Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for the month of APRIL 2020.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE-You are not at all satisfied with your love life. It seems you are sad and frustrated with your situation. Its one sided, your love is not reciprocated. You need to sit with your partner and sort things out, discuss your grudges and problems to bring your love life on track which is very important for both of you. Singles need to wait, time is not good.
  • CAREER-Your journey in business is very satisfactory with mixed response, negative and as well as positive. You are experiencing hardships and troubles on its way but you will be moving on with positive result with victory. New offers and proposals are on your way, just grab them to bring boost in your business. Job oriented people will continue where you are. 
  • HEALTH-You seem to be confused with your health issues and juggling with more than one problem.You can always take second opinion from different specialist or change your treatment you can go with herbal or homeopathy or ayurveda.Need to be careful with common flu or throat issues, cough etc. If you need you can change your doctor or specialist.
  • FINANCE-You are quite successful with your financial conditions. what you actually wanted you have nearly achieved that position.You may look for new opportunities to improve your finances.Need to pay extra attention to the financial market around you to compete.Its a good time to invest your money in different places.
  • ADVICE-Need to reassess the situation in hand.


21st April – 20thMay 

  • LOVE-Your love life seems to be satisfactory, having balance and harmony with your partner. You are looking after all the work and responsibilities around you and also keeping balance with your love life. You will have emotional connection with your family.Singles need to go out of your den to find your love partner.
  • CAREER-You are doing your business well but you need to open your eyes to see what’s happening around you. You will come across very jealous, fraud, crooked people who may deceive you. You need to move ahead in the business market by observing all the pros and cons of the business and the market strategy. Job oriented people need to be careful people around at their work place. 
  • HEALTH-You will be fit and fine with your health issues safe and secure. You may continue with what ever you are doing to maintain your health.Someone may enter in your life who will be very helpful to keep your health on track. Must obey that person.You can introduce other healing processes or holistic methods to keep your health on the right track.
  • FINANCE-You are already doing very well in your finances and new opportunities are on your way which will be very beneficial to bring more improvements in your money matters.You can invest any where you like, its a good time for investments, buying and selling shares, can invest insurances,in bonds etc.
  • ADVICE-Be the master of your own.


21st May – 21st June

  • LOVE-Your love life is very satisfactory. You both are connected to each other emotionally, lovingly and do care for each other.Your life is going on with the bond of love and harmony. You have a strong connect which will be great for your family life and always find something new emotionally to bring improvement in your relationship.Singles will find a new partner.
  • CAREER-You will be doing very well in your business as it is the result of your hard work, your labour and efforts you have invested in your business. In coming time you may experience hardships, blockages and difficulties in your business.But you will over come with your efforts and skills. Job oriented people will keep trying for better job and will soon succeed.
  • HEALTH-You seem to be quite care free regarding your health which is not good for you as something unexpected might pop up concerning your health.You need to be very careful while walking, might fall down and get hurt.Do not exert yourself, take rest and relax as already you are going through health issues.
  • FINANCE-You are very much contented with your financial condition. What you wanted you achieved with your efforts.You got your wish fulfilled.Time is favourable, you can invest your money at different places which will be beneficial in the long run.You may expand your business in different directions.
  • ADVICE-Always keep your eyes opened.


22nd June- 21stJuly

  • LOVE-Your love life is the result of the contributions of efforts put by the female partner and mostly depends on her. She is controlling and working hard to nurture it. She always plans for every event, every situation or going out for trips or vacations together. It is advised to the male partner to contribute in the family affairs, helping wife to bring the love life in harmony. 
  • CAREER-Your business is doing very well, handling it with your advanced skills. New opportunities are waiting for you. Some matured experienced person may enter your life to guide you or help you in your business. Don’t hesitate to accept his advice or help to improve more in your business.People in job can take consultation to get better job.
  • HEALTH-You need to take consultation or advice in your health related issues. Get your medical check ups done.You may be advised for some surgery as you are already fighting with health issues. Do not tire yourself, relax and take rest. Keep your general health up to the mark by taking good care and balanced diet,regular exercise, walk and meditation.
  • FINANCE- You are your own boss as you are controlling and managing your financial situation very well.You keep observing the competitive market to take the appropriate action for your money to invest and how to move further in your financial situation.You can invest anywhere you want as its favourable time for you.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to accept unexpected.


