Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use a deck of special cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years. We can surely take the help of one of the fortune telling divination called ‘Tarot Cards’ for the guidance to peer into our lives and know about the forth coming happenings.

Ranie Bhalla, Tarot card Reader and cartomancer, the Fortune Teller, brings horoscope reading for the month of April 2019.


21st March – 20th April

  • LOVE- Your relationship seems to be struggling for harmony and compatibility. This is the time for transformations. Try to forget old grudges and forgive. Start working towards your relationship by discussing with your partner for new approach towards mending your relationship in a loving way.
  • CAREER- Your business or job will be very fulfilling and satisfactory with success and recognition. This period is very prosperous and you may take risk to increase your business. Job oriented people may get new opportunities for change or better job.
  • HEALTH- Your health will not be very good this month. You will not feel comfortable with your health and would like to take a second opinion or change medicine. You will feel depressed and feel sad resulting you will feel like being in bed.
  • FINANCE- You is not going to be satisfied with your financial situation. You will have to put lot of struggle for getting back your own money from the people who owe you. You may have to fight with them to get back your money.
  • ADVICE- Be ready for the transformation.       


21st April – 22nd May

  •  LOVE- You are not going to be happy with your love life this month due to some misunderstanding and annoyances. You may have two choices or options to choose from. Need to be very careful for making the right choice.
  • CARRER- This month is going to be tough for you to keep balance in your business. You will feel stuck in your business resulting in health issues with many other problems, difficulties and challenges on its way.
  • HEALTH- You need to take good care of your health. Existing ailments will have recovery. This period can be accident prone so you need to have a watch on it. Be regular with your medical check-ups to avoid any flaring up of any disease or spreading some ailment.  
  • FINANCE- You will be disappointed with your financial condition. You may get deceived by people who owe you money. Financial set back will make you depressed and frustrated. So reassess the whole money matters and bring balance in your accounts. 
  • ADVICE- Always be positive.


21st May – 22nd June

  • LOVE- Love relationship does not look very promising. Both of you need some consultation regarding your marriage for love relationship. Try to create a bond between you two.
  • CAREER- This month you will be very happy and comfortable with the success of your business. You will have opportunities in abundance which will be very beneficial for your career.
  • HEALTH- You will be continuing with the old illness with a heavy burden of it. Also need to pay your attention to gall bladder, kidneys and sperms. Avoid alcoholism.
  • FINANCE- Financial condition this month will be up and down. But you have the capacity to bring balance in scattered money matters. Check and keep eye on accounts.
  • ADVICE- Step forward to grab new opportunity.        


22nd June – 21st July

  • LOVE- This month you are going to bring newness in your love relationship after the period of turbulence. You both will work towards the reunion of the relationship which will bring happiness and harmony in your life.
  • CAREER- Your business situation is going to be quite satisfactory with new proposals from overseas. You will adopt advanced approach to bring improvement in your business to be more successful.
  • HEALTH- This is the time when you seem quite energetic to move around with high level of vitality. You can make fitness plans. If you feel low with your energy, your inner strength will recover this illness.
  • FINANCIAL- Your financial condition will be balanced this month. You will feel quite satisfied with it. New offers of the sources of earning money are on the way. You are starting a new financial venture.
  • ADVICE- Work together in harmony.


22nd July – 21st August

  • LOVE- This month seems to be quite passionate. Relationship will be in harmony with bond of love. And also you will work for it to make it stronger.
  • CAREER- Some good news is on its way for your business venture to grow. You will be satisfied with your business and its success. You may be thinking of doing something along with current business soon. Communications are going on for a business deal.
  • HEALTH- You will have to pay full attention towards your overall health; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to keep balance and in perfect condition. Otherwise existing ailments may increase.
  • FINANCE- Your financial situation needs good attention and control to avoid deterioration. Reassess the financial matters and keep an eye on the employees. Don’t allow your workers to play with your money. Keep a thorough check on them.  
  • ADVICE- Time to work hard.        


22nd August – 21st September

  • LOVE- This is a romantic period for both of you. So put more efforts to bring more harmony and close bond of love. Singles may encounter new admirers.
  • CAREER- Your business needs more attention and a close check on it. You will have to work hard to get better and successful results. Apply advanced technology and new approach. 
  • HEALTH- Outwardly, you will look healthy but some hidden ailments will be giving trouble to your health conditions. Regular medical check-ups are required. If illness is undiagnosed you can go for second opinion.
  • FINANCE- You will be very happy with your financial situation as you will get your targets successfully. Whatever you wish for, you will get it. You will have sufficient flow of money which will meet your requirements.
  • ADVICE- Keep yourself energetic.


