Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for the month of AUGUST 2020.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE-Your love relationship seems to be unsatisfied at the moment as you are emotionally suspended. There is no doubt that full emotions are not lost. It seems you people are too busy in your work or other responsibilities and not paying any attention towards your love relationship, yet few emotions are still alive. You are advised to sit together and sort the love relationship issues out which is very important for the family to be in the harmony. Singles will have patience to find a partner for themselves.
  • CAREER-You seem to be quite happy and satisfied because you have full family support. You may start your business from home with the help of your family or you can take charge of your inherited business and look after it with advanced approach. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities in your business. For the job oriented people, a great help will be offered by the family in your business or job. 
  • HEALTH-Your health does not seem to be very good. You are struggling with your health issues. Need to consult a specialist and follow his guidance along with being careful for your balanced healthy diet, regular walk, exercise and consuming lot of water. You need to pay special attention towards blood circulation and heart issues like palpitations blocked arteries etc.  
  • FINANCE-You are enjoying your financial situation with full contentment.This condition is the result of your efforts and hard work invested into it. You had been open to new financial ventures or proposals that brought you to this level. You can invest your money at different places as this time is favourable which will give you benefits in the longer run. New financial opportunities are on your way, just grab them.
  • ADVICE-Always be analytical.


21st April – 20thMay 

  • LOVE-Your love life seems to be quite satisfactory now but it was going up and down may be due to some unavoidable reasons or the responsibilities or lack of time around you. Seems that the female partner was quite dominating and everything negative/positive or secretive was controlled by her in regards to relationship. Singles are supposed to look for all the pros and cons in finding their partner.
  • CAREER- Career wise you seem to be disappointed due to business losses or set backs. May be people betrayed you and cheated you, which has broken your heart. Its not a good time for you but do not worry, have patience good time will come soon. Job oriented people are also frustrated from their job situations facing different challenges causing heart break. You need to change the job with better prospects.
  • HEALTH-Your health seems to be just alright. You always take an action regarding your health, it is just spontaneous when ever health issues arise. But you are advised to take care of your health concerns regularly on daily basis like eating good balanced food, daily walk physical exercise, keeping your self emotionally and mentally balanced. Take special care of your anxiety and nervousness.
  • FINANCE-You are quite comfortable with your financial condition but at the same time your business need hard work to bring more improvements in money matters. Need to watch financial market and do the comparative study to know where you stand. Do not take risks and invest your money at wrong places without thinking their pros and cons. It is advised to put your efforts and hard work in your business. 
  • ADVICE-Need to be decisive about the options.


21st May – 21st June

  • LOVE-Your love relationship seems to be full of positive energy with happiness and contentment with the bond of emotional love and harmony which is the most important for this relationship and family to be on the right track. For this good loving relationship credit goes to the female partner. Singles have to put some efforts to find their partners or some elderly lady will help finding new love partners for singles.
  • CAREER-You are quite satisfied with your career or with your business. At the moment you are eating the fruit of your labour and efforts which you invested in your business. You seem to be the leading business man/woman. Keep your eyes and mind open for new offers and business proposals to bring it to a higher level. Job oriented people, you seem to be quite contented with your current job.
  • HEALTH-You seem to juggling with your health issues and are advised to consult a doctor or specialist to keep your health on the right track. Other than this, you need to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Get your medical tests regularly done. One good news is that you will be recovered from your exiting illness. Always keep your Aura clean. Take help from Holistic healing or Reiki healing.
  • FINANCE-You were very happy with your financial status because you have reached that level with your hard work. You were very comfortable with your employees and co-workers. You were quite attentive and vigilant about your financial market, and used to watch and study it carefully and grasp it thoroughly and take the action accordingly. You can invest the money at different places as its good time for the investments.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to take action for something new.


22nd June- 21stJuly

  • LOVE-You were not happy with your existing love relationship as it seems it has suspended for the moment may be because of some misunderstanding or some grudges. But your cards are indicating that there will be some transformations in this relationship. You will be having a new beginning and reconciliation between you two. So you both sit together and sort out your relationship issues to bring harmony into it. Singles may meet new partners.
  • CAREER-You are quite satisfied with your business as it is progressing day by day. You seem to be very hard working and don’t leave any stone unturned. You avail all the offers and proposal come to you to improve your business. You may come across some matured and experienced woman who will guide you with new advanced methods to bring your business to the higher level. Job oriented persons also will bring some changes like looking for better job with increased salary.
  • HEALTH-You are not happy with your health concerns as you over exert and do not take rest resulting in tiredness. Taking care of your health physically, emotionally and mentally is inter connected with each other to keep fit. You are advised to eat balanced healthy diet, daily regular walk, drinking lot of water and involve yourself into meditation. Pay extra care to improve your immune system.
  • FINANCE-You do not seem to be satisfied with your financial situation. It looked more conflicted with your clients or employees. Many clients refused to pay back the money causing losses and conflicts. Here you are advised to be cool and wise to handle the situation carefully otherwise it will effect your business. Concentrate on your business, your financial market and new opportunities to bring back your business.
  • ADVICE-Never leave hope.


