Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divinations called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for the month of FEBRUARY 2020.

ARIES 21st March – 20th April

LOVE-You are diligently working to ensure that this relationship is successful in future to improve it for long term.You both need to know what to improve and which measures are to be taken care of for your stability and bring harmony in it. You both are committed and dedicated, putting enough efforts in it and heading towards right direction.This is certainly important area of your life. Have faith in it.                

CAREER-Your career, business or job need quick new thoughts, care  decisions and actions to be taken in best interest of you. Need advanced approach towards your business to bring up the swing. It needs more offers and opprtunitues to be in the progression.Job oriented people may look for new better jobs. You may hear good news for your job with raised salary. Be ready to take action.

HEALTH-Your health does not favour you at all. You need rest as you have over exerted, take rest for recuperation. Do not over do anything, may it be physically or mentally. Pay extra care for your back and spine. Consult doctor and take advice. You may go for physiotherapy.Take out time for yourself to keep it on the track.

FINANCE-Your financial situation sounds good and very satisfactory. You will see very fast growth financially and are going to hear good news for the increase in your financial investments. You will also choose a very aggressive financial investment portfolio with benefits and future success but with little challenges. Be ready with positive  approach.

ADVICE-Don’t look back keep on moving.

TAURUS 21st April – 20thMay 

LOVE-You are quite satisfied with your love relationship but you will bring your love relationship to the next level to bring strong bond of love with stability and security quickly in it. You both are planning together to move in different ways like going to meet parents, getting engaged or having children in future etc.

CAREER- As you are doing very well in your business,a you need to take care of your business with your gut feeling also. Listen to your intuition by keeping all the pros and cons of it in front of you. You will be getting new proposals and offers in this month. Job oriented people will be getting opportunities for raised salary.

HEALTH-You will soon reach new positive levels of health and vitality. This is an excellent time for you to begin a new health regime. Start where you are with your daily routine eating balanced diet, daily exercise, eating raw vegetable etc. Need to pay extra attention towards your vocal cords and throat.

FINANCE-You need to play with the rules and down-to-earth yet professional and traditional ways to handle the money. Seek the advice of bankers and financial planners and people who are experience dealing with finance. This is not a good time for investing money, taking any chances or risks or going for unusual stocks, shares etc.

ADVICE-Always be clear in your matters.

GEMINI 21st May – 21st June

LOVE-Your relationship is going well but without emotions. You both care for each other but on mental and practical level and trying hard to bring some change for new loving way so that this love bond can become strong so that your love life can come on the right track. Singles will encounter their love partner so keep your eyes and heart open for it.

CAREER-This month your business will have new horizons as you were quite concerned and upset for the loss and set backs. New opportunities, offers and proposals are on your way with advanced approach for the transformations. Job oriented people can expect raise in pay or new job offers so be ready to accept the opportunity and change for better and elevated future.

HEALTH-Your health seems to be quite good. Keep on doing what ever you are doing with your health. Regular walking, exercise, balanced and healthy diet are a great way to maintain it. Always avoid stress and strain for mental health and do meditation for spiritual health. Keep consulting your doctor to avoid spreading your illness so that you can keep fit. For persisting health problems you can go for second opinion or treatment.

FINANCE-You need to be alert about your finances, money matters and your employees.Invest your money with care and after thinking of its pros and cons. Investigate the whole market first as all that glitters is not gold.There will be money improvements as there are multiple options to choose but with care.

ADVICE-Always be ready to take action.

CANCER 22nd June- 21stJuly

LOVE-You will be satisfied with your love relationship as male partner is very much connected to female partner, emotionally nurturing and caring. Your relationship will have bond of love and harmony which is very important to keep it on track. Singles will find their desired love partner.

CAREER-Your business seems to be balanced, secured and safe to your satisfaction. You are thinking of doing joint business and adding a work partner to your business and also thinking of doing some side business. Job oriented people are thinking of doing part time job to increase their income and searching for the appropriate second or part time job.

HEALTH-Your health will be on right track as you are taking good care of yourself. Continue what ever you are doing. As you have much concerns about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, pay extra attention to your diet control. Avoid over eating and eat healthy.

FINANCE-Your financial situation generally looks sound. But you are confused between the other options, you are juggling with the situation and decisions. Take advice from matured and experienced financial manager or expert so that you can avoid any mistake. You are advised to make a right choice for your employees who are going to work with you.

ADVICE-Need to control your working situation.

LEO 22ndJuly – 21stAugust

LOVE-In love relationship, you are currently involved in very energetic conversations and sharing new thoughts with new approaches to keep balanced and keep the relationship right on track with safe and strong harmonious bond. For singles new love partner is entering your life soon.

