Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for you.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE-Your love life seems to be holding negative as well as positive aspects with ups and down. Here female partner is more dominating with secretive personality. Your love life depends more on trust and intuitive abilities. Your love life is quite balanced. Singles will soon find their love partners.
  • CAREER-You are quite ambitious and satisfied with your career, business or job. You keep creating new situations to bring your business to higher level which will be appreciable. You will come across some matured and experienced elderly person who will guide you and help you in your work. Accept his advice. Job oriented people will get better job with raised salary with the help of a guide.
  • HEALTH-You are not happy with health concerns. Do not keep working and make yourself tired, you need rest in between otherwise you will ruin your health. Avoid any type of stress and strain, do not get into frustration. You need to be careful as all these things have side effects on your body. Along with all this you need to take care of your Lymphatic system. Consult specialists.
  • FINANCE-You are quite satisfied with your financial condition. You are the master of your own. You are always ready to accept financial proposals and offers to keep your position at high level. This position is due to the efforts and hard work you have invested in your work. This is a good time to invest any where you like at different places
  • ADVICE-Never hesitate to ask for help.


21st April – 20thMay 

  • LOVE-You are totally satisfied with your love life. You both are emotionally attached to each other with the bond of love and harmony. At this moment your relationship is safe and secured helping each other and caring for each other . Your emotions will flow more during coming time. Singles will also find their love and emotional partners soon.
  • CAREER-You are doing quite well in your career. You have brought your business to this level with your efforts and labour you have invested in it. And at the moment you are looking for new opportunity to work on. This offer can be from over seas or you can travel abroad. Job oriented people are looking for new job with better offers like raised salaries. You can expect job offer from foreign.
  • HEALTH-You are quite happy with your health issues as your health is doing well from the past accept a few new issues which are misdiagnosed, you need to take care of it by consulting other specialists and taking second opinion. Meanwhile continue doing what ever you were doing in the past to keep your health on the right track.
  • FINANCE-You are not much satisfied with your financial condition.You are struggling hard with it to bring it to high level. Do not take any risk to invest any where as its not good time for you to invest as you know your struggling period is going on. Be vigilant about the market and other competitors around to compete with them.      
  • ADVICE-Keep on moving ahead come what may.


21st May – 21st June

  • LOVE-Your love life is not satisfactory as old issues keep re-occuring causing unpleasantness. You both need to sit together and discuss all the issues which create problems. You both will realize the issues by this discussion and transformation will occur to bring your love relationship on the track. Singles will find their love partners in a while, little delay is there.
  • CAREER-You are happy with your career business or your job. Your business will flourish with success. Its already reached to its high level with your own efforts and hard work. You will be offered new proposals and new opportunities will be on your door step. You being a skilful person, will handle it very carefully after keeping all the pros and cons in mind. Chances are there for job oriented people to get new job offers with better salaries.
  • HEALTH-You are not stable with your health and you are trying to keep balance in your health. You need to take care of your physical, emotional, mental as well as your spiritual health. You need to have patience to get every thing in balanced way. Along with it, you need to take vitamin D from the sun. Spend some time in the sun and drink lot of water too. Do not get dehydrated by sun. Take care of your Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • FINANCE-You are not happy with your financial situation due to the set backs and losses given by the clients as they do not return the money they owe you in time and the flow of income gets disrupted. You need to take care of your clients as all the glitters is not gold. Do not take risk to invest any where, it’s not favourable time. Keep an eye on the market and competitors around you.
  • ADVICE- Love your childhood memories.


22nd June- 21stJuly

  • LOVE-You were not satisfied with your love life as you had lots of tough and disturbed time with each other. But now in future every thing will be settled down as disturbed time is over and you both are heading towards settled phase. Only you need to sort the things out to have peaceful and loving life. For singles also hard time is gone and favourable time has come to meet their love partners.  
  • CAREER-You are happy and contented with your career, business or job. You will be a successful business man, being a skilful person you will reach to the higher level of your business with your hard work and efforts you invest into it and always come out winner. People who are in jobs can turn out to be successful or winner with their efforts in trying for better job with raised salaries.    
  • HEALTH-You are quite worried about your health issues as you feel bit confused and juggling to be in good condition of your health. In this case you can go for the second opinion. You can change the doctor or the treatment your are taking. You can opt for homeopathy, ayurvedic or holistic or naturopathy treatment. Along with this, you need to take extra care for your throat, tongue or taste buds.
  • FINANCIAL-Your financial situation is quite satisfactory but you being bit miser, you spend your money carefully and also miss many opportunities due to this habit of yours because you do not invest at proper place so that you can grow your money and improve your financial status. Do not keep holding the money, you can invest your money in bonds, shares, buying n selling properties or lands etc.  
  • ADVICE-Be ambitious.