22ndJuly – 21stAugust

  • LOVE-You are deeply satisfied in your relationship with bond of love and harmony. Both the partners in this relationship are quite creative, nurturing and caring towards each other. Credit goes to the female partner for this positive relationship, making the family atmosphere be in harmony which is very important for every one in the house. Singles will also find their love partner soon.
  • CAREER- You are very positive regarding your career/business as you are doing very well in your business. You are taking interest and putting lot of hard work in it. You welcome all kinds of business proposals and offers and imply for its growth. You may encounter someone matured and experienced person to guide you with advanced approach, accept his guidance he may offer financial support, do not hesitate to accept. Job oriented people may be helped by some rich person.
  • HEALTH -Your health condition does not seem to be very stable, off and on you keep facing challenges with your health issues. You need to show to the doctor or specialists for required treatment and follow regularly and sincerely to keep your health up to the mark. In general, take care of your health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Along with that pay extra attention towards your liver and gallbladder. Get all the medical tests done.
  • FINANCE-You are quite disturbed concerning your business as its not doing very well due to some set backs and losses because some clients do not pay back the money they had taken from you which breaks the flow of money. You need to invest lot of labour and efforts and look for new opportunities to bring back your finances to the high level. Do not take risk in any investment at the moment as time is unfavourable. Wait for the bad time to go.
  • ADVICE-Always maintain the balance.


22ndAugust -21st September

  • LOVE-You are not satisfied with your love life as at the moment you are suspended for a while from your love relationship. Reason being, you may be wanting time for yourself to know your inner self or for your home responsibilities or your professional aspect. Take your time to get fresh and come back to your love relationship which is very important for the harmony of your family.
  • CAREER-You are not satisfied with your career factor, rather not ready emotionally or to pay attention towards your business or take any action or actively looking after your business. New opportunities or proposals also did not attract you rather one can say, you did not accept the offer as you were quite discontented. Looks like, you had gone on silent mode. Job oriented people also have to stick to their existing jobs.
  • HEALTH-Your health is not behaving properly with you. You need to take care of those angles about which you are ignorant concerning your health. Go and take a second opinion to rule out hidden issues. Get your medical tests done with the guidance of doctors or consultants or specialists and obey their advice. Along with this, pay special care towards your hip and pelvic issues.
  • FINANCE-No doubt you are frustrated with your financial situation but you are at the top of this situation to remove this frustration. You will jump back with enthusiasm to bring back the financial condition to normal. You may start looking for new ventures. Do not do any mistake to invest your money any where as time is not favourable. Keep your close contact with the financial market which is very important.
  • ADVICE-follow your intuition.


22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

  • LOVE- In your love relationship something happened unexpectedly which brought the differences in your relationship. And you both were shattered with broken hearts. But you need not worry, this situation will recover soon. You both amicably sort out these differences or issues as balanced relationship is very important to maintain harmony in the family. Singles can expect a new partner soon.
  • CAREER-You are not happy with your career or business because lot of things are there which are pending, important decisions have not been taken resulting in drawbacks in the business. Need to be awaken fully to revive back your business to the same higher level. Look for new ways or advanced methods to bring improvement in your business. Job oriented people may expect a change for betterment with raised salary.
  • HEALTH-Your health is not behaving good. Off and on you keep facing problems with your health. Do not be stubborn, you can take second opinion or change the treatment to the Ayurveda or Homeopathy or treatment from Holistic healers. Along with general health you need to pay extra attention towards your liver and gallbladder issues.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation does not seem to be favourable to you. It looks that you need to invest more labour or efforts to improve your financial condition. Do not take any risk to invest your money any where because its not good time for you. You may take financial help from some one, do not hesitate. Keep an eye and observe the financial market to survive with your opponents.
  • ADVICE-Always be hopeful.


23rdOctober – 20thNovember

  • LOVE-You people are trying to move ahead to work on your relationship. It seems that you are not very satisfied with your love relationship. Here, the male partner is dominating and controlling the situation. You are advised to take out time, sit together and discuss your issues amicably to bring your relationship on the track to bring harmony in the family. Singles will choose their partner according to their choice.
  • CAREER-You are quite satisfied emotionally with your career or business. You are handling your business faithfully and honestly and that has resulted in having a successful business. New opportunities can be seen, grab them. You are quite vigilant about the business market around you, move into it carefully by keeping in mind all the pros and cons. Some matured, experienced and honest man will help job oriented people.
  • HEALTH-You are not fully satisfied with your health concerns. There are some issues that need to be taken care of medically. Get your routine medical tests done to rule out any type of hidden issues. Take regular advise from doctors or specialists and work on them. Need to look after your general health like having healthy balanced diet, regular walk, exercise, drinking lot of water etc. Please pay special attention towards your lower legs, knees and feet.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is favourable to you as you are open to all the new possibilities in your financial ventures which proves to be very profitable. You always take a plunge into new offers and proposals. and being lucky, those prove to be successful. You can take risk to invest your money in different places. Need to be quite vigilant about the financial market around.
  • ADVICE-Always be helpful to every one.