CAREER-Your business is doing well but you will be taking a big decision to bring change in the business strategy soon to bring improvements to progress in different directions. You are thinking of another side business along with current business. People who are in job will take a big decision to change the job for the better one with raised pay.

HEALTH-You seem to be pursuing new plans for your health benefits, doing harder or vigorous exercises but need to be careful, never over do so that you may not wear yourself out. Do not over do anything, be in limits to keep balance in your health up. Pay special care to your lower legs, knees, feet, ankles.

FINANCE-Generally your financial condition is good but at the moment it is become stagnant. Do not worry, it will again jump up back to normal, have patience. Need to review the whole situation. Go through your account books. Observe the market carefully to bring improvements in your financial situation .Keep an eye on your workers.

ADVICE-Be ready to accept the blessing of God.

VIRGO 22ndAugust -21st September

• LOVE-Your love life is full of happiness, totally satisfied with your partner, family and relatives. You will share your feelings, emotions and work together towards your future happiness, security and stability for the successful time ahead. Singles will find their love partners according to their satisfaction.

CAREER-You are quite disturbed about your business due to losses and setbacks in your trade. Its not a good time for you. You need to wait patiently and in this period you can think of what to do next to bring back your business to the same level. Job oriented people, if they are bored or dissatisfied with their jobs may look for new better ones.

HEALTH-Your health seems to be accident prone in this month so be careful and not to engage in high risk activities. Unexpectedly, your health will likely be on the up swing. Existing ailments will show improvements. Pay extra care and attention towards your back pains and spine issues. Be regular in your treatments.

FINANCE-You are not happy and satisfied with your financial status.You are disturbed and frustrated as clients and people are not paying you the money which they had borrowed from you which is not good for the money flow. Its not a good time, do not take any risk in the investment. Wait with the patience, watch and study the market carefully.

ADVICE-Be ready to get your wish.

LIBRA 22ndSeptember – 22ndOctober

• LOVE-Your relationship is very strong emotionally and mentally with inner strength. You care for each other, spend time together and work together also with wisdom and inner strength for the relationship to keep it on right track confidently. Singles having their positive attitude and confident are likely to find their partner soon.

CAREER-You are taking different measures to bring balance in the working conditions of your business or what you are doing for your career and have lots of hopes, wishes and aspirations to get to your goal. You will do better financially in your career than you have hoped for. People who are doing jobs are expecting better jobs and they will get it.

HEALTH-Your health does not seem to be very good. You may expect some kind of injection or surgery or some cut on your body. Be careful from some kind of allergy from herbs, pollen and flowers. You will have recovery from your existing ailments. You will take big decision to bring change in your health to adopt other options like yoga, meditation and holistic healing etc.

FINANCE-You are very much satisfied with your financial situation. You are going to get opportunities, proposals and offers ahead with positive outcome financially. This is a good time to invest any where you like with all the financial benefits.

ADVICE-Always be ready to overcome frustrations.

SCORPIO 23rdOctober – 20thNovember

LOVE-Your love is very satisfying with deep connection towards each other, caring, nurturing and with good guidance specially from a female partner. You communicate openly and honestly with clear mind with each other. When you share your views and thoughts show your bond of love and compassion towards your relation ship. Singles will mingle with their partners soon.

CAREER-Your business is quite good and competing well with your rivals. But you need to be very careful from people around who keep bad intentions and are jealous of you. You need to be very alert from their deceits, they can cheat you and also cut your roots. The deceit can be from your employees also. Job oriented persons be alert from the people working around you.

HEALTH-You are quite upset and frustrated about your health as emotionally you feel very hurt which has direct affect on your health. Let go of the emotions and work towards your health positively to uplift by taking care of it. Be regular in your medical routine checkups, exercise, diet, daily walks, consuming lot of water etc. Indication is there for some cuts, injuries or surgery.

FINANCE-You are the master of your own, getting your wishes fulfilled. You will get what you desire. You are eating the fruits of your hard labour. Its a good time to invest in different places which will prove to be beneficial as the outcome of your investments. This month will be in favour of you in your money matters.

ADVICE-Be always respectful to every one.

SAGITTARIUS 21stNovember – 21st December

LOVE-Your love relationship is peaceful, stable and sound. This is the time you are really grateful for every thing you are having together and will be celebrating the beauty of your connection together. This is a good time as energy of love is growing harmoniously between you two and your commitment towards your relationship is on increase. Your emotions lack a bit in your relationship and more attention is towards your work responsibility.

CAREER-You are doing well in your business with full satisfaction. Quick change and action is indicated which is the result of a quick decision of offering pf a new project. Some good news is on its way soon towards your work area. May be a new job, opportunity or offer or proposal is coming to you which will be very beneficial in the long run, be prepared for it to grab.

