Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for you.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE-You both are quite contended with your love relationship for the coming month. You will have love bond with harmony which is very important for the family. You both will care for each other, listen to each other and respect each other. This love connection will take your relationship to the level you desired. Singles will also get their love partner according to their choice and wish.
  • CAREER-You had troubled period concerning your career but coming time will be moving towards a peaceful time. You may get your desired job or boost into your business with new opportunities, offers or proposals. Job oriented people may apply for new and better jobs with raised salaries as its a favourable time ahead.  
  • HEALTH-You are not at all satisfied with your health as you are facing emotional ups and downs and due to these you are deceiving yourself and others. There are some health issues which are hidden and not on the surface. Please consult a doctor or a specialist for this and get your medical tests done to rule out hidden health issues. Above all you need to take special care for allergies which are surrounding you.  
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is quite good. You are eating the fruits of your past efforts and labour you have had invested in your finances. New finance ventures are on your way and be ready to grab these opportunities to bring more improvements in your financial conditions. Be alert about the financial market and keep an eye on it to play with your competitors.
  • ADVICE-Always avoid arguments.


21st April – 20thMay 

  • LOVE-Your love conditions are not very favourable towards your relationship due to your mind set towards material and financial matters or business. You do not take out time for your partner which is not a good gesture for your family life. Take out time and spend it with your partner to bring your love life on the right track. Singles will encounter some new partner.
  • CAREER-You seem to be very skilful in your business and keeping balance and doing full justice to your work. This skill invested to the business took it to high level. All the opportunities are availed fully to bring advancement and progress. You always think its pros and cons and then move ahead to take any action that means you will be a successful business man. Job oriented persons will get better jobs with raised salary soon.
  • HEALTH-Your general health is just alright, health issues would go up and down. You need to get medical tests done to reveal the hidden health issues so that you can get proper treatment. You need to take special care for your eyes and ears. There will pains in bones of your legs .
  • FINANCE-You are contented with your financial condition. You will be doing much more to bring improvement in your money matters as you are always open to accept new financial offers and trying for new financial ventures. You can invest any where you want as time is quite favourable but need to be very vigilant about your competitors in the market.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to receive important news.


21st May – 21st June

  • LOVE-You are not very happy from your love life you are suspended from it and your love life seems to be limping. Seems you need to be active emotionally and leave the material and financial things aside to bring a bondage of love and make your relationship harmonious. If you like you may take counselling or guiding from an expert. Singles will find their love partners but need to be patient, delay is there.
  • CAREER-You will be doing well in your career in the coming month as you are investing your efforts and labour in your business to grow with advanced methods and techniques. News of new proposals and opportunities are on your way which you will accept and put it into action for the growth of your business. Job oriented people will expect new and better jobs with better prospects.
  • HEALTH-You seem over-confident about your health issues. You need to work on controlling the exiting illness by taking care of these with regular medical checkups and consulting specialists time to time. It would be good if you look after your health in general way like eating healthy balanced diet, daily walks, drinking lot of water, avoiding stress for mental and emotional health and you can sit for meditation for your spiritual health.
  • FINANCE-You are very happy and satisfied with your finances. You will be eating the fruits of your labour and efforts you had invested in your business. You will be skilfully handling and controlling your finances so that it can grow with the time. You can invest your money in different places to grow your money and bring improvements and expand your business.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to accept good things.


22nd June- 21stJuly

  • LOVE-Your love life seems to be going very fast after some sad and unavoidable incident, in simple words, it recovered soon and came on track and you both connected with bond of love. There will be harmony between you two and you will have a contented life. Singles will come across their love partners soon unexpectedly.
  • CAREER-Your career or business depends on your destiny as some times there are ups and down. Profits and losses go side by side. But you will be trying from all the directions to bring your business up to a higher level. You are always ready to accept challenges and deal with them skilfully. Off and on new opportunities will keep coming to you. Job oriented people will be lucky to have better offers.
  • HEALTH-You seem to be quite comfortable with your health issues specially with your emotional concerns. Physically and mentally also you will be very safe and sound as you will be very careful regarding your health by eating healthy and balanced diet. To keep fit doing daily walks and drinking lot of water will prove to be a boon for your perfect life. Along with all you may face pain in your lower back and the pelvic area needs to be taken care of.
  • FINANCE-You are quite contented with your business. You will be doing very well with your special skill of handling and controlling it. You are always ready to accept new situations and opportunities to improve your business. You can invest your money at different places as time is good for the investments and also you may do your investments in abroad.
  • ADVICE-Accept reoccurring issues in your life.


