    • HEALTH-You may have to visit for a general medical check-up to the hospital.
    • FINANCE-You may be busy with the bank statement re-evaluating accounts
    • ADVICE-Twist or spin accordingly.


    • LOVE- This week is going to be very harmonious loving and caring for each other.
    • CAREER- This week you are going to progress in your professional area with socializing people around or by advertising and promoting your business.
    • HEALTH-You have to be careful regarding your circulatory system. Take second opinion and change medicine if required.
    • FINANCE-Be cautious about your financial situation may not get deceit in dealing with money.
    • ADVICE-Be calm.


    • LOVE- Love relationship is going to eat away your heart. Need to move steadily to keep going smoothly.
    • CAREER-Job seeker may get called for the interview. And business people may be offered new contracts or new venture.
    • HEALTH-Your health is going to be perfect with lots of energy. Keep drinking water to avoid dehydration.
    • FINANCE-Need not worry about your financial situation it is going to be smooth and steady. There will be positive hope for beneficial profit.
    • ADVICE-Take a break.


    • LOVE-There are going to be mood swings in your relationship with your partner but in a positive way.
    • CAREER- This period is going to be with negative outcomes in your business as well in a job with intolerable conditions.
    • HEALTH-You have to be aware of the condition having ailments of gallstones liver and urinary track.
    • FINANCE-Your financial situation going to be beneficial but at a slow pace. May go for long-term investments.
    • ADVICE-Be decisive.


    • LOVE-Doubts and uncertainty may not taint your relationship this week.
    • CAREER-You may write a contract or have a business proposal or offer for a new job.
    • HEALTH-You may go through little dizziness problem. Need to give attention to your circulatory system.
    • FINANCE-Due to some financial difficulties and disagreements causing some setbacks this week.
    • ADVICE-Keep moving.


    • LOVE – Love relationship will give you stress which will cause an unhealthy situation.
    • CAREER-You may be thinking of doing a partnership or taking help of someone in the business. Job people may be thinking of taking up a part-time job.
    • HEALTH-Generally health is good going this week accept the need to be careful about pollen allergy.
    • FINANCE-Your financial situation is going to improve this week with a positive outcome which will bring elevated benefits.
    • ADVICE-Be Stable.


    • LOVE-Your love life is going to be connected and committed towards each other.
    • CAREER-This week your career is going to be very favorable as per your desire and wishes. The way you want.
    • HEALTH-Health generally is going to be stable except little nose running or onset of a cold cough etc.
    • FINANCE-The Financial situation is going to be steady this week. Everything seems to be balanced. So no need to worry about it.
    • ADVICE- Be determined.


    • LOVE-A new person may enter your life that will be attracted to you or may flirt with. You may plan a short romantic trip with your partner.
    • CAREER- You need to be very careful about shady deals in the business. Job oriented people are to be cautious about backstabbers at your workplace.
    • HEALTH-Changing weather may affect your health so need to be cautious. Keep yourself away from the smoke.
    • FINANCE-The financial condition is going to be stable and comfortable. I case of some difficulty comes suddenly then need not worry as help will arrive from some of the close friend.
    • ADVICE- Grab the opportunity.


    • LOVE-Love relationship is going to be loving caring and warm this week.
    • CAREER-You may face some difficulties and obstacles on the way of your business and job oriented people may find it difficult to adjust to the boss.
    • HEALTH-Your health will be on the journey of recovery if you are facing any ailments. Generally health will be normal and fine.
    • FINANCE- Some new beneficial gain will be on your way to keep your financial condition moving on smoothly.
    • ADVICE-Be brisk.


    • LOVE- Your relationship will start moving on if you felt holding back emotionally but with baby steps this week.
    • CAREER- This week your business may get stuck or paralyzed, not going anywhere for the time being.
    • HEALTH- You may feel a little bit uncomfortable with your spine and back area. So be careful about your movements.
    • FINANCE- This week you are going to be busy handling bank statements invoices reassessing money matters etc.
    • ADVICE- Use your wits.


  • LEO
    • LOVE-You are going to find improvement in your love relation for betterment.
    • CAREER-You may get recommendations and new offers in your business. Job seekers will get an opportunity for a new job.
    • HEALTH- You work on your mental state of mind, be positive so that you might not get into depression.
    • FINANCE-Your financial investment is going to be profitable. Large money is expected this week.
    • ADVICE-Shed your skin.


    • LOVE-This week your relationship is going to emotion less with cold behavior.
    • CAREER-Job people may come across miserable environment at work place and business may suffer with all the hurdles in working conditions.
    • HEALTH-This week you should give rest to your mental health. Avoid any stress. Make sure you take plenty of rest and staying away from strenuous activities.
    • FINANCE-You will see enhancement in your financial condition. Profitable week.
    • ADVICE- Use your power.
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