HEALTH-In general you are keeping good health. Existing ailments show recovery. Keep on doing what ever you are doing in your health area. If you give priority to other things first then your health may suffer. Keeping balance at every endeavor is always favourable. Pay extra attention to your liver and gall bladder area.

FINANCE-You are quite satisfied with your financial situation and eating the fruits of your labour. New financial projects or proposals are on your way, be ready to accept them. You can invest your money in different sources of income which will prove to be very beneficial for future. Indication of up swings in your financial flow. Continue doing what ever you are doing financially for the money growth.

ADVICE-Be always ready for hard work.

CAPRICORN 22nd December  – 19thJanuary

LOVE-Your love life is generally alright but you need to bring balance in the relationship. Do not indulge in business or job or other responsibilities more. Pay attention towards your love relationship as well towards people around you. Singles have patience to get your hope fulfilled for getting new partners.

CAREER-Your career, business and job is very well satisfying and secured. You will come across new opportunities to start new projects successfully. You are thinking of starting new venture with great enthusiasm and energy and to give more importance towards self creativity which will give you peace of mind and contentment. People in job will get better jobs offers with raised pay.

HEALTH-Your health conditions are not very good. You do over work which makes you tired and fully exhausted. Do not tire yourself which will have bad effect on your health. Take out some time to rest, to keep your health fit and on right track. You need to give special care to boost up your immune system. Walk in fresh air, sit in the sun, drink lots of water, eat healthy and balanced diet with daily exercise.

FINANCE-You are very much safe secured and satisfied with your financial situation and eating fruits of your labour and efforts you have put in your business and created money. Keep on working to grow more financially as more financial ventures ahead grab them. This is the right time for you to invest with great benefits. Don’t loose the opportunity. Good luck.

ADVICE-Be on the move always.

AQUARIUS 20thJanuary  – 18thFebruary 

LOVE-Your love life seems to be very disappointing even after trying hard to bring it on the right track. But give another chance, sit together, talk to each other and sort the things out. Forgive and forget and let the things go. Singles have to wait for the love interest to come in their life.

CAREER-You are satisfied with your work or business as by law of nature it goes up and down. You may go abroad for your business purpose from where you will get new proposals and offers for new projects. Job oriented people can expect change in there jobs for better and elevated future.

HEALTH-You seem to be very stressed and over burdened with work. Do not get tired or exhausted, it will cause ill health. Take rest. Avoid stress and strain. Existing ailments will recover. You can try for other options or second opinion like homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicines.

FINANCE-You are the boss of your own. Doing very well with your financial concerns. You are working hard and taking right actions at right time to bring raise in your financial ventures. You will have good control on your employees and also keeping an eye regularly on your accounts books. You are looking for new opportunities to invest money at right place.

ADVICE-You are advised to love selflessly

PISCES 19thFebruary  – 20th March

LOVE-Your love relationship is good but you need to work on it to bring new level for the security and stability for strong bond and harmony. You will be working with great enthusiasm and energy. Singles are putting their efforts to find appropriate love partner for themselves.

CAREER-Your current business is doing well. You are confused and juggling between other options to choose. You are also thinking of doing joint business with other partner and looking for side business or job just to progress financially and grow your business.You may go abroad for new business offers and work from there.

HEALTH-Your health is good with full strength and energy. You have the enthusiasm to fight with your existing illness by looking after yourself well and keeping balance with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Try to stay happy to be fit health wise. Never let your emotions over power you to avoid illness. Your existing ailments will end.

FINANCE-Your financial condition is satisfactory. You may go overseas for the financial ventures. New offers will come to you. You can invest your money as it is a good time for you.New clients will come to you.You will work for money on global scale.You will have financial connections from overseas.

ADVICE-Be loving to every one.

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Jack of Clubs

Jack of Clubs

  • Brave, passion, persuasion
  • highly aggressive an impulsive person
  • hot tempered and no patience
  • but you’re a good friend
  • you good and energetic
  • man or woman with a mission but usually man
  • it can also send out some type of emergency but it is not very serious

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Clubs

  • exhaustion, resistance, burden, oppression
  • time for struggle
  • you have to be in more burden than you can handle
  • tension and stress
  • projects men of work as you planned
  • can also lead to Good Fortune and economic security Legacy or wedding or a lottery or a successful investment
  • this can also show contentment and new beginnings
  • money coming in a form of a bonus
  • A New Day Has Gone and with that comes potential of new directions in new challenges which can be embraced

Nine of Clubs

  • toughness, persistence, stamina, royalty
  • you have prepared yourself for victory
  • you have to come the final obstacle
  • you will enjoy good wealth
  • a great card
  • achievement
  • new level
  • personal achievement and self satisfaction
  • Step Closer to the wishes and desires