21stNovember – 21st December

  • LOVE-Your love situation seems to be positive but here, the female partner plays important role in this relationship. You both will take action to grow your love relationship to bring harmony in the family. You do take care of each other and listen to each other to avoid any complications which is very good. For singles, one intelligent helping female will help finding the new love.
  • CAREER-Regarding your career/business/job, you are fully satisfied with it. You had been sincerely taking interest and working enthusiastically and honestly towards your career. Improvements are under your way and you will get what you wanted with your sincere efforts and labour you had invested into it. Job oriented people will also get their wish fulfilled.
  • HEALTH-In general your health is behaving normal. Keep on looking after your health in whatever way you are doing to keep it fit. You may go for some new treatment for your existing illness and take second opinion and consult a specialist. This change will prove very beneficial for your health. Along with your existing condition you need to take very good care of your digestive system i.e. large intestines and its complications.
  • FINANCE-You are the person who controls the financial situation by yourself with your inner guidance, your wisdom and intelligence. You always keep balance in your money matters by keeping in mind about the income and expenditure and flow of money so that every thing keeps going in a proper, balanced way. You may invest your money at different places like bonds, shares and property. Keep a watch on financial market around you.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to face financial delay.


22nd December  – 19thJanuary

  • LOVE-You are fully satisfied with your love relationship. You are tied up with the bond of love. You do care for each other and listen to each other, respect each other and involved in the necessities for each other. This is a very positive attitude towards the harmony of your family which gives you self confidence as if world is in your hands. Singles will also find their love partner soon.
  • CAREER-Your career or business concern is very strong and controlling every thing at every endeavour. You have set rules to run your business and keep an eye on each and every activity of the employees and co-workers which has resulted in a successful business. You do have challenges but you solve these with your skills. Job oriented people will have to search for better job with raised salary which they will get.
  • HEALTH-Health wise, you look quite cheerful with good health. Keep on doing what ever you are doing to keep your health fit like eating good balanced diet, daily walk, going to gym or doing exercise, drinking lot of water, keeping free from mental stress and avoiding emotional disturbance. Along with your good health, you need to take precautions for your digestive system.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is favourable. You have the skills to handle the money matters successfully. You are always very active and vigilant about the financial market to compete with other opponents. You can invest your money at different places. New financial ventures are on your way, just grab them to improve and bring abundance in financial status.
  • ADVICE-Always move forward.


20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

  • LOVE-Your love life seems to be favourable which is full of bond of love. You are made for each other which shows in the way you look after each other, respect each other and take care of each other. You do every thing together and for each other.This love relationship is the axis of family’s happiness and harmony. Singles will soon find their love partner.
  • CAREER-Your career is not stable as it goes up and down, sometimes it picks up and sometimes it goes down. It is never at the same level. You need to invest more labour to bring the stability into your business so that you can maintain a balance and the money you earn from it for day today expenditure. Job oriented persons will have to face lots of ups and downs in their existing job and when opportunity comes they will get better job.
  • HEALTH-You are not satisfied with your health and the treatment you are under going . It is time to take second opinion or change the treatment. You can go for homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment for your health issues or try herbal treatment or naturopathy and see the difference which suits you. Need to be cautious about old age problems.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is not good as you have sneaky people around you which don’t let your business rise, people who have borrowed the money is not paid back on fixed time has disturbed the flow of money. Income and expenditure and conflicted situations come into forefront. You need to try very hard to bring your financial status high. Do not ever take any risk to invest your money as its not a good time for you.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to take giant leap forward.


19thFebruary  – 20th March

  • LOVE-Your love life has become monotonous and you feel bored and want some new direction some new changes. It is always good that you both sit together and discuss the relationship issues that how you want to bring new changes to make life happier and to bring harmony in the family. Singles face many challenges to find a love partner.
  • CAREER- Your career/business/job cards are quite favourable. You are eating the fruits of the labour and efforts which you have invested. Although you faced many problems and difficulties in your career but always came out winner. Job oriented persons will definitely find better jobs with raised salary.
  • HEALTH-You do have your existing health issues and are being treated but your cards indicate about some new small health issues that may come up. You will have to take precautionary measures to remove these coming up issues or consult doctors or specialists for treating them. Along with your existing health issues, you need to take care of your immune system and make it stronger to fight any disease.
  • FINANCE-You do have some challenges in your finances which are needed to be taken care of. I am sure you will be able to face these difficulties with your inner strength and skills because you are at the top to solve and handle it. Do not take any risk to invest your money anywhere as its not a good time for you but be vigilant about the financial market around.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to face ups and downs.

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