22ndJuly – 21stAugust

  • LOVE-You are not satisfied with your love life as you are thinking mentally and not emotionally. You are taking good interest in your material and financial matters and have hardly any interest in your love life and also working towards new financial venture more. You are advised to sit with your partner and talk the things out and pay your attention towards your partner and family life. Some good news is on it sway for singles regarding their love partners.
  • CAREER-You career or business is not balanced as you are stuck somewhere with the losses and set backs and it is being suspended for a while. Now its time for your business to be improved and to bring some changes in the working scenario by using advanced methods and ways. Job oriented people will be able to get desired jobs after a while as delay is indicated.
  • HEALTH-Your health conditions are not satisfactory for which you need to work hard to keep your health up to the mark. First of all you need to consult your doctors or specialists regularly, get your routine medical check ups done and follow the guide lines. In general eat healthy and balanced diet, take of lot of water, regular walk and exercise is required too. Pay extra care to your liver and gall bladder.
  • FINANCE-Your are totally satisfied with your financial conditions as you are eating the fruits of your past efforts and labour invested into it. Now its time to expand your business as you may take it to overseas and can invest your money in shares, bonds and in other investment places. It is advised to be vigilant and alert from your competitors.
  • ADVICE- You will get your desired wish.


22ndAugust -21st September

  • LOVE-With the blessings of divine your love relationship with your partner is going smooth with which you are happy and satisfied. This bonding is a boon for a happy family life. You both take care of each other and respect each others thoughts and ideas. At the moment you both are thinking of some new approach towards your relationship to bring more stability and harmony.  I am sure you will find something! Singles will find their love partners soon.
  • CAREER-You seem to be quite busy in your career or business sorting out some old issues. Your business is the the result of your efforts and labour which you invested. You will always be ready to accept new deals, proposals and offers which are on your way to grow and develop your business. You will try to look for advanced approach towards your business to bring it to a higher level. Job oriented people will encounter new opportunities for better jobs with raised salaries.
  • HEALTH-You will be comfortable with your health issues and you will be happy with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Please keep on doing what ever you are doing to keep your health fit. Though you are happy with your health still you need to take a good care for your lower back especially for your pelvic area. You need to consult a specialist.
  • FINANCE-You are quite comfortable with your financial business . You will take a big decision about your money matters to bring big changes in how to improve or grow the business. You will expand your business in different directions i.e. you may invest your money at different places and are thinking of investing your overseas. Do not ever neglect in keeping a vigilant eye in the money market and observe what the other competitors are up to.   
  • ADVICE-Be ready for new opportunities.


22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

  • LOVE- Your love life seems to be contented. Its credit goes to the female partner because she is very loving, nurturing, caring and creative. Your love relationship seems to be a strong connection with the bond of emotions full of love towards each other. This is a very important thing for the family and to keep the love relationship on the right track. Singles are very close to finding a new loving partner for themselves. 
  • CAREER-You are quite comfortable with your career or business concerns. It will be flourishing and growing in the forthcoming time. You will be always ready to accept new opportunities, offers and proposals to bring growth and development. You will come across some matured and experienced person who will guide you with advanced methods and technology. You are thinking of expanding your business overseas. Singles will also follow the guidance for better jobs. 
  • HEALTH-You may not feel too well health wise. There could be some misdiagnosed disease which needs to be revealed and for it you need to get your medical tests done. You are liable to get small injury or cut. Be regular with the care of your general health. You are required to pay extra attention towards your spine. Get the consultation done with the specialist. Be careful from air prone diseases. 
  • FINANCE-You are not very comfortable with your financial circumstances. Situation seems to be limping. You need to work hard to grow the finances. Try to avail new opportunities and financial ventures to improve your this situation. This low situation is the result of the set back and losses you came across in the past. Clients or people did not pay back your money in time which they borrowed from you. Do not feel hesitant to borrow or take any financial help from any body. Keep an eye on the current financial market.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to celebrate.


23rdOctober – 20thNovember

  • LOVE-You need to keep balance in your life. Your love life, emotional life, mental life and spiritual life needs to come to terms with each other. Seems you both are paying extra attention towards your work or other responsibilities of your life and have suspended your love life at the moment. It is very important to keep an equal balanced to bring your love life in perfect harmony which is valuable for the betterment of your family. Singles will also find their love partner soon.
  • CAREER-You are quite comfortable with your career or business. Off and on you face limitations in your business. Sometimes you restrict yourself to spend money in your business fearing losses or set backs. You need to have a liberal attitude financially to develop or grow your business. Look for advanced approach, new opportunities and work hard to rise the higher. Job oriented people need to put their efforts to find better jobs with the raised salaries.
  • HEALTH-You are quite comfortable with your health issues and doing well. Please keep on doing what ever you are doing with your health. To keep fitter you can look for new approach, new health tips or treatments. You can change to Homeopathy or Ayurvedic treatment. Along with your physical, mental and emotional health you need to pay extra attention towards your spiritual health too. You can go for yoga, spend time in open air and sit for meditation and develop your third eye chakra.
  • FINANCE-You are not comfortable with your financial situation which needs more efforts and hard work. Due to set backs such as people not returning the money in time which was borrowed from you causing losses have create hindrances in the flow of income and expenditure of money. Do not take any risk to invest your money anywhere as its not good time to invest. You need to keep regular eye on the financial market to see its functioning.
  • ADVICE-Need to balance your life.