Eight of Clubs

  • speed, change, responsiveness, swiftness
  • you may be approaching your goals
  • this is the time to act
  • life seems to be full of hopes and progress
  • this is the time to prove yourself this card can also show danger
  • being extremely negative
  • this is a special warning card for a woman who wants to get married

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Clubs

  • bravery, determination, imagination
  • you may face stiff competition and you may need aggressive determination to do the same
  • you need lot of skill and nerve to get past the hardships
  • this card and give you a new direction
  • discard hint at additional responsibilities in current venture
  • opposite sex can cause trouble

Six of Clubs

Six of Clubs

  • Victory, achievement, success, Triumph
  • you may hear some good news
  • you’ll be recognised for your hard work
  • your self esteem will get boost
  • this is a Victory card
  • the god also opens up new opportunities
  • new job
  • new enterprise
  • new travel
  • business success especially from the partnerships

Five of Clubs

Five of Clubs

  • disruption, conflict, addiction, strife
  • time to test your courage
  • may be a legal matter
  • frustrations with minor problems
  • problems can be overcome with patience and conviction
  • documents or letter related to property
  • family connections and family status
  • friction
  • happy marriage and friendships can also fall out at times

Four of Clubs

  • celebration, jubilation, community, teamwork, completion
  • this is a positive current
  • you will enjoy rewards of your hard work
  • you like on the finer things in life
  • very creative and innovative
  • will settled home prosperous and happy life
  • a home in countryside
  • peacefulness and serenity

Three of Clubs

Three of Clubs

  • action, implementation, exploration
  • strength and confidence in your motives
  • confident and good leader
  • lots of negotiations will happen but result will be fruitful
  • growth and abundance
  • seed for the future to grow
  • move towards success with determination

Two of Clubs

Two of Clubs

  • conflicts, options, decisions, debates
  • good things are yet to come
  • partnership will be successful
  • travel is possible
  • indicate new ventures
  • you need time patience and strong belief in yourself
  • an intellectual person
  • don’t let others sidetrack you

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs

  • Desire, inspiration, vision, creation, invention
  • new venture and new project
  • promotion
  • inheritance
  • birth of a baby
  • a new idea
  • a new life
  • move to interstate or overseas
  • grow in more ways than you can imagine

King of Spades

King of Spades

  • genius, expert, Decision Maker
  • a person with authority
  • a warrior
  • lawyer
  • diplomat
  • harsh attitude towards life
  • feeling of emptiness and scarred
  • serious and often secretive

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

  • Grace, skill, charm , aptitude
  • you are a Warrior and ready for challenge
  • witty and outspoken
  • independent with your own ideas
  • it can be difficult card, can be a widow, a Hard Woman
  • lonely and emotionally handicapped
  • can be a state of mourning and abandonment

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades

  • student, apprentice, scholarship, information, intelligent, cautious
  • discard business a young man or a woman with intellectual abilities
  • Grace and Diplomacy
  • sharp minded person may not take things lying down
  • action and adventure
  • acting quickly and with confidence
  • sometimes can be foolishly confident
  • but learns from the mistakes

Ten of Spades

Ten of Spades

  • ruin, disaster, Obsession
  • you may be at the lowest point of your life
  • sorrow and Misfortune
  • plans may fail
  • losses may occur
  • things will be better soon
  • you have skills to get out of the problem

Nine of Spades

Nine of Spades

  • remorse, wrong, conclusion
  • things may not be as bad as they seem to be
  • it reminds you that even the sweetest things can make a huge difference is at times
  • stress, anxiety, despaired, guilt, nightmare, concern
  • you have doubt and Suspicion
  • you need to think positively

Eight of Spades

Eight of Spades

  • restriction, limitation, helplessness, confinement
  • it shows restricted course of action
  • temporary weakness an illness
  • trapped in a situation
  • social problem
  • legal problem
  • impaired judgement
  • opposition from others
  • cancelled plans
  • obstacles

Seven of Spades

Seven of Spades

  • dishonesty, presumption, assuming things, sneakiness
  • Tact is needed to solve problems
  • you have to be careful around the people you trust
  • unwanted mistrust may make you paranoid
  • the problems are your own fault
  • this card warns you alone to be careful
  • time of Sorrow
  • warnings
  • losses

Six of Spades

Six of Spades

  • adaptation, adjustment, science, travel
  • there may be a delay in travel plans
  • unwanted obstacles
  • you should not give up hope
  • shows travel by sea or on living by sea or something related to sea
  • don’t be turbulent times
  • tomorrow will be a better day
  • there is a Ray of Light
  • the situation will eventually change
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