22nd September – 22nd Octoberr

  • LOVE- Your love life is suspended at the moment. May be you are busy in your material world. You will face challenges in the love relationship. For this situation, you need to listen to the inner voice and extend support to your partner to bring back passion to your relationship.                        
  • CAREER- You will be disappointed regarding your business due to set backs and losses but you will recover the damages by working hard soon as all is not lost.
  • HEALTH- You will be deceived by health issues which are hidden.

   You need to relax and give rest to your body as you are indulged in over doing without taking care of your health. Pay extra attention towards your health by keeping balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • FINANCE- This month your financial condition will be balanced. Need not worry about it. In order to get your wishes and hopes concerning your money flow, you need extra care. Do not neglect.
  • ADVICE- Always be patient for new beginnings.


23rd October – 20th November

  • LOVE- Unexpectedly, you may experience challenges in your love life. It will be hard for you to cope up or keep harmony with your partner. But at the same time you both want to finish this unwanted situation for which you will try to reconcile.
  • CAREER- At the moment your business is suffering with loss and set backs due to which you feel very low. But do not worry; new situation is coming to you with recovery of all losses.
  • HEALTH- Generally your health is goingg to be good but at the same time you need to take care of all the aspects of health like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Eat balanced diet, avoid stress and don’t get exhausted. Do regular exercise and meditation.
  • FINANCE- This month you will be the master of your own. Your financial condition will depend on you the way you want it to be. Key will be in your hand. The amount of labour you put in will reap the fruit accordingly.
  • ADVICE- Learn to control the situation.  


21st November – 21st December

  • LOVE- Your love relationship is going to be very productive with caring feelings. If you give less attention towards work or business and more towards your partner, then your partner may also put efforts to make the relationship work better.
  • CAREER- You need to be careful from your co-workers and employees as they are keeping an eye on you, watching you with keen interest very closely. Try not to get involved in the business or work politics. Be open to people around you to get work done without any hesitation.
  • HEALTH- You need to keep balance between health and your personal and professional responsibilities. Be sure you are taking out time for yourself, your own rest, relaxation and healing. If you avoid this your health will definitely suffer.    
  • FINANCE- Your financial condition is quite satisfactory but all that glitters is not gold. Be careful from fraud people around. Not a very good time for investments, if it is necessary then consult a financial advisor. Focus on your own efforts. 
  • ADVICE- Give time and space to yourself.


22nd December – 19th January

  • LOVE- Your love life is going to be very strong with mutual harmony. You both will be complimenting each other. It is going to be blissful and wonderful.
  • CAREER- This month you will have to keep patience in business situations, with its smooth working atmosphere and with employees, co-workers or with clients. Need to keep balance with everything to make the business run successfully. 
  • HEALTH- Symptoms of depression may disturb you due to some betrayal. Better come out of it otherwise it will have effect on your physical as well as mental health. Go for a second option for consultation.
  • FINANCE -Financial condition is going to be up and down. Money flow will be there so that you can meet the expenses. Your clients may delay the payments but you will definitely get your money back.
  • ADVICE- Get things accomplished.


20th January – 18th February 

  • LOVE- This month your love life is going to be conflicted with unnecessary matters. You both better clear the things out by talking to each other amicably for positive and happy relationship. 
  •  CAREER- This month your business, work or career will be looking up. Out of blue some person will come and support you in your business and guide you with the work experience and for financial matters.
  • HEALTH- You need to take care of your gall bladder and kidneys, regularly consulting doctor. Drink lot of water. Avoid stress. Take rest.
  • FINANCE- You will be disappointed with your financial conditions. You will experience delays in the payments for your own money. You will get your money but slowly.
  • ADVICE- Be stable.


19th February – 20th March

  • LOVE- This month, your emotional feelings will be drained out with less love feelings. To keep harmony in relationship you need to work out with your partner mutually. 
  • CAREER- Your business will grow in this month. You may opt or add someone as a business partner. You will be thinking of another work along with current work.
  • HEALTH- You will face emotional problems more than physical problems. Chances are there to get depression. Try to avoid this situation because it may have bad effect on your physical help.
  • FINANCE- You have aspirations, wishes and hopes for stable financial sources. You will get them but need to put lot of hard work and efforts for the regular flow of money.
  • ADVICE- Accept overflowing emotions.

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