22ndJuly – 21stAugust

  • LOVE-You are not very comfortable with each other’s views or thoughts.You people always confront each other without any understanding. Gather your inner strength and sit together to sort the relationship issues out to bring your love life on track. Shortly it will be smooth. Need to have patience.Singles have to wait for a while to search for partners as it is not very good time.
  • CAREER-Your business is doing very well because you are your own boss, controlling and handling by yourself with full confidence.You always keep an eye for new opportunities and new ways or approaches to improve more. You are always ready to accept matured and experienced advise which proves to be beneficial for you.You always treat your employees with love and respect.
  • HEALTH-Your health issues and treatment has become a routine.Time has come to take second opinion or new treatment.You may be advised for some surgery. Make your decision with the consultation of your specialist and follow his advice. Avoid stress, strain and anxiety. Take care of your general health by taking balanced diet,walk, exercise and drinking lot of water.
  • FINANCE-Your financial situation is like the whole world is in your palm. Every thing will go in your favour as its a very lucky and good time going on. You can do your investments at different places which will prove to be very beneficial for you in the long run. You may invest your money overseas to bring more profits in your finances.
  • ADVICE-Leave the sorrows behind.


22ndAugust -21st September

  • LOVE-Your relationship situation is not favourable to you as you are quite frustrated and holding back all your grudges. Misunderstandings could cause your relationship go off the track and you will be stuck with this condition. It is advised to sit together and discuss all the things and sort them out to bring your relationship on the right track to have harmony. Singles not good time for you for new love.
  • CAREER-You are doing very well in your business or job.What ever you do always comes out victorious.You always look forward for the new opportunities, offers or proposals to imply in your business to bring  positive and beneficial changes towards the progression  and improvement in it. You always keep moving forward to different places to get orders for your business. Job oriented people are working hard for their promotions and will prove it to be successful. 
  • HEALTH-Your health is not that good as you are having some hidden issues which are not diagnosed so please get yourself medically checked by your specialist and listen to the advice of your doctor. Be careful about the allergies from plants. Your regular care will revert back your allergy problems.
  • FINANCE-Your financial condition is quite good as you do take care of how to handle your money matters.You are not extravagant and believe in saving money and know very well where to invest or not. And you do keep watch on the financial market fully to compete it.
  • ADVICE-Always pay respect to your elders.


22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

  • LOVE- Your love life does not seem to be very good as you both are not giving proper time to each other by being busy in other responsibilities and work which lacks emotional bond. You are not ready to commit anything regarding your love life. You are advised to take out some time and be with each other and spend quality time together. Plan vacations together and other activities too.
  • CAREER- At the moment you are fully contented with your financial condition because you have already attained what you desired. You have reached your goal with the hard work and efforts you have invested. You always look forward for more opportunities to bring more improvements and success and you always get your wish fulfilled.
  • HEALTH-You are not doing very well with your health issues. You need to consult your specialist or doctor to keep your health in up swing. You may try other treatments like herbal, homoeopathy or ayurveda. May go for holistic healing or try Reiki healing. Rest you may continue with what ever you are doing to keep yourself fit.  
  • FINANCE-Your financial condition is well managed and balanced as you are doing good in it. You maintain your money matters by keeping balance in your income and expenditures. You keep accepting the new proposals and offers to better your position in money matters.You invest your money after looking at its pros and cons. You know how to preserve your money which is a good habit.
  • ADVICE-Always be happy emotionally.


23rdOctober – 20thNovember

  • LOVE-You are not happy with your love relationship. This relationship seems to be a conflicted one. You have disagreements and misunderstandings which are not good. To bring back your relationship on the right track you sit together and vomit out your grudges and misunderstandings and reconcile amicably. Singles improve upon your mental conflicts before you search for partner. 
  • CAREER-You are quite satisfied with your business but at the same time you have pending decisions to be made need to solve old issues first and then move further. If you owe some one any money pay it at once or if someone owes you some money, take the money back and clear the account. New opportunities are on your way, so avail them.
  • HEALTH-Your health is not behaving with you properly. You need to take a good care of your health. You have old issues, you need to consult your doctor or specialists for new approach, new treatment or changed treatment for the betterment of your health to keep it in upswings. Also you could go for second opinion.
  • FINANCE-Your financial condition is quite good. Good time and success is with you. You will be doing part time or second job along with current business and also thinking of doing your business in partnership. You can invest your money in different places as time is in your favour which will be profitable in the long run.
  • ADVICE- Work hard.