22ndJuly – 21stAugust

  • LOVE-You are not satisfied with your love life as you both are so busy in other responsibilities and hardly pay any attention towards your love life. You are investing or working or busy in different aspects of your life and ignoring this emotional side and feelings towards each other which is very important for you. Singles are advised to pay attention to find their love partners.
  • CAREER-Your career, business or job concern will be favourable to you only if you invest your full strength to it. Need to struggle too much to get what you want. For this you need new approach, new opportunities, new proposals to improve the business. You should always be ready to accept the expert advice from matured person. People who are in the job need extra efforts for better jobs.
  • HEALTH-You are facing some challenges concerning your health. You need to consult doctors or specialists to rule out the challenges and remove them. Get your medical tests done and take the advise from your consultants. Along with this, you may have hearing and eyes problems and may experience joint pains. Get them treated as fast as you can.
  • FINANCE-You are quite safe and secured with your financial condition which is the result of your efforts and hard work you have invested into it. You can invest your money where ever you wish to as it is good and favourable time for you. You will look for new financial offer or new proposals to bring more improvement in your financial status. You are very much vigilant about the financial market and other competitors.
  • ADVICE-Always be respectful to your guides.


22ndAugust -21st September

  • LOVE-Your love life is quite favourable to you as you both work together, care for each other, respect each other and you face all the difficulties, challenges together and experience ups and downs together and come out successful winners. This unity is the positive force behind your love relationship to be a successful one and you are connected with the bond of love and harmony.
  • CAREER-Your career, business or job depends on your destiny. It keeps going on with ups and downs in your business. You are always ready to take chances and risks etc. New opportunities come and go but you continue working sincerely towards your business and keep trying to grow it. You are looking for the chance to expand your business over seas too in all the directions. Job oriented people are also looking for the opportunity to get better jobs.
  • HEALTH-You seem to be happy with your health concerns controlling all the situations regarding health issues. You will keep balance in your intake of food with healthy diet, daily walk and exercise, drinking lot of water and also by taking care of your emotional and mental health as all are inter connected. You can not avoid even one of these. Keep taking medical consultation regularly. You need to take extra care for your heart, its proper functioning and about its blood circulation.
  • FINANCE-You are doing very well in your financial status with your sincere efforts and hard work you have invested into it. You are always ready for accepting new financial offers and opportunities to grow more and improve more. Good behaviour with your employees also pay to your business. You always see pros and cons before taking any risk or for the financial investment and study the market before it.
  • ADVICE-Always let go of the sad emotions.


22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

  • LOVE-You are not satisfied with your love life as you both are stuck in different responsibilities and hardly get any time to be together for yourself. You need to sacrifice your priorties to involve into your love life so that the family harmony can be saved. Be patient, delay is there but your energies will be released soon. Singles are struggling to find the love partners for them.
  • CAREER-You are fully contented with your career business or job. This situation is the result of your efforts and hard work you are enjoying. You have reached to that level or height where you will eat the fruit of your labour which will bring stability in your life at every endeavour. You will avail new opportunities coming on your way. Singles will also be reaching this level soon.   
  • HEALTH-You will be experiencing some short comings in your health. You will have to pay extra attention towards every aspect like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as they all are inter connected with each other. Along with this, you need to take care of your chest related diseases by consulting doctor or specialist.
  • FINANCE-Your are fully satisfied with your financial condition. You had invested lot of labour, time and energy in collecting this money so that you can spend it to make your life comfortable. You always think pros and cons to do any investment any where instead taking any risks. Be ready to accept some financial venture which is on its way to improve more  financially.
  • ADVICE-Do not ever ignore your ambitions.


23rdOctober – 20thNovember

  • LOVE-Your love life goes normal and you are satisfied with it. But the male partner is authoritative, controlling, though caring. He does the planning and fully holds the authority in every situation. It seems that the female partner does not have any say. You are advised to sit together and discuss the whole situation and sort the things out the way it should have been as a normal and loving way. Singles are the masters of their own will, they will find their partners when they want.
  • CAREER-You are quite happy with your career or business. You achieved what ever you wished in your career successfully. You worked in your business the way you wanted to raise it according to your will. You always took good care of all the offers or proposal which came across and handled them skilfully to reach to this level with advanced approach. Job oriented people will also get their wish.
  • HEALTH-You seem to be satisfied with your health concerns. In general you are doing good with your health by taking care of it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Despite of good health, you can go for new approach towards your health to make it more stable. You also need to pay extra care towards your feet and lower legs.
  • FINANCE-You are quite dis appointed with your financial situation due to some set backs and losses. People do not return your money on time which they had borrowed from you, which stops the flow of money. The income and expenditure go imbalanced. Do not think of investing your money any where as its not a favourable time for you to take risk.
  • ADVICE-Always be prepared to handle adversity.