21stNovember – 21st December

  • LOVE-You are not doing well in your love relationship. May be you are deceiving your self emotionally or others. You need to work on it. You both need to sit together, discuss and sort the things out by working out some solutions so that your family can move on smoothly with bond of love and harmony. Singles are looking for their partners.
  • CAREER-You are deeply concerned about your career or business. In the resent past something unexpected happened in the field of your career but since there was not much loss or set back soon the situation was recovered to normalcy. Singles will be offered better jobs with raised salaries suddenly.
  • HEALTH-You seem to be quite worried about your health issues and thinking of switching on to some new direction of treatment or may be changing your treatment to Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, herbal or holistic treatment. Need to be very careful regarding this change. Along with all this you need to take special care of the diseases concerning heart like your circulatory system, palpitation of heart, working of arteries, your blood pressure etc. Consult the specialist.
  • FINANCE-The position of your finances is the result of your spontaneous decision making regarding your financial ventures. You always take a giant leap ahead in your money matters and are also quite confident about your decisions. You will be investing your money at different places due to favourable time. Always be alert from your competitors in the financial market. New financial ventures, opportunities and proposals are waiting for you.
  • ADVICE-All is not lost if you look behind.


22nd December  – 19thJanuary

  • LOVE-You are quite satisfied and comfortable with your love life.You have a strong bond of love with each other which will bring harmony in the family relations too. You seem to be taking care of each others requirements and needs. Though you have other work options and responsibilities too but you don’t neglect your partner or your love life. Keep it up ! Singles may find love with the help of a friend.
  • CAREER-You are contented with your career or business. This level of business is the result of your sincere efforts and labour. You seem to be always ready to accept new proposals and offers to bring improvements and to grow your business. You are thinking or will expand your business overseas too. People who are doing jobs may get desired offers locally or from overseas.   
  • HEALTH-You are concerned about your health issues as your health keeps going up and down. To keep your health on the track you are advised to eat balanced healthy diet, regular daily exercise or gym, drinking lot of water, need to avoid mental and emotional stress. Do not neglect your spiritual health too. You may go for X-rays to clarify a misdiagnosed or hidden illness.
  • FINANCE-You are totally satisfied your financial concerns. This level of financial condition you have attained is with your efforts of your labour. You are always open to accept new opportunities. In near future some news is heading towards you with new financial offers and proposals which you will grab. Be alert about the financial market around. You can invest your money anywhere you like as time is quite favourable.  
  • ADVICE-Have patience for the bright time.


20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

  • LOVE- Your love relationship is not satisfactory as negative and positive things are happening between you two. Relationship is going up and down. You need to settle down the issues but in the end you both have to trust each other. You are advised to sit together and sort things out and move ahead in life with bond of love and harmony which is very important for the family. Singles will try to find the love partner with the help of a matured person.
  • CAREER-You are not very comfortable with your career or business. The mistakes or draw backs in your business you had in the past, you are rectifying and improving now to bring your business right on the track and for growth and improvements. Be prepared to accept the new business opportunities as they are on the way for you. You need to look for advanced approach to apply in your business to excel. Job oriented people can expect new jobs.
  • HEALTH-You are satisfied with your health issues as you have control on your existing condition by taking care of it as you are looking after every aspect of health sincerely. You eat balanced and healthy food for your physical health and you always avoid stress to keep your mental health up to the mark and also avoid emotional issues. Along with this, you are advised to take special care of your heart functioning. To avoid illness pay regular visits to the heart specialist and follow the advise. 
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation seems to be at low level with the result you feel frustrated and worried but you have the skill and capacity to fight with the situation to bring better results and improve the financial condition to the required level. Try to look for new financial ventures, keep an eye on the market how it functions and observe the competitors. Do not take risk to invest your money without seeing its pros and cons.
  • ADVICE-Be careful all that glitters is not gold.


19thFebruary  – 20th March

  • LOVE-You are satisfied with your love life. Coming month is going to be favourable for you with the bond of love and harmony along with happiness in the family. You both work together, care for each other listen to each others problems and difficulties and respect each others ideas and thoughts. You celebrate your happiness together. Time has come for the singles to celebrate the happiness which they are going to get soon as their love partner. Pisces enjoy the forthcoming good time and celebrate it.
  • CAREER-You are happy with your career or business as it is  progressing and flourishing and for this the credit goes to you, your efforts and labour. You will be heading towards new business ventures to bring growth and develop it with advanced approach. You will be controlling your business skilfully. People who are doing jobs are also searching for new jobs with raised salaries.
  • HEALTH-In general you are doing quite well with your health issues as you are taking care of your health properly. Please keep on doing what ever you are doing to keep fit. Along with this you need to keep maintaining your emotional, mental and spiritual health also. You do need to pay special attention towards your heart issues and its circulatory system. Consult heart specialist and follow the advice. 
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation seems to be satisfactory. You have attained this position with your skills and total control of your financial condition. You had been investing lot of efforts and labour into it. Your attitude towards your employees and workers is very sincere and positive. You need to be very alert regarding the competitors and financial market around. Keep the latest market up date. You can invest your money where ever you want to invest as its a favourable time for the investment.
  • ADVICE-Never indulge in an argument.

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