21stNovember – 21st December

  • LOVE-Your love relationship is not very satisfying as it seems you are very much involved in your job work and other responsibilities and you hardly get any time to spend with your partner and family. You seem to be stuck in your own world but you also need to take out some time for your love/relationship to bring harmony in your life.
  • CAREER-At the moment you got disappointments in your business due to some set backs and losses. You may have got deceived by someone in your business or some one betrayed you.Look for new opportunities or may take advice of some matured experienced person to improve your business. Job oriented people may try for new or better job with raised salary.
  • HEALTH-Time has come to try some new treatment for your existing ailments. You can go for holistic treatment, herbal medicines or Reiki healing treatments. You need to pay extra attention towards your gallbladder and liver. Be regular in your medical tests and check-ups. Don’t neglect your regular walk and exercise with balanced and healthy diet. Drink lots of water.
  • FINANCE-You are very good at your business by thinking of every pros and cons of money market. You are thinking of expanding your business in different directions. Some matured and experienced lady may come into your life to guide you about the advanced techniques on how to manage your money and where to invest.
  • ADVICE-Always be ambitious.


22nd December  – 19thJanuary

  • LOVE-Recently you may have come to realization after self-reflection and realized about what you ignored and learnt a lesson that what really you want from your relationship. Its time to let go of past and its time for you to have honest conversation with your partner how to take your relationship to the next level.
  • CAREER-You are going to be very successful in your business as you hoped and wished.Only thing is that you need to keep balance in it. Its a good time to try to take your business for expansion in different directions which will give you positive out comes.
  • HEALTH-Your health seems to be on up swing. At this time you may go for holistic medicine like yoga, meditations to keep your health condition on track.At the same time do not ignore your doctor’s advice. Need to be careful about your eating habits to keep your digestive system fit.
  • FINANCE- Your financial conditions are going to be very good which is the result of your efforts and labour you invested in your work. New offers and opportunities are on your way, grab it! Its a good time to invest your money.
  • ADVICE-Always be ready to take action.


20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

  • LOVE-You attract good healthy and loving relationship because you have deep self respect and love for yourself. If your relationship is hurting you, reach out to your partner and talk the things out to bring it back on track. If you are a male, you may come across an attractive female in your life who have potential for sustainable relationship.   
  • CAREER-You have great ambition to be successful in your business which you have and very fulfilling and sustainable life style. You always look for new opportunities and progression in your business by new approach and advanced techniques. Job oriented people sometime feel as if they are trapped somewhere but they can always ask for raise in pay.
  • HEALTH-Regarding your health concerns, its time to try a new health care approach especially preventive care. Exercise, eating balanced and healthy food, get enough sleep, avoid stress and exhaustion. Existing illness will be on the journey of recovery.
  • FINANCE-Regarding your financial situation you may take big decision for improving it to get better results. You may get clarity in your financial issues or you may get some news or information which which will help you identify new opportunity.
  • ADVICE-Be ready to accept the transformations.


19thFebruary  – 20th March

  • LOVE-Your relationship depends on Karma, if you have invested your emotions, time and energy for your partner it will come back to you. You need to look at the situation honestly with open mind. If you are struggling in your relationship, sit and talk to your partner to bring justice in the relationship.
  • CAREER-You yourself has power to manifest what you want. Follow your gut instinct and intuition. You will need to keep your money matters confidential from everyone except from someone you trust. It all depends on how and which approach you follow towards your career.
  • HEALTH-Your health is going to be good. You will only have to take care of your general approach like eating good balanced diet, daily exercise for physical health, meditation to be connected to spiritual aspect. Just small issues like weather influences can occur.
  • FINANCE-Financially you will be satisfied as you will get opportunities to deal globally. You may invest your money for positive out comes which prove to be good for the long run. You may go abroad to earn some money.
  • ADVICE-Take a giant leap forward.

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