21stNovember – 21st December

  • LOVE-Your love life mainly depends on the male member because he is the boss. He is the busy person who is involved in many other responsibilities in different aspects of his life. He is working, controlling, caring and taking care of everything and hardly gets any time for relaxation or towards your love life. But it is advised to pay  your attention towards your partner to bring balance in your life with harmony. Singles will also find their love partners when they require them.   
  • CAREER-You are not much satisfied with your career or business or job situation as you have work frustration. Though you have done lot of hard work and attained its fruits also but still you feel frustrated in one way or the other. You still want to invest more labour and looking for new options, offers and opportunities. Job oriented people have their job in their hands but still want new and better jobs with raised salaries.
  • HEALTH-You are not happy with your health concerns and experiencing challenges with it. Do not ever ignore or neglect your health issues as you may have to face dire consequences. You need timely medical examination by your doctor or specialist and in general take good care of yourself by doing regular walks in open air, exercise, eating good and healthy diet and drinking lot of water. If and when required do not hesitate to get your X-ray or ultra sound or MRI done.
  • FINANCE-You are doing very well in your finances. This all is the result of your efforts and hard work invested in it. Eat the fruits of your labour. A new financial venture is on its way and you are going to work on it successfully. You need to be very humble and helpful to your clients to get your business on the roll and always be vigilant about your competitors and market around. Its a good time to invest your money anywhere you want.  
  • ADVICE-Do not tire yourself.


22nd December  – 19thJanuary

  • LOVE-You are quite satisfied with your love life with the bond of mutual harmony and love. Female partner plays more important role in it. As she is more loving, caring, nurturing and creative. Your love life or situation is boon to the family to keep it happy. Singles are going to find their loving partner soon.
  • CAREER-You are happy and satisfied with your career, business or job. Being skilful, you have brought your business to this level. You are thinking of doing another business along with your current business and also there is an offer of a joint business partnership which you are considering and working out how to begin. You may expand your business to overseas. Job oriented persons are thinking of doing or taking up a side or part time job.
  • HEALTH-You need to be working more towards your health to keep it safe and secured. As you take care of your finances, you need to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. You can try something new like homeopathy or ayurveda or holistic treatment to keep your health on the right track. Along with this you have to pay extra attention towards your muscle tendons.
  • FINANCE-You are fully satisfied with your financial conditions and reached to its higher level with your own skills and hard work you have invested into it. Some new financial ventures are on its way for you to bring more improvement in your financial status. You can expand your business overseas too. Its a good time for you to invest your money in shares, bonds and property with positive outcome.
  • ADVICE-Always be analytical.


20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

  • LOVE-You are disappointed with your love life. You are emotionally detached at the moment. You are totally discontented emotionally and with your love life. You are hurt by someone’s behaviour or someone back stabbed you. Now you are advised to sit with your partner and sort the things out if you have any grievances to bring your love life on the track with harmony.  
  • CAREER-It seems you are not happy and satisfied with your career, business or job and feel frustrated. You are working hard but want to achieve more to your contentment. You are needing and thinking for more offers or opportunities to bring more improvement in your business. Actually you need more advanced ways and approach to handle it skilfully to bring your business to the level you want. People who are in jobs will need more hard work to get the required job with better perspective.  
  • HEALTH-You are quite disturbed with your health issues as you need more stability in your health by keeping balance and harmony to keep it fit or on the right track. Generally, do take care of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. And keep consulting your doctor or specialist for keeping your health up to the mark. Take care of your feet and lower legs too.
  • FINANCE-Financially you are doing quite well. As your efforts and hard work brought fruit you are eating now. New financial ventures and offers are on the way which will prove to be very beneficial in future. Its time to invest your money as time is favourable. Keep an eye on the current financial market as well as your competitors around you.
  • ADVICE-Be careful, all that glitters is not gold.


19thFebruary  – 20th March

  • LOVE-Love life is not very good for you as people confront or disagree with your views. You are advised to gather strength and fight outside as well with your inner self. Introspect. You need patience and strength to be on the right track. With courage you will come out to be successful in your goal. You are required to work with full compassion.
  • CAREER-Career wise you need to be far sighted as well as vigilant about your future and work towards it by keeping balance in the situation. Have patience and watch for the right time to come to invest in your business. You need to think abut the pros and cons before you adapt any thing or take action towards your career. Persons who are in the job are patiently waiting for the right opportunity to change the jobs.
  • HEALTH-You are quite satisfied with your health issues. You are getting your wish and are happy with your health. Please keep on doing whatever you are doing to keep your health on the track. Be and walk  in the lap of nature, eat good and balanced diet, drink more water and meditate to give food to your spiritual life. Along with this, you need to take care of your digestive system and avoid depression.
  • FINANCE-You are not satisfied with your financial status as its a conflicted one. People who borrow money from you do not return on time which causes fights and unpleasantness. You will have to ask for your money again and again and feel disappointed. Do not take any type of risk to invest your money any where as time is not favourable for  you. Be vigilant about your competitors or the financial market. Keep on looking for financial ventures.
  • ADVICE-Be careful from deceptions.

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